BOLTR: Made in USA, DeWalt 20V MAX Hammer Drill. Mechanical Part A.

Bored of lame tool reviews? This is not your typical corpo shill tool review. I’ll have a look at the guts of this DeWalt Li-Ion hammer drill and see if the quality matches the hype. Electrical and testing Part B next Sunday!
Thanks to all the guys and gals that pitch in a few bucks to make these vids happen.


Kolin Stallman says:

Thats not a hammerdrill! Thats a spoon!

Jonas Ausiura says:

AvEsome intermission. Lumberjack + sideburns + chainsaw = big ball sack. Nice clip though, interesting to see that snapshot in time of their work.

LadyTowerMoon says:

Your thumbnail and title of your video says Made in the USA but that’s not true they’re just assembled here in the US there’s a big difference between put together in the US made in the US. Pretty sure the guts of it are probably made in China like everything else now

Padon Rishell says:

I need to know what the music from the intermission is.

selador11 says:

Yup. Assembled in USA. All parts made of chinesium.

JETtheKAT says:

Milfuckee XDXDXD

Krasimir Ivanov says:

The benefit of USA made products is at least you know the guy’s name when you swear at him. It’s one of the regular bunch: Carlos, Daniel, Jose, Eduardo, Angel, Luis, Jorge, Juan, Diego, Sergio, Fernando, Alejandro. It gotta be one of those fuckers. Ama racist or what? ‘Murica.

I am Eastern European BTFW

Michael Johnson says:

I think Dewalt took over Elu and most of the Dewalt drills still use the Elu shape body? What’s all this 18 volts in the UK and 20 volts in America and Canada all about? when they are the same batteries!

caleb grefe says:

alright, 2:55 you damn the Yukiwa chuck and praise the Jacbos, but in this video at 4:49 you do the opposite. So whats the final word?

Kelsey Gallegos says:

The commentary is excellent! Bahahaha! Have another beer!

Jamieson Guy-Toogood says:

I’m surprised there was no mettle gear reference

Angel Ce ballots says:

Corona is shit beer.

limplin7 says:

uSNA? uNSA sounds more appropriate…if I got the joke right

Bryan Weber says:

yogi bear was smarter than your average bear…..

UnqualifiedDiy says:

I have the same drill as this if you try to move the chuck to hammer or drill mode it sometimes jams it makes sense now made in the USA

The Hoss says:

DeWalt doesn´t even sound german. At least not to a german.

El Mr Smoke says:

I love these videos!!! Can you do a breakdown of the Ingersoll Rand 12volt or 20 volt series impact drivers?? Look forward to more videos!!

Diener Christi says:

I have a Milwaukee hammer drill and a dewalt impact for work. I guess I’m a traitor.

FrankEdavidson says:

Do Dewalt batteries lock out like those of Makita?

J. B.J. says:

22,800 RPM, that little sucker is cruising!

NameNaameNameeNaamee says:

De.Walt.Is.So.Not.German. 😀

Bryan Weber says:

he meant: break fiesta del champeeons

Donald Sayers says:

B&D did the same to Elu too.

Joni English says:

my 2015 dewalt 20v trimmer motor just broke , Type 1
only very slow speed
ONLY after calling dewalt 2 times and having a Case # did they then take Action and sent a Replacement unit
Going back to 4 stroke gas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paulinator216 says:

You can tighten a large Allen wrench into the chuck and smack it with a hammer to break it loose and get the chuck off.

robert says:

One of the most obvious problem with having a 3 jaw Jacob’s chuck on any hammer drill would be the drill bit going deeper into the chuck until it’s all the way in and the weight of the 200 pound Gorilla PLUS the impacts are all being put on the bolt that holds the chuck on… If your lucky it will just fuck the head all up and you won’t ever get a bit into it so the chuck will never be changed… But if you are not lucky, it might break the bolt possibly resulting in the chuck falling off…

In my mind it seems to be a very responsible and plausible theory…

Edison Siew says:

You kinda sound like rick from rick and morty. You are the living version of rick

baverdi says:

Not to be mean but even an idiot like me knows chucks are reverse threaded. Isn’t there a mechanical reason for that?

Zachary Devan says:

No pressure

Joni English says:

i worked in ” Golden Mile Chev/Olds on Eglinton ave E
Customer Complained of Rattle in Dash , took apart the hvac duct
Behold !!!!!!!!!! Empty Pop Can in air Duct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday Build Before Christmas

KeepinYouUp07 says:

10:46 fuck you too

Russell Starr says:

The lumberjack in the intermission kinda looks like Abe Lincoln. So, is that a Lincoln Log he’s sitting on?

Classic Cast says:

Why do you never go in-depth like this with Bosch or Hitachi drills and impacts?

coasttal123 says:

Now I know why I like you. NASCAR fan. WooHoo

Chris Cross says:

Assembled in the USA from Local and Imported Ingredients.

Dave Smith says:

Quick tip….. When you take apart something, that has multiple small parts. Put them all in a pizza box. Used to do that rebuilding carburetors, you think your done, then you find a tiny spring, in the corner of the box. Gripper all apart again..

gloxxify l says:

Made in USA usually means its junk that’s been so badly nickel and dimed for cost cutting .01% to add another 100k to a ceo’s bonus. Made in Germany or Made in Japan are the only ones that are worth paying more for.

Pro Mountain Biker says:

How do you know this shit lol

Bart says:

cant believe you’d rather drink pisswater than Modelo!

Scott Millea says:

Don’t talk about Modelo that way!

Michael Mace says:

Their batteries used to be interchangeable but they changed it when people started buying the cheaper B&D batteries that were exactly the same.

M.P. Juggler says:

14:05 Imagine he forgot.the lighter, fuck

Param Persaud says:

Wish i could get that drill bro

kimbo slice says:

brushed motors are only 50-60% efficient afaik… meanwhile brushless (ac 3-phase) is 90%+… and i have tons of conformal coated speed controls that i have submerged and put in snow, they still work fine, I definitely believe they absorb moisture but not enough to do any damage for several years of use

melgibson1970 says:

i wonder why they don’t put neodymium magnets so to get more power with less energy in this motor

fishing freak says:

He seems to use milwaukee tools quite often considering the fact that he seems to despise them

Oliver Standing says:

That’s not the best drill, you’d need to get the xr range to get the best usual defined by metal casing instead of plastic around the business end

Incongruous Sensation says:

Intermission was worth the price of admission

Pneumatic Fanatic says:

you can either have designed in usa and made in china or designed in china and assembled in usa..

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