BOLTR: BEST IN CLASS? Makita Brushless Drill

The Makita is the best of the prosumer brushless 1/2″ hammer drills. We have a look at why; (it’s the chuck). In previous vjos we compared the performance of the batteries against the DeWalt and Milwaukee.
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Nathan Bongertman says:

Frig do a BOLTR on Rickety (RIDGID) Hammer Diddlers! They claim to have a die-cast gear box.

Tom OConnor says:

No need for bad language and profaning the holy name of our saviour, Jesus Christ !!

Johan Andersson says:

Great reference to @eevblog 🙂

j dog says:

The trick to get around a “flagged” battery is to get an aftermarket charger. Problem solved. All my batteries are good again.

Scott Pittsinger says:

got your ball in a vise …huh

Scott Pittsinger says:

laser weld it…

ViiV Creations says:

i was thinking this guy was going to put it all back together, i was about to say…if this dude tears this apart and puts it all together working without manual…he must be some serious engineering specialist at some top secret government factory lol

Daniel Hershey says:

I have 2 18v 1.5 AH Makita batteries that still work from about 2008. Not bad.

thatguyjosh thattallguyy says:

I’m lookin at investing in a decent line of 18 v cordless tools I have a set of the newer Ryobi stuff from my fencing days but they’re just not scookem I’ve got a couple of Milwaukee 12v tools and seem to be pretty nice quality so what would you recommend out of Milwaukee and makita 18v right now

Brenden Trail says:

I’m a greasy old mechanic and I have never had the overmolding fall apart on a makita, I’ve done it to crapsmans in the same week that I bout them though

Andrew MacInnes says:

Can you correct runout on a cordless drill like these?

Darkside1355 says:

Makita and milcuntye are the only brands I trust, don’t fuck with dewalt but if they have a real good special I won’t let it pass up

Jonathan Garzon says:

There’s like 5 fucking drills I’m losing my shit, which model is this please halp.
A DIY guy but pretty intense in my use of a drill, dad told me to get my own, prefer to spend more on a good one that’ll last.
Work metal, wood, and everyday bolts too

Jānis Baumanis says:

How can you compare different capacity batteries ,and say that one lasts longer than the other ?

Joe Wind says:

how do the parts compare to mke on the inside?

Thomas May says:

I lost it completely at “Homeless Despots” rofl

mand0123 says:

When youtubers reference one another, my ‘cartoon crossover synapse’ fires, like when the flintstones met the jetsons

Scott Pittsinger says:

flu.ning use it

Garry Polonich says:

Fellow Cananuckastanian just two rings over the hog back of the hack in sask here! Just have a request that im thinking might be quite a challenge! Can a person just decomputer a new drill and battery and just hotwire it so it can just work without “The Man” having it time out so we have to buy new batteries and electronic switches?? Im just thinking in order for corporate profits to stay on the rise the engineering is great! But if i only but one drill what good am i as a consumer. But if they electronically program it to not work via switch or battery well its unrepairable due to programming. Can it be done?

Joe Quinn says:

Did you put this drill back together?

Kernelhazzard1 says:

My dick is well planted on the ice, thanks for the care!

konjiki240sx says:

Finally someone actually tests the runout on a cordless drill! Lol

Myko says:

The ikea drill makes a strong comeback i see

Andrew Cassidy says:

I don’t think it is this exact model but the ended up with a makita drill after a contractor left it behind. We just kept it since we couldn’t get any response from them. Ended up buying the charger and other tools with the same battery, maybe they were secretly a makita salesperson…

James Andonian says:

Motor looks smaller than a 550 brushed motor

Justin D says:

Laughing so hard….Awesome review.

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