Bosch hammer drill unboxing and review

Hi everyone here is my unboxing and review of the Bosch 1191VSRK hammer drill. The model number is also listed as 1191 VSR so I am not sure what the K stands for. I bought this from canadian Tire. This is a nice looking drill with a great case to store the drill. The bosch from the outside is well made and the trigger and handle fit my hand fine. The problem with this drill is the side grip is useless, it does not matter how tight you turn the screw, the drill can still twist in the handle. Some drills like the master craft had notches in the handle and a notch in the case of the drill that would lock the drill in position so it could not just twist.
This drill seems to get very hot in a short amount of time, you can especially feel it under the drill in front of the trigger. While trying to use a 3″ hole saw in a steel tube the drill started to smoke. So I stopped and let it cool off. It seemed ok after that but I didn’t continue to use the hole saw. The bosch has a lot of torque with it 7amp motor so it can go slow if you are drilling steel without bogging down. It does not seem like a drill for any heavy duty work but drilling small diameter holes and driving screws it seems ok with. Thanks for watching.


mr Junior says:

you are certainly need more skill.
dont float the button, press it to the bottom

U.Gopal Das says:

You are not telling price

LUTCHMAN Nicolas says:

WTF why do you use this annoying robot voice i can’t even understand

Andrew Jamrozik says:

Get rid of the robot voice. It’s shit!!!

Vesa Roivainen says:

For most home users Bosch is enough ! oh and by the way who the fuck cares what the voice sounds like !!! video is ok.

Timothy Haverland says:

Bosch is just terrible buy AEG

randomlathe says:

Don’t know why any idiot would dislike this video. This video would save you $100 from buying a poorly designed drill. Shit you should be sending me money for doing that. If you hate the video for the voice…get over yourself, it isn’t a movie production made to please you.

Onesufi johhnybgood says:

Bro please cut your nails, considering you probably use your hands to eat instead of fork and knife like most of us from South Asia.

Ирфан Манџука says:

Thank you Stephen Hawking…

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