Harbor Freight’s New Hercules Hammer Drill UNBOX/ Quick review

I bought one of the new Harbor Freight Hercules Drills (DeWalt killer?) and this video is the unbox and request for test / quick review. Can you please leave in the comments below how you would like me to test this drill? After you do that i will take it and do what i can with testing this Hercules Drill. Will it be as good as DeWalt? Many have said NO and some have said YES. I would like to get to a more objective conclusion. Join me!

Here is a link the the drill i bought: https://www.harborfreight.com/20V-Lithium-Cordless-12-In-Compact-Hammer-DrillDriver-Kit-63382.html?ccdenc=eyJjb2RlIjoiMjczNTg2ODQiLCJza3UiOiI2MzM4MiIsImlzIjoiMTA5Ljk5IiwicHJvZHVjdF9p%0D%0AZCI6IjEyMTc1In0%3D%0D%0A&utm_source=hpnewpr&utm_campaign=63382hpb

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Sebastian Cline says:

Weird. The chargers we have for the display’s batteries, hold the battery in securely. That’s strange that yours doesn’t.

Scott Foster says:

Get the biggest masonary bit that will fit and find some 50 year old concrete!

Trucker_Pete says:

Here’s the stupid part. HF loves to say “Hercules Beats Dewalt” but the catch is that they compare it with a 5 year old Dewalt model. Their brand new drill has to pick a fight with a 5 year old drill? That said, Id’ still rather pay more for the Dewalt. Right now, that same Dewalt drill comes packed with an impact driver in a Tough Case for $169 at Home Depot. No Contest. That’s $70 better spent on getting a very good drill, a great impact driver and a better case. The Hercules tools don’t even come in combo kits yet. Bought together, they’d be $200 for both Hercules tools, so actually, Dewalt beats Hercules. But we already knew that.
One more thing. I tried out 2 of those Hercules drills that were on display at my local HF and they both were inconsistent with the brakes. If the triggers were pressed lightly and released, the brake wouldn’t work and the chucks would keep spinning till they eventually came to a stop. The brake would only kick in if the triggers were pulled all the way and released. Never experienced that before. Very odd.

jeffscomp says:

I think it’s more like a Milwaukee but has dewalt styled batteries.

NA says:

I think you should do Ryobi vs Hercules with whatever testing you do.

My DeWalt drill clicks when I tighten up the chuck. I just looked up the DeWalt drills on Amazon, and you can get the brushed drill and 2 batteries for $99. To be fair though, it’s not a hammer drill.


zzz Z says:

Not sure what your trying to accomplish with this video. It doesn’t review the HF junk drill or compare it to a quality drill…weird music, strange commentary, …..

K9spud says:

How linear is the trigger speed control? I have an old Craftsman Li-Ion hand drill that has extremely good linear speed control — I can slowly pull the trigger harder and the drill turns faster at the same rate as I’m pulling back. On my Ryobi Li-Ion hand drill, however, there seems to be some non-linearity, when I slowly pull back on the trigger it goes through some slow speeds, then at some point suddenly jumps to higher speeds.

Another thing to look at is the maximum speed of this vs the Ryobi. My Craftsman is only really good at slow speeds (good for putting in screws), while my Ryobi does both slow and high speeds (good for screwing and drilling holes).

How noisy is the hammer mode?

Edward Norton says:

All these comments kill me only because it seems nobody really cares to look into the products. Harbor Freight vs DeWalt, etc. Much like the DeWalt vs Black and Decker Firestorm a few years ago. DeWalt, B&D Firestorm, Hercules, they are ALL made by the same company. They are just re-branded to sell to different markets & income brackets. It generates a new interest in an existing product which in the end creates bundles of new revenue.

Interesting video nonetheless.. although I think your trying to be funny about the hammer symbol, battery not clipping in or clicking right? I mean I am sure you know the difference between a hammer drill and just a drill. As far as the battery goes, it’s not like your going to be packing the charger & battery around with you right? HA funny stuff …

tmozin says:

Like the drill love the commentary

Buzsta says:

if you receive the coupon book in the mail then you will find a coupon in there for the Hercules brand theres a whole page of all Hercules , its in the “everything must go” coupon book. Next time you go into harbor freight and you can bring that coupon and get a few extra bucks back. if you dont have a book and you go in the store within the next few days ask a cashier nicely if you could look at the book they’ll have under the registers 😉

Jordan Family says:

Put a big spade bit in there and run the crap out of it. Also I’m curious if it would drive a lag bolt. I know my Ryobi will drive them, so that’d be a good test.

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