Dewalt DCD996 1/2″ Brushless 3-Speed Hammer Drill Driver Review

Dewalt’s DCD996 is an improvement in power and lighting over the DCD995 that came out a few years ago. The DCD996 gives the user all the power one would want out of this size drill and in most cases when using a larger drill bit, warrants the use of the side handle to protect yourself from sudden kickbacks. The three speed and electric clutch system is nothing new, but the power and extra LED lighting that can double as a flashlight is something that is not found on other drills. If you are looking for these features, but do not want a hammer drill, Dewalt offers the DCD991.


binh ho says:

why the battery somehow is loose and not stable? So I don’t know if i want to buy it or not. So please tell me if the battery would fall off.

mesa620 says:

How does the power compare to the power of the Milwaukee 2704?

sunnysacto says:

Excellent Video

Wild Goose says:

Great review. That drill reminds me of the days when Dewalt was seen as a professional grade tool. They lost their way a bit it seems, and now they are fighting their way back to the top.

Di. Va says:

That’s a right tool review, good job!

Ahad Sikhaki says:

im stuck between dewalt and milwaukee ! plsss tell me which one is better ?

preparedlife says:

great review. subscribed

Евгений Вдовенко says:

Красава!!! ))

Zhen Lin CHN says:

More powerful than milwaukee 2704 ?

Kent Catlett says:

Just got this, and returned it 30 minutes later. I ordered this kit and was hoping for something awesome but was extremely disappointed. I might go into details later

Ervin Bernardo says:

what will you recommend for diy dewalt dcd 996 or dcd 796? both are awesome I’m confusing I want to get some advise

foofoo rabbitt says:

John, Do you guys review Makita tools? Ive never seen any, or have I simply missed them?

NSB Flooring says:

Was using mine today on a concrete slab with 1/4 inch masonry bit speed 3, it has a feature I never expected. It automatically clears out the debris as you drill at intervals, must be built into the hammer mechanism. I tried my other hammer drill by Makita and I still have to manually pull back as I go through 4 inches of concrete for it to clear a path. Very cool.

Russ Webster says:

Great review Brian. I might have to pick this one up, I have been looking to get a new 18/20 volt platform and DeWalt is impressing me lately.

Nick Xatzh says:

i have the dcd796 and dcf887 and i thing that dcd996 would complete my dewalt drill/drive yellow platform!!!do you feel the drill power as if it is like lets say into 100~110Nm area!?!?!?do the makita and milwaukee premium hammer drills feel like more powerful than dcd996!?!?and if the are,i think that 3gears helps the lower power output of this drill!is it right?

Adam M. says:

What bumper do you have on your jeep?

De Walter says:

great and quality tool ,,i hope dewalt comes with a new brushless grinder soon,,awesome review like always

rizlaliq says:

Like your reviews alot. Seems like light and speed update over the previous (more like the lights really). And still “hammer”, “drill” modes on the same ring with torque settings (don’t like that, there for I am out).

J.R. Productions says:

This drill destroyed Milweakee’s Gen 2 in the official comparison. It was/is rated #1 Cordless Drill in 2013-2016; and it’s just getting better.

tiger507 says:

Excellent review! Good hammer drill driver! would a comparison with other drills happen? The same top of the line for each brand? Possible?

Aaron Hawkes says:

I thought the rpm on the 3rd speed 0-2250?

Jerry Beck says:

Your video just stops at 1:59. Where’s the rest of the video?

Tgif Dad says:

when is it going to be in store’s

Lucas Hinostroza says:

The speed is regulated with the trigger?

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos says:

very nice

Eyal Eyal says:

Very nice review, thumbs up.

Nathaniel Quick says:

What competes with this. My coworker has this and I love it. Because it shreds through 2×4 when I need to drill holes to pull wire. I have a gen 4 ridgid (not a hammer drill) and it takes forever to to do what this drill does. Though about switching my kit from ridgid to desalt just because of this drill

John Sterling says:

I need to remove the chuck. Anybody know how to remove the chuck?

Unam469 says:

Are those made in the USA stickers?

Viet Nam says:

dewalt have chuck grip problem?? what happened..

Marcelo peres gasquez says:

pena que no Brasil não existe estas ferramentas maravilhosas que nos estados unidos tem fico triste por isto

Mr.BassPwr says:

I want that drill. <3 dewalt

1397304 says:

Is the electronic clutch new to dewalt premium hammer drill? I thought there’s something wrong with my dcd996 clutch compared to the standard clutch. I never thought that that’s the sound of an electronic clutch. Now I’m satisfied with the electronic clutch sound like. Thanks for the awesome review.

John Sterling says:

The 991 regular drill is available now, being sold as a bare tool or in a kit.

Glass Impressions says:

Great review

John Stacy says:

2 Foot 1inch auger bit in the attic during summer drilling through 3  2 by 4 stacked top plates and i’ll tell you right now this drill gets VERY HOT. On the bright side though, it goes thtrough pretty damn fast. It appeared to struggle but its still much much faster then Milwaukee or Makita on gear 1.

Greg Geis says:

This drill is obviously a great heavy hitter but how do you like it for light duty normal or even small screws in soft wood type work?

Dion Bland says:

Dewalt is junk Milwaukee is the best

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