Milwaukee M18 Compact Brushless Drill / Hammer Drill / Impact Driver Review

I go over and test out the New compact M18 brushless Drill driver 2701-22ct , M18 hammer drill driver 2702-22ct , and M18 brushless 1/4″ hex impact driver 2750-22ct

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UK model numbers BLDD BLPD BLID

Filmed with:
Panasonic G6 Camera

Lenses used:
Panasonic 14-42mm F3.5-5.6

Audio input:
Sony Stereo Mic

Video editing software:
Sony Movie Studio


Brien says:

And the blooper was awesome!

docsavagexl says:

Sweet tools bro Big Red does it again

fromfattofit206 says:

Javier does this come in a kit?

Bothuhead 19 says:

Yikes, hope the wrist is okay. They seem to have plenty of power. Im glad Milwaukee came out with a compact brushless drill. I like that its short in length, even shorter than the M12s. Great review again Javier!

Jeremy Neill says:

I got a mean aerobic workout by the way to the music you had with the clips of the tools doing their thing. Good electro tunes Javier!

CastCor says:

Thank you for making this video, been waiting for Milwaukee to come out with some brushless compacts

NDLaHam says:

Have you seen or tested the new models that were recently announced? Model numbers: Impact & Impact 3 Speed 2850 & 2851 and Driver & Hammer/Driver 2801 & 2902)?

James Patton says:

Very nice, I’m a big fan of compacts, they have more than enough power for what I would ever need them for. Would love to see this hammer drill vs makita xph06.

Francesco Zampieri says:

Hi, I’m considering buying a Milwaukee drill, and I got some offers: a M18CDD-402C and a M18BLPD-402C. The main difference between the two is that the first one is stronger, but the second one got the percussion mode as well. Do you think is worth having a drill with percussion?Is it useful, or isn’t that stronger and won’t replace the cord drill?
Thanks a lot!

Chris K says:

Awesome job Javier! Thanks for putting this out there, really nice seeing this line Pop up!

Love2boat92 says:

Milwaukee sure makes some nice stuff.

Ellacost831 says:

Great. Review. I want to buy some on ebay but idk if its the fuel or just brushless. They have only 1 picture and i cant seem to see those 3 preset settings that the fuel impact drill has

ReaganPatriot says:

DeWalt guy here…but, I have to give Milwaukee a try for sure

Hamza Lateef says:

can you make the compact hammer drill vs the xph06

Brien says:

This line is pretty bad-A. Definitely worth a look.

NERemodeling says:

I think there is definitely a place for these drills in the Milwaukee line.. I’m sure a lot of people want brushless but just have no need for the full size fuel.. the impact I don’t see as much of a benifit to.. it’s just not enough smaller or cheaper to justify it over the fuel. The non-hammer drill on the other hand would even make a nice addition to someone who already had the fuel hammer drill and didn’t want to always lug the full size around

No reason they couldn’t have thrown in a belt clip and a SIDE HANDLE!!! how’s your wrist bro!!

Great review!!

CastCor says:

Is that impact driver quieter than the fuel? I have the fuel impact driver and I’ve noticed that is really loud, and how is the speed driving 3″ screws compared to fuel?

roninmetal83 says:

Bosch brushed 18v compact combi drill has 600 in.lbs torque and that’s pretty old now. I don’t like the Bosch little cone shaped chuck they use tho. I have that drill and their chucks are dogshit unless u get the robust version with metal chuck. Milwaukee’s plastic feels cheap and crappy in comparison and u can see Bosch’s finish on their tools is waaaaaay superior, they just look better quality. Milwaukees look like they are made cheap in a Chinese factory.
So there’s good and bad in both. I got Bosch 18v and some Milwaukee 12v stuff.
I went Milwaukee 12v to avoid the crap bosch chuck, but compromised in the impact drivers length…Bosch’s little impact is sooooo compact plus has the ring of LEDs. Also for some reason the Milwaukee 12v multi tool is so fuckin expensive in comparison to others. Anyone know why?

Cody Robertson says:

Great review! Impressive power out of such small power tools.

Unam469 says:

Which one do you think is a better value? The M12 brushless or these compact brushless 18v? I can buy them for relatively the same price

Mike Z says:

Wow these look like a great addition to the milwaukee line comoact and still heck of powerful I’m a dewalt guy with m12 line but milwaukes m18 fuel and brushless line are Lookin pretty powerful! Thanks Javier!

Ryan McKee says:

Just bought the brushed 1/2” drill and the brushed impact driver. I’m impressed with them regardless of being “brushless”. You buy what you can afford, and what you know. Brushless technology is still pretty new and not been put to task like the brushed forefathers. Only time will tell.

Arek Kosinski says:

what weight did the drill and impact came up with with the battery. I am trying M12 hammer drill and with 4AMP battery it’s about 3.3 pounds that is heavy. I’m curious what is the brushless drill with 2.0AMP.
Thanks a awesome review.

Wild Goose says:

Great review! 1 1/4 speed bore – ouch!

GiantBuilders says:

Any hilti tool reviews?

Hamza Lateef says:

xavier can you do a tool fight between xph06 vs the 2702-20

Daniel Arechiga says:

buen video gracias siempre tan claros…… me gustaria ver una comparacion entre el m18 fuel impact y el nuevo gen 5x ridgid impact….. i would like to see a comparison between the m 18 fuel and the new gen 5x ridgid impact… si no de menos que me lo digas estoy pensando en comprar uno de los dos tengo las baterias y cargadores de ambas familias

lauderdalechad says:

The only downside to the compact set is that the drill, while being the most compact, is still quite bulky feeling up top especially compared to the Dewalt equivalent…. Dewalt has their ergonomics down for sure!

Win Phillips says:

Noise/sound level and character are important. Some power tools are much louder than others, and some have high-pitched screeching sounds that annoy everyone around. So please, dude, turn off the rock music soundtrack when you are running the tools. It gets in the way. We want to hear what they sound like not under load and under load. Thanks.


Great review Javier, Milwaukee is currently very active with new product lines and tools lately. Who knows what awesome stuff they’ll come up with in the future.

regopit44 says:

I real like my fuel tools but if I was on a budget these brushless tools seam like a good way to go. Nice review Javier.

robert swingler says:

How does the combi perform compared to the m12 fuel combi which I find to be as good as most brushed 18v combi’s

Coecoebrown says:

…… umm did you just snap your wrist?

jawojnicki says:


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