M18 FUEL ONE-KEY Hammer Drill Review 2706-20

Brand new! See the M18 Fuel ONE-KEY enabled brushless hammer drill with electronic clutch in action. Tool torque, speed, and ramp up rates can all be controlled through Bluetooth.

Bare tool: 2706-20
2 battery kit: 2706-22

Thanks to Home Depot and Milwaukee for providing a review sample in exchange for my honest, unfiltered feedback.

See my full review at Home Depot: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M18-FUEL-with-ONE-KEY-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-1-2-in-Cordless-Hammer-Drill-Driver-Tool-Only-2706-20/206677889


cris Lopez says:

great video. the detail is on point.

Rey Lande says:

good review. me suscribo.

Roger Kumar says:

I was on the fence about ponying up for the ‘newest’ drill set. I’ll just get the brushless bare tools for $90ish each. Not worth the money or additional hassle… Cool features no doubt.

Marocchino L says:

I want to buy this one or the festool pdc 18

Marocchino L says:

Do this milwaukee fps ahve anti kickback control like the bosch

Gene Pouquette says:

That’s a great review of the One Key part.  Thanks.

Ernesto Mejia says:

this foos an idiot.

Chris Abramowicz says:

Thanks for the review. My very trusty Hitachi DS18DL snapped itself in half today on the jobsite when the self driving bit hit a nail or something (no anti-kickback) so i’m considering an upgrade to this. You helped.

Edit: Got my first Milwaukee M18 FUEL tool several months ago. A 2763-20 impact wrench, and MAN ALIVE does that thing WHIZ through lug nuts like they weren’t even attached! So I’m really favoring a switch to Milwaukee here..

Mike Kovitch says:

Have been on the fence about this drill until I saw your video review. Very comprehensive but simple to understand at the same time. Thks for taking the time to post your take on the one key system. Now, I have to have one.

Bojan Novak says:

Super presentation . On the basis of a presentation on Youtube , I also decided to buy . Today I received from America kit One key hammer drill and impact driver . I hope that we will long serve .

Doug Decuir says:

i have one. that sucker has major power. i have used it to mix a bucket of sheet rock mud that my 1/2″ corded drill over heated and started smoking trying to mix and if you put the 8″ mixing paddle on it and burry it deep in the bucket on high it will sling the mud out the bucket and on the walls.. stupid strong.. mixed the hell out of some thin set mortar for laying tile..

HifiCentret says:

Thanks for review!
Looking for a new quality high power drill and I can’t decide whether to go with the one key or without. I could have used a better comparison between the regular version and the one key.
1. How does the electronic clutch compare to the traditional mechanical one? Bosch has electronic on on of their consumer models and I believe Black & Decker also and it’s so-so working. Sort of OK for large screws but they can’t compete with the mechanical for small screws. Electronics doesn’t seems sensitive and fast enough. So how is it working on the Milwaukee?
2. Ramp up time. How to they compare? Do the non One Key have fast/instant ramp up or have they programmed it slow? I really like the almost instant ramp up of a relatives DeWalt – it has other things I don’t like but that ramp up speed is nice when you’ve learned to tame it.
3. Kick back control. Do they both have it and does it seem to work? If like you write it’s not working with accelerometer as on the Bosch I suspect it could become annoying at some point.
Really can’t decide what to go for. As a gadget freak the One Key both appeals to me and intrigues me. One side tells it’s nice to have all those options. The other is unsure about electronic “clutch” performance and really don’t care for the management part of One Key – don’t want to deal with pin codes and all that stuff and would rather not have to deal with it. Well I guess I can – until someone “steals” my tool and manages it for me if I don’t??.

Luca Giuranno says:

what do you think aboute the Porter Cable Forstner bits?
love the reviews

victor feliciano says:

i love milwaukee as well for over 39yr, love all the new stuf, nice video guy!!!

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