Dewalt DCD796 & DCD791 Compact Hammer Drill & Drill Driver review

The 2016 Dewalt compact drills, DCD791 & DCD796, are at the top of the food chain. No other brand has reached the 70 Nm of torque that these tools do, nor have they taken the LED light to a new level like these drills. They really are in a class of their own.


Nick Xatzh says:

i have both dcd796 and dcf887!!!this is super combination and realy makes life and jobside easier!!!!

badger0888 says:

Great review and you covered everything. I just got the kit with the impact driver. This is great compact drill for medium sized jobs. I stick with a corded hammer drill for multiple 1/2″+ holes. I find the motor a bit high pitched but it’s also my first brushless tool. I still prefer the 12v drill for around the house which accomplished 90% of the tasks. One more thing, the LED on high is really Bright!

Krille's Garage says:

I bought the DCD790. And I would have kept it if it wasn’t for the wobbling. The drill bit was not straight, so I returned it. That doesn’t fly when drilling into metal. Then I went to a shop with Milwaukee, and found that their compact brushless was true (no wobbling). I was very picky about this, but I’m happy with what I ended up with. I hate wobbling 😛

Kamal Priyashantha says:

oh sir tahanks lot I got lot of details. .

Stephen Sugarbaker says:

is there a model/part number on your magnetic bit holder? My DCD791 did not come with one and I have not had any luck finding the magnetic clip holder online.

Demonwicked says:

I just want a drill if i sometimes need to drill a hole or two, after seeing this video i am sure it is a fine choice, thanks! No need to go above 2ah batteries if on a busy year ill drill 20 holes maximum.

regopit44 says:

I’ve been slacking on my Oz Tool Talk. I have to step up my game. Nice job

missingno777 says:

great review! I really want one, but I can’t justify replacing my dcd790, which is still a brilliantly powerful and lightweight drill.

Peter Lillywhite says:

Great review. I’m curious, have you tested the AEG brushless equivalents (also rated at 70Nm torque)

Jus Badd says:

Hey please can you do a video on Makitas new black sub compact drills,

Jennifer Woods says:

very nice review. Today I went and bought 2 DCD791 machines. I immediately noticed that the battery is different than on your model and it fits poorly and kinda rattles when you shake the machine )okay shaking your drill isnt the most average thing to do but still – hate the rattle. Sounds like its a cheap machine. Have you experienced loose fitting barreries on your new Dewalts? Mind you its the same on both machines and with all four battteries… And I think I may even detect a slight wobble in the drill

mike216ism says:

Dam you Oz now I had to get the 791. I love dewalt drills. So tuff and reliable. Great video. Much appreciated

Engin öztürk says:

Thanks very much for the good review. I have a question, do you think 791 can be more stable in terms of chuck/bit wobbling compared to 796? I want to choose between two but I’m not sure if 796’s chuck wobble in time, being a hammer drill. Can you please share what do you think, thanks very much.

Ireviewtech4you says:

First time watching your video. These are bloody amazing. I love this video. So much detail and all the key information I wanted to know. Definitely be watching your videos again.

Kevin Cox says:

I just noticed that Amazon is selling the previous model combo for deal of the day (DCK281D2) for $179. Is this newer model worth the extra $100 price tag? I did read that the older model had some problems with the chuck. Is this an issue with the newer ones?

AgelessNomad says:

Would love to be able to turn off the work light.

Nikola Mitrovic says:

Great video man. I don’t know how to decide which one I need. I would need one for home work nothing big, from time to time I would need to drill through slim walls and built a tv comode or such, so i need to drill through wood. Can this be done without hummer option, can you give me advice? Thanks

hAnZ0KBRON says:

Hi, what is the difference between DCD796P1 and DCD796P2 , thank you

peter pan says:

Can i ask does the 796 motor brake seems overly noisy on 2nd speed setting like a clacking noise metal against metal? Thanks

DarkRaptor99 says:

I wish Milwaukee would do a better job with the LED lights on their tools their impacts are really lacking with no tri beam led on the nose of the impact. Great review Dwain.

Craig H says:

I love the led function on these drills every drill and impact should have a feature like this ! Being able to leave it on for 20mins would be great in some situations.

J T says:

Hi. I have the 796. I bought it instead of a makita xph12. I’ve noticed chuck run out on the 796 which was totally absent on the xph12. I just wanted to know if you’ve experienced the same problem on your 796. Can you make videos covering this particular subject?

theguym says:

Which one would you recommend for PVC windows installation? (Professional use)

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