Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch & Metabo – Part 1: 18V Brushless Hammer Drill Comparison

Part 1 of 2. We TEST and EXAMINE the top brushless 18V Hammer Drills from Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Metabo, and the brushed Bosch. Find the full review here:

Milwaukee FUEL Gen2 Review here –

This is our second go at the video, having stuffed up with the Metabo clutch on the first attempt. Model numbers are:
Makita DHP481 / XHP07
Milwaukee M18 CPD / 2604
Dewalt DCD995
Bosch GSB 18VE-2Li
Metabo SB 18 LTX BL

Our suite of testing includes runtime, large diameter switchblade and auger drilling, coach screws, bugels, steel and masonry. We also look into runtime, comfort and build quality.

We believe this is the most comprehensive and fair comparison ever done to date. However we do not assume everyone will agree with us on every point, so please let us know your thoughts!

Don’t forget to check out Part 2 – to see our scoring and final conclusion. Someone is going to win this test, we pull no punches!


Gean Jadson says:

minha favorita! ela é linda e muito forte Dhp481Rte

yanan Ramirez says:

thank you , very honest video review, not a “brand” fan video, thank you so much,now i can see pros- cons of every brand. Very difficult level to record every test with many actions at same time

Sol Shady says:

Switch down to “1” on the speed setting when you need the last bit of battery juice.

Ian Grillz says:

I bought the dcd995.  why is bosch at the party?

христ христ says:

great test!

Tom J Designs says:

…just to let you know; 5Ah – 60 holes doesn’t make 30 holes with 2.5mAh – usually less, so few cuts should be added for 4Ah battery IMO

Marty Beaudry says:

stupid vid

Unam469 says:

Get your hands on some Hilti tools.

Anton Nilsson says:

Great video! Thanks! Makita crushes all like a worm, hehehe. Its brutal, i want one soon. Bosch seems to fallen behind little now 🙁 Thanks for sharing, cheers from Sweden 🙂

stephen lincoln says:

Did you change the battery in the Makita since the one you show at the start at 2:48 is a 3 a.h not a 5 which you claimed it was for the test?

Robert Crick says:

Hey guys great Video, thanks! Just curious, what are the pros and cons between a 10.8v cordless drill vs a 18 v cordelss drill?? I’m tossing up between them and finding it hard to decide, given I haven’t really used either. I am mainly needing it for home use. Cheers.

Kelpo Gaming says:

Makita and Hitachi are my go toos for sure. Such great tools.

Review ZonIV says:

Thanks For A best review 🙂

FoodOnCrack says:

8:27 notice how slow the dewalt is spinning. It’s taking the last bit of juice from the li-ion battery, that’s a bad thing right? Shouldn’t it have protection against deep discharging which is bad for li-ion batteries?

Jerry YU says:

Very nice video!

ITubeTooInc says:

But a nice review, too bad there isn’t a brushless Bosch in the review.
Pause @ 4:48 for spec sheet. A link to this in the video description would be nice. Preferably a link to a picture at your website.
It would also be nice if you wrote the model numbers in the description. It only tells the brand names.
I would also like a price comparison and include this in the ratings. Of course prices varies, but are they all in the same price range or is one twice as expensive as another with the same amount of batteries?

Ame madden says:

do you know anything about AEG power tools?

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