Dewalt 18V XR Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill – DCH273 Review

oztooltalk review the new Brushless 18V XR Dewalt Rotary SDS Hammer Drill – DCH273.
Its rated to drill up to 24mm holes, and we really see what it’s made of. A runtime test shows just how efficient this tool is.


funkafize says:

Hey guys liking the vids. Wondering what the difference is between the DCH273 and DCH274? They both seem to be new brushless units, but I cant find the 273 on Australian DeWalt site. Maybe its SDS vs SDSplus. Whats the difference between that?


Anthony Schmocker says:

i reckon you should go head to head with the festool brushless compact sds hammer drill, i think you’ll be shocked like i was it hands down smashes the milwaukee and the makita and sooooo much smoother as well so just food for thought.

p.s. its only rated for 18mm but Ive used a 24mm in the festool and works like a treat boys

Сергей Фурсов says:

Please compare with hilti te 4-a22

jc m says:

DRY DRILLING CONCRETE = DEATH Look up silicosis before messing with concrete or any stone products it has a long dormancy period. Its worse than abestos and its the dust you dont see that will kill you ALWAYS USE WATER NEVER DRY DRILL OR USE AIR it WILL save your life STAYS AIRBORNE FOR 3 DAYS and is microscopic

Richy Singh says:

Hi Champs

I was struggling with my Hammer Drill to drill in Bricks and few blocks of Concrete. I started browsing through Rotary Hammer Drills and i came across your Video Review and Instantly made my decision to buy this De Walt Rotary Hammer Beast. I have got DCH274NXE from local tool shop and maaaaaan i am impressed with it! It just smashes through anything and everything. Very Powerful Stuff. Shot Boys, Keep it up!

Yer Man says:

Have you noticed how your camera is in focus on the top right of the picture, but not the rest. It is also the brightest part.

You two are beauts, let us see you in your glory 🙂

Great show and I always look forward to watching.

Joe Moma says:

dewalt need to make a snake to unplugged the shower drain

Joe Moma says:

it would be awesome

Myk Somerville says:

Great unit. Bigger bits/deeper holes eat the battery fairly quick in my experience (800x26mm),but that’s not surprising. Got it from the big green shed a few months ago for around $300 skin only.

Eugeniy Shebar says:

наверное больные – нахера так давить…это же перфоратор. он сам сверлить должен без всякого нажима… тем более сила удара 2.1 дж….дизлайк за убивание инструмента.

zap brannigan says:

I’ve had this drill for a few months now in the UK. Light and compact with good anti vib. Good drill

Richard Rees says:

Good video guys but the fuel sds is much better than that dewalt

Денис Строитель says:

regular show-off and not a tool

олег туманский says:

someone that will say about this rotary Hammer – DEWALT DCH133B

Ben B Jr says:

Hey Mike and Dwain, great video mates!
Can I suggest a rotary hammer comparison?
You guys are legends

drayne3750 says:

Great video guys. I am on team yellow and may consider this unit if it is released in the US.

jc m says:

I couldn’t agree more they used us up like disposable gloves while they make millions and we suffer to breath and live please tell anyone you know as soo many people have no idea and still do it without a mask I have been on them sites for 17 years and now I have breathing issues

Gareth Bickers says:

The battery can’t be the other way round because of the dust extractor

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