DeWALT 20V Brushless Premium 3 Speed Hammer Drill DCD995M2 Review

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Review of the DeWALT 20 Volt Max XR Brushless Premium 3 Speed Hammer Drill
Check out as I put it to the test
Features 3 speed transmission brushless motor electronic clutch 4.0 ah amp hour batteries 1/2 inch ratcheting metal chuck
Bare tool model DCD995 also included in combo kit DCK296M2


Holvin Aburto says:

Sweet video! This explained how the clutch works on the this drill perfectly.

Nick Nimmo says:

Well I could’ve used this video 15 minutes ago. I recently picked up this drill along with the XR impact and was quite thrown by the way the clutch acted. Took it back to the store I purchased it from and their guy from that department was thrown off as well. We tested a couple others and had the same result but I wasn’t satisfied considering even the sales guy couldn’t explain it. I’ve been thinking it might be designed this way to not wear out the clutch but didn’t want to take the chance on something I need for work. I emailed Dewalt support just before finding this video! Oh well I guess this will be a test of their support service!

John Saverino says:

Great tool review! Very much appreciated. Thank you. I can’t believe people have the nerve to criticize your professionalism or hand movements when you have taken the time to produce a helpful and informative video. I don’t recall you asking for anyone’s critique of your efforts. There are always insecure people who try to take others down a peg to feel better about themselves. Keep up the good work! You’re doing great!

Harleydude says:

what are your thoughts on the side handle being plastic?…

Cody Robertson says:

In the US Dewalt rates their drill using UWO but in the UK/Europe they rate their tools in newton meters. 1Nm equals 8.86 in. Lbs. of torque. And 12 in. Lbs. equal 1 ft. Lbs. of torque. This drill has 708 in Lbs. of torque.

Alex Simonetti says:

Quick question: is it still worth buying  the DCD985 or should I wait until the DCD995 hits the stores where I live (which might take some time still) ?

regopit44 says:

Nice job

DarkRaptor99 says:

I wish they kept the clutch and drill modes separate like on the old model. I probably helped make the tool more compact, but I’m so used to to it being on a selector switch now.

eduardo fajardo says:

Im from the Philippines,how buy this Dewalt 20V Brushless Premium 3 Speed Hammer Drill DCD994M2,how much price, do have distributor in the phillipines?what incuded?

Gerardo Herrera Jr says:

I did unboxing on desalt 9pc

Mike Z says:

Nice review man!

Cesar Bogado says:

Parece muy interesante Javier. Sería mucho pedir realices el video en español?

John Sterling says:

Would you please do a demo of how to remove the chuck on the DCD995? Mine doesn’t come off. Are they welded on there?

Paul MvN says:

learn how to use the tool before you make a review.

Churk Leung says:

In the review, the speaker mention that it does not have the hammer drill on a separate switch and he didn’t like it. I have a question, why would you need hammer drill on a low torque setting? Like selecting #4 and having it on hammer drill doesn’t make sense at all. 

Vigilante Driver says:

I just purchased the DCD995B.  Since I have plenty of the accessories that comes with a kit, this bare version will do me great.  It should be here by the end of the day Wednesday.  As an old man, I’m always excited to get a new tool.


Muy buen video Javier, ese modelo no lo venden en México y se ve muy bien, saludos!

DarkRaptor99 says:

It’s funny I won’t buy a regular drill with out a hammer function its usually only 10-20 dollars more than the normal drill. The only thing is that I think that SDS drills have dropped down to a price point that a DIY’er might consider even buying one. Ryobi even has one for their one+ lineup it’s not sold in stores but its only 99 bucks and still probably drills better than most percussion hammer drills

Bothuhead 19 says:

Whats your personal take on this drill compared to the Milwaukee Fuel hammer drill? Both are great for sure but if it came down to one what’s your pick?

God says:

Jesus Christ Man, Keep your fucking hands still.

Matthew Fant says:

Outstanding review. Everyone else, take note. This is how you do a tool review. Love it.
I have an important spec that always gets left out, due to the way dewalt rates their tools with uwo instead of inch pound/ ft pound torque ratings. It’s 708 in lbs or 59 foot lbs. Not bad at all, but curiously almost identical to the torque ratings of the dcd985, despite the higher unit watt rating. I really like this tool, and have been tossing around the idea of getting it for awhile now, to replace my dcd985. I love that this new one is brushless, But I hate the all in one ring for torque and drill settings.

Review ZonIV says:

Thanks For A quick Review

Job38 Four says:

I just bought the new Dewalt 20v hammer drill last week, like you said at 2:10, I liked the that 3 setting mode selector switch that was on the one I bought 2 years ago, now I cant go from ratchet mode to drill mode by just moving the dial one click, now I have to move the dial a bunch of clicks. But my biggest reason for buying another Dewalt drill is the 3 speed switch, and as far as I know, Dewalt still makes high quality tools. 

dschephigh1 says:

Very nice description on the dewalt dcd995. Very informative. Thanks…


Super test 

audiioaddiict says:

Sweet tool

smellyakita says:


analogdistortion says:

Beats per minute? xD

Jarrod Kidder says:

Wow, I love DeWalt

blah blahy says:

The way your hands were bobbing up and down, I really did not like the video at first, but really you are just great at this.. keep it up and try to smooth the arm action.

Keelin Black says:

This is a good channel javier

Joe Mas says:

Can you use a hammer drill for every day tasks like drilling holes or driving screws? If so, wouldn’t having just a hammer drill be more practical?

tredstone says:

that was a great video but i have a question about this drill. does the chuck wobble excessively .i returned a dewalt 985 because the wobble was too much,drilling in to brick made the whole drill go out of control . is it normal to have some wobble ? 

Elmike Abonce says:

Just order the dcd985 now im thinking of returning it and getting this one what you think is there a big difference thanks in advance

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