Bosch 18V EC Brushless Brute Tough HDH183 Hammer Drill Review in 4K

Bosch makes it’s first 18V High Torque Drill featuring a brushless motor. In this review I put it to the test and compare it’s performance and features to the competition.

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Bosch 18V Brute Tough HDH183 EC Brushless Hammer Drill
18V EC Brushless motor
1/2″ Keyless ratcheting metal chuck
Max torque (Hard/Soft) 663/415 in-lbs
2 Speed Transmission
RPM: 0-480/0-2100
BPM: 31,500
Kick-back control
Weight: 5.5 lbs with 4.0 battery / 4.1 lbs baretool
Length: 8.03 inches
Multiposition side handle
Pricing: $189 baretool / $299 Kit with two 4.0 batteries, charger, soft tool bag
Warranty: 30 day moneyback guarantee / 1 year warranty

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Filmed with:

Cameras used:
Panasonic G85 / G80

Lenses used:
Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8
Panasonic 12-60mm
Panasonic 25mm F1.7

Audio input:
Audio-Technica Wireless Lavalier System 10 ATW-1701/L

Video editing software:
Sony Movie Studio 13


C Kacz says:

Can I please get your help? Just got this drill, but only one LED light actually lights up. Is this how it is supposed to work, or is it defective? Thank you.

Benjamin Brody says:

My impression was with Bosch the pounds per torque was intentionally designed lower for durability and longevity. If I’m understanding their reasoning correctly faster drills probably won’t last a lifetime. Their drills always suit my hand the best, I’ve been very satisfied, the brute is damn sexy for a tool. People say they they are behind the other companies, truth is their platform is much larger worldwide. The United states isn’t even 25% of their global market. Their cool pack battery technology and runtimes are still ahead of everyone, and the wireless charging rocks! Another thing I can personally vouch for is some of my Bosch tools are a decade or older and still functioning good as new.

Richard Clay says:

The bosh has tock control that adjusts if you adjust it should stop the drill from twisting out of your hands .

Judah Barr says:


Wild Goose says:

Well done! I like that you dug up some old video to show a reasonable comparison as the anti twist off your arm feature. very.well done! I almost broke my nose using a big high torque drill with no electric brake trying to drill through a sill plate. I was in awkward position and the bit caught a nail – the rest you can imagine! Bloody nose, glasses looked like a pretzel, and the drill had the cord wrapped around it and was sticking out of the wall! lol!

J T says:

Now this is a great review. I like that it’s in depth and very critical of the tool. That’s valuable insight. Thanks.

Matthew Austin says:

I hope Bosch steps it up soon

Richard Clay says:

Thay all have a clutch

Joachim Osmundsen says:

Why is it only 85 nm when the competetitors are 100++?

SouthFront says:

What about Bosch GSB 18v-85C?is it better than this 18v-EC?

curt topher says:

I just purchased this brand new for $99 on ebay which I think is a fantastic deal. Great review! After reading so many comments about the torque I have no doubt if Bosch wanted to make a drill to match other manufactures torque capabilities I’m sure they could but I believe they weight specific factors and try to make decisions based on performance, durability and longevity over brute power/torque.

chris jones says:

I don’t believe in the “hammer drill” hype it’s a gimmick for home owners. never once seen one of these on a job site even for small anchors it’s sds all day.

Melissa Willis says:

hey man how do you get tools

Ruben Rivera says:

nice y con guebos

Matthew Austin says:

I can’t choose between Bosch Metabo and Miketa

Richard NZ says:

the concrete drill maybe hit some aggregate – like our shed floor has riverstones ( greywacke ) no amount of hammer drill will go thru it

Ady Unixmoment says:

Nice…Thanks for the review

Ryan says:

Great review on the tool thanks. Some strong editing and great filming going on here too. Great channel!

hector-toledo says:

Must be the transmission they are using for low gear for maximum torque just a wild guess ? ??

Americo Cadilhe says:

Germany tools the best quality, thanks good vídeo.

Jaime Gonzalez says:

another nice review. I hope youbwon the lottery to buy these tools.

rolando garcia says:

bosch the king

peacockealot says:

In the U.K. this is sold as a GSB 18VE-EC

chris jones says:

haven’t been on job sites lmao check my channel before u make ur self look even dumber. smallest holes we ever drill are half in. my 2704 Milwaukee fuel struggles to do the holes so don’t tell me it’s useful when obviously u have never tried to do any real work with the tool.

Richard Clay says:

I should have said clutch

Anuar Cárdenas says:

Hey, do you know if this model is the top of range 18v from Bosch hammers?

Just for Fun says:

Although bosch is a really amazing brand this drill is a yesterday tool nowadays, all other brands have higher torque cordless drills available and more is on the way. Its looks like bosch doesn’t want to give yet a higher torque tool for some reason so they stick to the previous model’s power.

Kyle Fogle says:

The torque rating is only as good as the gearbox. I am a plumber and have owned the milwaukee 2704-20 for10 months now. 2 days ago the gearbox started slipping and now it only grinds on low speed. I have a hole hawg that takes the majority of abuse so I wouldn’t say I abused the battery drill. It looks like the bosch has a pretty substantial gearbox compared to the other brands. Torque ratings seem more like marketing hype than a real measure of drill quality. I’d rather have 600 in lbs last me 10 + years than 1200 in lbs that’ll last 10 months. Most real world applications don’t require the torque being advertised.

Christopher Scafidi says:

Thanks Javier, Another great video!

ivdimentia says:

Also Bosch chucks wobble like hell… I wouldn’t like to pay good money on a drill that it’s chuck wobbles this much.

Phillip Amer says:

I would like to see this drill compared with the previous model which had 750 in/lb torque but was brushed

Ruben Rivera says:

u can go 2 menards .com site u can get performax and master force tools order them

aaa says:

recently, professional no longer don’t use bosch. dewalt milwaukee use. bosch must have introspect.

Mike says:

Bosch is really lagging behind the competition.

Rey Lande says:

great review Javier.

simple jack says:

thanks for review.ive got the brute hammer older model looking at getting the compact brushless new model with metal chuck hopefully you can make a review of that tool soon.chau amigo.

Matthew Austin says:

Bosch needs to get it together

chris jones says:

won’t be giving up my Milwaukee 2703 or 2704. half the torque of what I’m used to


Está bien padre ese taladro

Boyd Tsosie says:

hey man great review on the drill. I can’t believe it only puts up that much torque for such a big drill but hey it is what it is. keep the reviews coming appreciate your Channel.

svtrader says:

So, Bosch is selling a drill they engineered and designed 3 years ago?

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