Brushless 18V Hammer Drill Fight – Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Hilti, Hitachi & Metabo

Seven of the best hammer drills available, pitted against each other to find a winner. oztooltalk are putting these 18V/22V tools through the gauntlet.

Models are as follows:
Bosch GSB 18 VE-EC / HDH183
Dewalt DCD996
Hilti SF 6H-A22 (22V, brushed motor)
Hitachi DV18DBL2
Makita DHP481 / XPH07
Metabo SB18 LTX BL I
Milwaukee M18ONEPD / 2706

Spec sheet at: 2:47
Final scores at: 13:59

Makita 6Ah batteries provided by:









Karl Odland says:

Good review. Personally, I like the Milwaukee simply because of the variety of “bare” tools I can get with this line. As a side note, after two years my battery charger burnt out due to my own fault. Took it to the local Milwaukee warranty depot – they replaced it with a new one still in the packaging no questions asked. Thanks for your reviews, always entertaining and informative.

The prices you listed are very similar to what we would pay in Canada.

Mario Gachuz says:

And Crafstman?

JANOXD says:

Ok the dewalt is in an other League! In any point!

santenhik says:

and a winer… FESTOOL

BumpcHump Productions says:

Will you do one of these for electric ratchets

Just for Fun says:

metabo just made a new 3-speed 18volt ltx cordless drill like dewalt’s go check it.

whatbuttondoipush says:

Nobody mentioned that the Milwaukee will still work in lower temperatures.

ta65mail says:

What about the Rigid line of drill/hammer drills?

Steven Masschelein says:

why didn’t you test spit?

Medveczky György says:

I work Makita, Hilti, Bosch & Tesco underground machine… DeWALT the win!
Awesome benchmark video.

Arne Weise Weise says:

Ok so the 2705/ONEPD was a great machine but went right back after chuck wobble and even though Milwaukee service staff over phone here was very fast and good to deal with I am not allowed to swap chuck without warranty break they say, no way I will use that terrible chuck on a otherwise so nice machine.

You are wrong though about Flexvolt batt not making any difference I think, an extra row delivering juice could make a difference especially when taking heating up @ demanding tasks?

Robert LeBlanc says:

I have 1st gen DeWalt Lithium Ion 18v tools and after nearly a decade of use, they’re still going strong.

G Y says:

Where on earth did you get a Hilti SF 6H for 289?!

Marius Nistor says:

Next time try the bosch with a eneracer battery

Fluffy O'Bannon says:

Why do I watch reviews AFTER I bought the drill? I bought the Dewalt. I guess I’d rather be lucky than good. 😛

supermarioyoshi says:

im going with the hilti

Brandon Harrington says:

Hilti is on another level of quality and price. Dumb to have them in the comparison

Z Z says:

Please please please do one on jigsaws this one was so great. Thank you very much

jean-marc says:

Very nice, clear and informative un-biaised review. Excellent, thanks for that guys. I own the DeWalt and I only have good things to say about it when it comes to hard use : super comfortable, super powerful, I love it. For little work inside the house, I also have a 10.8V Makita which is fantastic : very light, agile and still loads of power.
Cheers guys, greetings from Belgium (and looking forward to come back in Australia, fantastuc country and fantastic people that I had the pleasure to visit in 2005).

Maze Runner says:

I wanna buy a combo kit. I enjoy Dewalt, but I don’t know how to buy. I’m from Vietnam.

Nick Knittle says:

The Dewalt is their higher end drill. The other drills are only the mid ranged drills out of their line up.

Palpac says:

Nice review guys you have a new subscriber. Watched a review with the Dewalt hammer drill vs the Milwaukee on another channel and they made out the Dewalt was by far inferior this just proves how much of a bs setup the other test was.

Mavi Dinazor says:

Which of these is the chuck wobbling?

SoundSoCollective says:

The balance on the Bosch is a dream, electricians tend to go for light weight mid power well balanced tools,,
imagine fixing multiple 6ft batten lighting units and other precarious items to a ceiling?
every g counts…. if i wanted power for driving coach bolts and drilling with large auger bits then Dewalt i suppose..

John pan says:

Really good video for people like me who wants to buy a drill and since they all look good 🙂 don’t know which one to pick. Thank you

John B. says:

Dewalt is the tool of choice of my boss, they have good power but we get a lot of problems with their clutch systems. We call them the hand breakers lol. Milwaukee is ok. My preferred brand is Makita.

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