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We were in serious need of a hammer drill to attach the sill plates to our concrete basement. After trying to drill concrete with an inferior drill, we decided to pull the trigger and buy the right tool for the job. Even though we only have one obvious use for the tool right now, we felt it was worth the purchase to get the job done right with minimal effort.

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10-18 Wide Angle lens:
50mm Fixed Zoom lens:
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Lavalier Mic System:
Pro Tripod with Ball head:
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Gorilla Pod with Ball Head:
Action Cam #1:
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Action Cam mounts:
Suction Cup mount #1:
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Touch Screen Gloves:
Portable 4TB Hard Drive:
SLR 64 GB HS SD Card:
Drone 32 GB HS Micro SD Card:
Action Cam 32 GB HS Micro SD Card:
Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones:
Macbook Pro:
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Ariel Luna says:

Cold Steel American Lawman. You won’t regret it. The new version is lighter and has better steel.

William M says:

have the smaller SDS Makita hammer drill which I bought to help repair a cement wall my father and grandfather put in as a retaining wall, when I was a kid. I was chiselling by hand and decide to buy one. As I started learning to use it and the old cement started coming out, quicker than I anticipated, I got a little concerned on just how big this job was going to turn into but it cut the time it would of taken if I had done it all by hand. Also I was happier that
I didn’t have to worry about missing the chisel and whacking my left hand instead. I would buy another Makita in a heartbeat if necessary

Deepak Nair says:

You guys are funny.

Bay says:

Michelangelo would’ve been very impressed. Some Makita grinders can be made into right angle drills with the right attachment.

Julian Arias says:

Spyderco manix 2 lightweight is the best knife I have ever owned price too performance nothing can compete

tim herring says:

Hi you can get a sds to normal drill chuck so you can use normal drill bit like the small bit you used in your comb drill hope this helps so you can find more use for your sds drill

Crippsy says:

This guy has absolutely no idea

Your homeless friend Kai says:

Any chance you might donate the hammer drill to “Your homeless friend Kai”? I’m living in an old bomb shelter and need to drill a crap load of holes in concrete.

Thomas Cleavenger says:

The only thing good about this is the cat

Beginners RC says:

It’s cheaper but a schrade sch305 stainless knife

Matt D says:

I’ve used a middle of the road hammer drill from Hazard Frought and drilled holes through cinder block for 2 boxes of 75 count Tapcons using their bit before I had to change it.

All “hammer” drills aren’t created equal. Most that even have the title of hammer drill really aren’t when compared to a proper hammer drill (of which the one I used was sort of passable) but the takeaway is that the bit Tapcon includes is only terrible if the percussion in the drill is garbage-tier.

Robert Mackiey says:

When an sds hammer drill gets stuck and kicks back at flipping hurts, mine ended up hitting me in the face and the side hammer then hit me in the arm today.

David Boyle says:

Wow people with no clue on tools

brian lewis says:

Kershaw knives are my personal favorite. Best knives I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a few.

Geoffrey Mazalin says:

That grinder that came with your little kit there is one of the BEST grinders I’ve ever used. PERIOD.

Devil or Angel says:

Does it work with 3/16 bits?

shade38211 says:

Amazon has some cheap chinesisim knock offs. Great to have good rotary hammer, but if only for fencing job , they work. Usually the brushes burn quick on shit ones. That being said, watch getting concrete dust in any tool.

mikroludzik says:

you dont need to push it so hard. Just hold it-no sweat and hole will be just done.

Pilot Chad says:

Buck knife Selkirk. Unreal knife!

Just for Fun says:

This sds from makita is one of the best corded rotary hammer drills out there, good choice.

Gilz775 says:

Benchmade 531 is a solid knife

Stijn Snelders says:

Boring zzzzz if you want to build a house make sure you are informed in advance Jackass ……what a waste of time MG

T.J. Goldwater says:

All good, but you don’t need to force it. Let the hammer do the work. I see you leaning on it, just give it a chance to do the work

thomastidewater says:

Klein 44036 pocketknife. (Not the modern USA made 44036… they’re cheaply made crap. Get the vintage Japan made one… high quality stainless steel, excellent construction. Find a nice one on eBay. You won’t be sorry).

timebrowser says:

Spyderco or Opinel knives are my favorites.

Moldoveanu Dragos says:

It looks like you put to much presure. You are not suposed to push on the handle.

Doug Davis says:

Maybe the most boring video ever

Mahyar Karimi says:

I had the same problem drilling into bricks and concrete but instead I bought a cordless rotary hammer drill, now every hole takes no more than 3 seconds, and we are more efficient now

John Price says:

A Gerber stainless steel open frame.folding knife

MrTommyg555 says:

but you’ll use it for floor removal

Marlon Parsons says:

If you still want another knife take a look at bench made there killer my family has about 10-12 different blades. (Get a spring assisted there a life saver).

Christopher Hessing says:

As a guy looking to become an electrician one of my major expenses will be tools – good tools. Guys like you who go hand on with all this stuff, are so much help to guys like us who don’t necessarily know where to start when going from home use to industrial/commercial use and dont want to waste hundreds on the wrong option. Serious appreciation for all these reviews and advice.

Jack Holt says:


uvcoach42 says:

My choice for pocket knife is a case trapper love mine as long as they don’t grow legs and walk off…

steve. sjv says:

surprised the bit didn’t snap with the force he was putting on it.

Jack Hudler says:

Angle grinders are like clamps, you can never have too many.

Erek Porembski says:

ColumbiaRiverKnife&Tool m16

silectronics says:

useless video…just use a carbide tip bit with any hammer drill and you just need to apply slight pressure…….nice sales job on that product though….im not convinced…ive been using a cheap no brand hammer drill from Canadian tire…works better than those you’ve shown…..its all in the bit buddy

Robert Young says:

Boring and no pun intended, less talk please

Joe Framer says:

Do not use a hammer drill for installing titen bolts..sds is the best. Unfortunately you bought a pos Makita…the Dewalt FlexVolt sds plus is the way to go 50% faster then that makita and cordless… YT videos on SDS only one better is Hilti but 3x the cost

David Wall says:

You pair sure like your own voices – just show us doing the actual fucking drilling – don’t spout so much.

compdude551 says:

Spyderco is the best knife. It’s easy to open. It has a large quarter inch hole for you thumb to flick it open.

Salvador De La Riva says:

I work on construction and we use stihl ts420 cut off gas saw with dimond blade for concrete and metal blade for rebar and never had problems also for drilling we always use bosh bulldog xtreme hammer drill corded idk about makita if i was to change I would go with Milwaukee I’ve heard some nice things about their tools

Goz O says:

Don’t push so hard mate, can see how you are bending the drill bit, let the drill bit do it’s job

Mommy Lee says:

Milwaukee fastback 3

tractor guy15 says:

benchmade mini griptilian

aldoph glinkler says:

Any thing miltery grade I have a bunch of them none of them have needed there blade sharpened or replaced and I have used them for mabby 10-15 years

my2centz says:

A little tip when you lose your depth guide and if you use a lot you will most likely lol. I use tape on the bit.

O Canada says:

Ive only got about 1/4 of the way through the video but if you are wanting a quality hammer drill go with Hilti, far superior product it’s going to cost you but its worth it if you use it alot.

Casey Adams says:


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