Milwaukee Gen 3 M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Review 2804-20 Vs Dewalt DCD997

But the Milwaukee Gen 3 M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver on Amazon Cheap:
Power in a Small Package – Milwaukee introduced the Gen 3 M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Review 2804-20 in August and plans to come out with a One-Key version in a few months.  This new Gen 3 Drill Driver is full of improvements in a much smaller package with more power.  We love power and the only way to show you the new power is to put this drill to the test up against the Dewalt!  Our testing pushes both of these drills far beyond the intended use of each model!

So some of the new items are very important to the drill operation.  The new 1/2″ chuck is designed to clamp to your bit harder and also release 100% by hand.  The claws on the chuck have some increased rust prevention coatings and a new knurling helps your grip.  Our favorite improvement is the new side handle.  This new side handles attached by clamping around half of the drill rather than just a small area on the top.  This greatly reduces the chance of the connection breaking and an injury occurring.  The motor has more copper int he winding giving more power in a smaller package.

Hands down, this drill looks like a compact drill but gives you more power than the others on the market!

Should You Upgrade?
So you have the older model Milwaukee M18 drill/driver and now you see the new model with all this power.  Making the decision on if you should upgrade is not very easy because these are not very cheap tools.  Here are a few situations that would trigger us to upgrade:

If you use the side handle on your Milwaukee Drill often, the new side handle is a lot more robust.  It clamps around half the drill and will hold very solid.  There is no doubt this is a serious upgrade!

If you drill is always just a bit too large.  The new Gen 3 Drill might get mistaken for a compact drill due to its size, but let me assure you it has all the power you could want.  With that small size, we want to warn you, have some respect for the drill!  Use the side handle when needed, there is no need to hurt yourself and this drill has the power to twist right out of your hands!

The LED light was moved to the lower part of the handle and that now has a much better angle to shine the light on the drilling area.  It is a small improvement, but if you work in a dimly lit area, it might be a big one to you.

If you need a ton of power with excellent runtime, this is a great drill to upgrade to.  There is no doubt that for its size this drill will be a VERY popular drill.

While there will be other areas of need for a smaller, more powerful drill, we feel the above areas are the most likely reason one would upgrade to this new drill.  It is the most comfortable drill we have used and by far has the most power out of any other drill in our shop!


Rob D says:

That’s some really impressive performance, especially for such a compact design. The electronic clutch feature which helps set the screw is a great addition.

Fusikk17 says:

Agree , most powerful drill out there right now , had to upgrade my team with new drills , loved it so much , doesn’t disappoint, Milwaukee did it again

jeffscomp says:

You should’ve went to speed 2 on the Dewalt

Jose Soares says:

Milwaukee looks like the winner great video

Danny H. says:

Wow ! Pretty impressive performance with those large hole cutters ! I’d get one right now if I wasn’t already retired !

frankacuso says:

Dont ever buy Milwaukee especially one key. I took them months too replace

Gabi Gab says:

That is one powerfull drill .

Chris Moreno says:

Been using Milwaukee for 10 years or so. My only complaint has been those damn chucks. I think you just sold a new gen 3 kit. Milwaukee should pay you a commission.

hostilityy says:

Milwaukee crushes every other competitors dick

8led4lunch 2.0 says:

so is the gen5x ridgid octane sds plus on your list to review? (R86711B)

George Lomas says:

As you said that it got warm. Others have said it got hot. Will see if this becomes a problem. Beautiful drill no doubt. Makes me want one though.

FTLAUD 911 says:

I have the gen3 kit. Drill is powerful and yet to find something it can’t drill. Works great on concrete as well. Will get the job done, but obviously not an SDS. The side handle is 100% necessary. Drill will hurt you otherwise. The impact driver is absolutely amazing and is the most powerful and tiny I have ever used. I tested it on a lug nut 100ft/lb and it zipped it off without even needing to use the impact hammer. Gen3 has surpassed my expectations which were high. Highly recommend!!

Tim Simmons says:

Just an FYI for any having who might be having issues with the bit coming out of the gen 3 Milwaukee. A week ago a Milwaukee rep showed me how to “lock” the chuck onto the bit. Once the bit is in an and you tighten as normal, then you turn the chuck ever so slightly back clockwise and you will feel the chuck bump back over a slight resistance. It’s supposedly locked onto the bit then. Removal of bit is normal, easy, and only when you want it then.

chris jones says:

looks like a smaller gen 2 with better Chuck and bit smaller but it gets hotter.. I’m holding off on this upgrade. just had both gen 2 impact and drill warrantied in last 3 mo so hard to justify the $

Jeremy Neill says:

I’m intrigued by this one. I feel like the impact seems to just be a shorter version of the current model but this hammerdrill is a whole different drill in every way. I’m thinking that as a DeWalt guy they are taking notes and are planning a drill in the next few years that will jump over this model so that they can try to boast they have the best drill on the market again but we’ll see. One thing I can say is that the m12 kit I got a love and am using more than my 20v yellow colored kit. Uh oh.

Philo Beddoe says:

for $100 off at home depot, just picked up the The 2799-22CX M18 2-Tool Combo Kit hammer drill and impact from Milwaukee.

Tim's Tool Reviews says:

That’s really impressive! Great review!

alejander456 says:

I love it. You are not wrong it the respect it comment. Truthly unbelieveable drill, I think the heat concern from using it is that it is smaller so less material to move the heat. The impact driver def gets toasty if you use it hard not unbearable but its expected if you use it hard. My m12 newest one gets hot as hell,before I got this kit.

J T says:

Why no torture test?

Aaron Repper says:

Great video very nice drill, and who cares if it gets a little warm while running, it’s not cutting out on you or stopping, and if something were to ever happen you have A 5 year warranty. Milwaukee for the win on this drill and their new impact driver.

shannon wyatt says:

Dewalt can’t hold a candle to milwaukee…and I’m not just saying this as a fan boy…i use them everyday and know.

Mike Leas says:

Wow that’s a serious bit

charlie says:

I am total into Milwaukee i have this same combo i can say enough about it i also have the new 7 1/4 circular saw this thing is a beast and the rocket light with the 3 heads is awesome Milwaukee has really step up there game for 2018

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