Head To Head Testing 1-9/16 SDS MAX Rotary Hammer Testing

Carpenter and builder Rob Robillard from http://www.ToolBoxBuzz.com works on the
1-9/16 SDS MAX Rotar Hammer Head To Head Testing

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SDS Rotary Hammer Drills are no small investment. Whether this tool is your workhorse in a commercial setting or your life-saver in the residential setting we here at Tool Box Buzz want you to make the best choice for you and your needs on the job-site and help you choose the best SDS Rotary Hammer Drill for your needs!

1-9/16″ SDS or Special Direct System Rotary Hammer Drills are a definite nice to have for professional remodelers whether for demolition, framing applications, or basement renovations. These heavy duty tools can make quick work of concrete demolition, speed up your foundation work, and be a life saver when working in a basement and need to effectively work with concrete. I’m an avid believer in the right tool makes a job faster, easier, and safer so the investment in a heavy duty SDS Rotary Hammer Drill is a solid decision for your business.

SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Head to Head 2

For professionals who almost solely work with concrete, drilling holes in commercial concrete structures, the 1-9/16″ SDS Rotary Hammer IS their job. So with each seemingly small advance in SDS Hammer Drill technology the lives of the men and women behind those drills improve dramatically. That’s why we thought it was so important to take a look at the current 1-9/16″ SDS Rotary Hammer Drills on the market and give our readers our professional opinion on their performance to ensure you are making a truly informed decision if and when you decide to purchase one of these tools.

This Head to Head featured all the big names in the Rotary Hammer market, let’s take a look at each make and model evaluated for our Best SDS Rotary Hammer Drill — Head to Head Testing:

Bosch 1-9/16″ SDS-Max Combination Hammer [RH540M] Average Price $420.00
DEWALT 45mm SDS-Max Combination Hammer [D25603K] Average Price $590.00
Hilti 1-9/16″ TE-60-ATC-AVR Combihammer [TE-60-ATC-AVR] Average Price $1,500.00
Makita 1-9/16″ AVT Rotary Hammer [HR4013C] Average Price $590.00
Milwaukee SDS Max Rotary Hammer [5317-21] Average Price $400.00

For more detailed Specifications & Features on each model see listings below photo gallery at the end of this article [“Average Price” above based on review of several major online retailers]


jebaki says:

Which hammer had more power in chiseling mode: Makita or Hilti. I mean the hardest hitting?

Dirt Bike Life Queensland says:

You guys should test Metabo

Adam Frye says:

To wrap it all up don’t buy a Milwaukee sds max 🙂

Bruce Wayne says:

I knew it, Makita is going win. Those Japanese technology is just to far ahead for competitors to catch up.

StyX says:

Thanks for the review, but i have to ask, was the milwaukee so bad that it didn’t get a mention because it was so bad or did it just get forgotten ?.

Oleszczuk22 says:

Thanks for the honest review. I purchased the Makita after watching this video. I am very pleased with the tool.

Kevin M says:

After struggling for two days in breaking up a one+ ton, blue rock boulder (hardest rock variety in the Islands), using an older Hilti TE75E rotary hammer to chip into the boulder and install rock breaking wedges, I went to the nearby HD store to buy a Makita HR4002 Rotary Hammer and a 5/8″ X13 ” Milwaukee drill tip. Super easy setting up the Makita and got started drilling 5/8″ holes into blue rock like it was frozen butter. Very little vibration in Makita, it’s lightweight, has good ergonomics, and little kickback whenever the drill binds trying to enlarge the holes by moving tip angle side to side. Because I was able to drill much faster with the Makita than the Hilti, I was able to make deeper holes into the boulder which allowed my Dad’s 50 year old rock breaking wedges to penetrate much deeper into holes, also making it safer while pounding it with a sledge hammer. Get the Makita and become a boulder breaking master.

2HELNBAK says:

Dewalt has never let me down, I will purchase the Dewalt. Thanks for the video !!

Liberty Evanko says:

I love Hilti rotry hamers

Big Daddy says:

Dewalt, Makita and Bosch make the best power tools

jc m says:

i am trying to spread awarness i am a carpenter who never knew that dry drilling concrete is so dangerous and can be stopped using water there is no cure for it and has killed millions of people it only takes 7 microns to cause this which can happen on 1 hole be safe use water when you can or a respirator and warn people nearby if dry drilling it doesnt just affect you but anyone within 30 feet

Nigel Anderson says:

Excellent review

Kris Gasteiger says:

We bought a Dewalt a few years ago to remove a stone veneer from the concrete slab around our pool. With a cranked (bent) chisel it did a great job. My sweet lady was able to use it almost as much as I was. I’m about to use it to bore some hole into rock ledge to anchor the pilings that will support a solar array. The ergonomics are very nice with this tool. My back does get tired from the bending over though. Great review, I might go for the Makita if I were in the market again.

Dick Head says:

Great video, thanks a lot.


Go Makita and thats why almost every tool i own is makita!!

Evan Adams says:

Since the Dewalt and Bosh Dust cant be used when chipping, do they pass current and new Silica OSHA requirements when chipping? 

jc m says:

what about wearing a respirator dry drilling concrete with a respirator will kill you and anyone near by

Rohan Gupta says:

left ear hurts ..:(

Kevin Stempien says:

Can anyone tell me why the larger rotary hammers never seem to come with a depth stop bar? I’ve been using tape but it always gets ripped up over time.

epicdeuce says:

Good review

jc m says:

will do Mr Concord i wish my employer would have told me anything i can do to save lives

thisn00b again says:

Nice Review!!

Good work!!!

Big Daddy says:

Something wrong with your audio

Jerry T says:

Great vid thanks! I have a concrete slab I need to break up. 12 inches x 15 feet long 6 inches deep. Do you think a rotary hammer would do a good job?

2HELNBAK says:

Drill speed of Dewalt ???????????

Peter Pruneanu says:

Thank you for the great video! Helped me a lot in making my decision. Great and to the point.

Air Mechanical says:

Great video.

ottawa sitar says:

was there anything good about the Milwaukee? it’s relatively new no?

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