Milwaukee M12 Fuel Brushless 1/2″ Hammer Drill 2404-22 CDD-402C Review

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Review of the Milwaukee M12 12 Volt Fuel brushless hammer drill
Brushless 12 Volt hammer drill with 350 in-lbs torque with 1/2″ all metal ratcheting chuck

M12CDD-402C M12 CDD 402C
2403-22 2403-20 2403-20


Odon Mercado says:

Hello.I’m assuming you live in Europe. That’s lots of money. I got mine from Ebay.I just ordered the tool. I had already two batteries.I think I paid $70 bucks I think. They work good for that kind of volts. Besides the battery charges so fast.I hope I helped.

jebaki says:

The new Fein ASCM 12C is the biggest competitor of this drill and will destroy this Milwaukee in my opinon WHEN Fein will make 12V 4 Ah batteries. Because in standard the are only 2,5 Ah. Will you test the Fein ?

mark vietti says:

Do not be fooled by Milwaukee’s advertising.. this is a made in China ..sub par.. product.
Do  not buy this crap.. their  warranty is a fraud too.. it states  (WE DO NOT COVER NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR)   and they decided what is normal wear.. do
the math! Any little scratch on the  tool
and they do not cover it regardless if it was part of the problem or not..  their  batteries
go bad in 4 month. Its almost imposable 
to get them to replace it under warrantee.. this company needs a big  lawsuit…they are frauds..liers.. and play
dirty..i have 4 dead drills only 4 months.. all fuel brushless drills.. 8
worthless red lithium 5.0 batteries…

Tyler Pickle says:

Your 3/16’s bit is dull as hell. That test is kinda null.

Hans says:

CPD have hammer mode, CDD DON’T !!!!

Ryan Baumert says:

i’ve worked in the pay tv business for 4 years and we use 18v Milwaukee light hammer drill and impact i’ve been looking into the 12v line for my personal use but still wanted something powerful and reliable I love Milwaukee since Im still using the same drills and batteries that were issued to me 4 years ago. And this review sealed the deal for my personal equipment. Thanks

Arjan van Helden says:

Can you make a review of that Milwaukee 2606 at 5:11 or even the 2607?

muniznick says:

I’ve used it on hospital cement applications which I would think is tough and it breezed thru it, most of other techs have the old monster Dewalts and I put them in their place, great size and I don’t have to break out my larger hammer drill.

Harleydude says:

just got back from Home Depot….wow…this is one quality feeling little drill…probably the smallest 1/2″ hammer drill i ever seen..I’m sold…going to order the kit….and put some serious drill bits in there…I’d like to see other 12v drill do the same

victor jr Feliciano says:

i used this tool and i must say it the best tool ever, i know this is there top of the line model 2404-22 milwaukee love it. excellent video and tool!!!

luis hernandez says:

WOW! Great tool and great video too.

Ruben Rivera says:

like that it has serious guebos ese nice toy

slye xone says:

What brand was the first auger bit?

Odon Mercado says:

I just ordered it today.
I had the previous M12 brush drill.

Riza Khan says:

Your reviews are great. Thanks!

saim kaya says:

dünya bu kaliteli ürün türkiyede kullanmakta mutluyum

Josh Letten says:

great review

J.R. Productions says:

It’s not compact thooo!

Odon Mercado says:

oh I know you live here in USA. I was trying to reply the comment of Jeff lol.

adrian sanchez says:

Hola Javier, saludos desde Argentina, tus vídeos me son de mucha ayuda, necesito que me aconsejes sobre este taladro. Estaría entre este Fuel 12v con percutor, o uno de 18 (común, con carbones) en DeWalt o Bosch.

Mohd Yusof Abdul Aziz says:

Can you use the torque setting in hammer mode? or use the hammer mode driving screws?

Ck Digwal says:

Carry on man. Good tool.

mokotramp says:

Would like to see this being smaller! It’s more or less the same size as my 18! Needs to be the same size as the little Bosch 10.8v! Milwaukee don’t seem to have a genuine compact drill. Even the 4 in 1 isn’t that compact!

Because it's Blaze says:

had one for a about a year. I used it as a hammer drill everyday I found the chuck would give out eventually… but my view was it’s not a full time hammer drill for a 3 in 1 drill it was perfect for someone who doesn’t want to carry around 3 different drills especially if your crawling under houses or onto roofs I got the chuck replaced its doing quite well another year onwards its slowly starting to do what it did when I first replaced the chuck motor is still 100% though

adrian sanchez says:

Buenas tardes amigo, o buenas noches aquí en Argentina, tengo que comentarte que por fin ingresó más stock de este modelo 2404-259A a mi país, así que me hice de uno, y de paso de un minitorno 2460-059. Hasta ahora no me arrepiento, ya que iba a comprarme el deWalt 795d2. pero por falta de multierramienta de esa marca, aproveche para hacerme de milwaukee, y ya quedarme en la marca. por las baterías. En fín muchas gracias por tu ayuda, ya que SIN estos vídeos que tu publicas, los que recién comenzamos a trabajar con herramientas eléctricas, nos es de gran ayuda. 
Mis impresiones, son más que muy buenas, hoy utilicé las dos herramientas, y realmente llenaron y superaron mis expectativas, el minitorno, súper practico. el taladro… perfore madera, atornille, taladré metal (mucho) Aluminio y lata, y atornille, mucha fuerza para algo tan compacto, me encanta, y el motor rinde muy bien, ya que después de todo un día de trabajo, me rindió perfectamente la batería de 4ah… y me sobró un poco de carga. Y dicho sea de paso, al metal lo perforé con unas mechas B&D ya muy desgastadas, y fué bárbaro, con unas buenas mechas, me imagino que mejor. 
Saludos Javier. 
Ahhh, y un comentario más, lastima que capaz tenga que pintar el selector de metal, en color negro. ya que gran parte de mi trabajo, es en antenas y redes, y es del mismo color , bien alto y con sol, refleja un poco y cansa la vista. 
Abrazo amigo. Buenas Noches

Jeremy Fuentes says:

Added to the wish list.

DC50 says:

I Just placed an order for one ! Can’t wait too get it ! Thanks for a straight up review !

Flyhigh says:

Great review man. Thanks, you helped me decide, i’m going with this 12v bastard, enough for any home task i can imagine.

Gerardo Hermosillo says:

hola javier, do you think the 2403 is as good as the 2404? great videos, thanks.

Angel Ralph says:

yes, the fuel m12 is 1/2 chuck, that’s the one I bought..

Billy O'Connell says:

One more question is how is the instant stop feature? I heard some things that it can chase chuck to loosen. Thanks again

Billy O'Connell says:

Hey I just picked it up. It’s awesome plenty of power and chuck is great. I noticed that at high speed 2 when I let go of the trigger quickly I can hear the chuck stopping. Like a click. Is this normal? Thanks

Thomas Arismendez says:

I couldn’t hear your charge time clearly.

Anton Simo says:

The batery ist lost fon 2 borning

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