Hammer Drills – When and What to use

***Please see updated video: https://youtu.be/iw6u41-ss5w

The Handyguys discuss hammer drill usage and selection. Use the proper tools for concrete and masonry.

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B.D.B. says:

Hammer drill is fine for cement blocks, but, unless you miss that suicidal feeling, don’t use a hammer drill for concrete walls, get a rotary hammer.

ever ever says:

(sorry for my english I’m from Bolivia. Good videos!)
what kind of hammer drill I have to use for diamond cores ? I need to make holes in concrete wall.

Mike B says:

What the hell is MasonAry??? How can you do this video and neither can pronounce masonry???? Please do the next video on brain surgery, a topic on which you likely have equal knowledge.

Gary Wilburn says:

yall should have rehearsed before doing this video

Tiffanie says:

I’m a beginner and this video wasn’t confusing at all, It was actually pretty insightful and provided me with the info I was looking for. But maybe that’s because I had spoken to a Lowe’s associate a little earlier today who explained a few hammer drill basics to me prior to me watching this video. Question: Do you guys recommend having someone spray the bit with water as you drill with the hammer drill? That’s what the Lowe’s associate recommended. He said that otherwise, the concrete could overheat and crack. I was wondering what your thoughts on that are. Thanks.

Schindlersfist says:

I have a question. I have gone through 4 Milwaukee fuel hammer drills. All returned/exchanged because the chuck chick and the bit get stuck. i can’t undo the Chuck no matter what. two times it happened we were drilling concrete and once it was drywall (obviously not in hammer mode for that application) and ideas as to why this keeps happening?

Les D says:

Dumb and Dumber

Zeeshan Ali Khan Anwar says:

good video…..clarified some drilling concepts

Kyle Schulz says:

Lmao. This is so bad it’s funny.

MusicFerLife12 says:

It’s fun to look back after the improved video and enjoy how bad this one is.

I attempted to transcribe my favorite section below.

“..this particular one has a hammer setting, normal setting, drive setting..”

“..so why wouldnt you just buy a hammer drill? You can use it (for all)..”

“Well you’re not going to use a hammer drill for your (normal drilling)”

“Why not?”

“You’re going to Ruin your Bit, its not what its designed for-”

“Yeah but if you turn off the ‘hammering action’ why couldnt you do that?”

“Well absolutely (turn it off now you can use it normally)”

“So that could be your drill to do everything”

“This could be your drill to do everything”

“But there’s one problem”

“Whats the problem Paul?”

“These things are Huge! And Heavy (as he holds up a Corded Hammering model, visually comparing it directly to the other guys Cordless Hammer model, thus not making his intended point of Hammered versus Non-hammered at all)”

“If you have a tiny drill bit, trying to put in a little screw this would be way overkill…”

– Which means they are suddenly comparing the pros/cons of driving screws, on a video intended to discuss Drills.

And that’s only 3 minutes in.. lol

-And Drills need a reverse setting sometimes too eh? Even more so than a screwdriver.

Cole Peterson says:

The dialog is horrible ! Both guys act like they are don’t know anything about hammer drills but they both try to teach about hammer drills. So confusing ! Just tell us about it don’t try to have a dialog with each other . Horrible

Glynn Knox says:

9 minutes and I still don’t know how to use the tool ……

Shotokan07 says:

i originally subscribed immediately but rescinded after watching these guys contradict each other and then correct each other. Sorry.

falchulk says:

I can’t figure out what confused people? The definition of hammering?

Veek M says:

waste the first minute, then doesn’t let the other guy talk and it’s confusing – hammer drill uses a bit but it can ONLY put holes in concrete; impact driver – grips the screw and rotary-hammer drives it in; driver just provides torque and turns screws.

YooToobModerator says:


S Rest0 says:

masonry not masonary

arechj says:

Excellent show! Thanks Guys!

Raide 14 says:

They seem to know drills. Telling an audience about drills, not so good.

Michael Woods says:

Had a debate at work with a guy who didn’t know the difference the most frustrating 20 mins of my life. lol

Steven Holt says:

Where’s Tim Allen when you need him?

Joseph D says:

you guys need to stop talking over eachother. very confused got nothing out of this

Hussain Ahmed says:

This video is stoopid

GetOutoFHere Mate! says:

I’m new at this and you guys confused me. U both screw my brains in.

Soxruleyanksdrool says:

How come my drill/driver set has a hammer setting but no side handle? Can I still use it on masonary?

Steven Crosby says:


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