AEG BSB 18 CBL Brushless Hammerdrill Driver – First Impressions

AEG sent me their BSB 18 CBL Brushless Drill to try out. In this video, I unbox and compare it to my Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 drill.

Available to buy on Amazon UK with 2x 4Ah batteries: or 2x 2Ah batteries:

Available to buy Amazon US with 2x 2Ah batteries:

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Michael Montgomery says:

I hope you get to keep it Keith. Thanks for the review… 🙂

King Brian of knocknasheega says:

First gear setting is better for driving in screws.

Chevy513 says:

Oh and if your curious here’s a ton of Ridgid “AEG” stuff that we have over here in the US, I noticed on the AEG site that there seem to be more exclusive Ridgid tools that AEG doesn’t get or have the latest being the Gen5x series of lights, I have 2 of them the hybrid panel light and the flood light plus the Ridgid tripod and they are so cool!

Rag 'n' Bone Brown says:


Or Itzhaki says:

This bosch looks old model, today they have the blue proffesional range of tools wich can be equal in power to the AEG.

Michael Evans says:

Good review Kieth where is A.E.G MANUFACTURED by that i mean is it considered English or the U.S.? Totally agree about the overkill issue with tools, my son bought me a Makita percussion drill driver ,far to powerful for my d.i.y. woodworking tasks . I will stick to my 18volt HITACHI which i have had for 5 years more finesse .

FastPuma says:

i always buy bosch

Matthew Lebelinski says:

not bad but I’m a bench joiner and we all use Panasonic all the way fantastic battery life great quality still going strong year after year

DIY-Chris says:

AEG uses BTMT parts. and BTMT is BOSCH! Like a fuel pump for an VW Car or maybe a Mercedes ar made by BOSCH !

gvcooljr says:

Good revue..!

nasser d says:

AEG/Ridged do some nice tools. i wanted a cheap but reliable drill driver set. i was gonna get the AEG but ended up going with stanley fatmax. regret it now, AEG have a whole line, fatmax do not. and ridged have a reputation for supplying professional tools

alexarvey THE FRUGAL BUILDER says:

Have been using AEG power tools for years and I can say they are, in my opinion one of the best power tools out there. I have an earlier version of that cordless drill, it has been one of my workhorses in jobsites together with their impact driver and cordless rotary hammer. Love your videos, btw. Be well.

Julio Oliveira says:

How much juice was there in the Bosch battery? it could have been that too.

Simon Hopkins says:

Good review

Iam Lonefrog says:

Overkill for the shop indeed, but when you need real power and no cumbersome cords, that’s one bad cordless drill.

As for spending my quid I chose Ryobi, and instead of attachments I was able to buy a kit that included, a drill, impact driver, skill saw, saws all, reciprocating saw, flashlight, two batteries and a charger with a zippered bag. They haven’t let me down yet and I love the smart chargers they have out now.

Haha! Seems we all have a little review skillz!

Hans de Groot says:

Very good description of your first impressions and a really fair comparison of both drills. The difference in torque is impressive.
Thanks for sharing.

Gojzer says:

Nice video !!

Daan.Z.bloedjes says:

how do you like the drill after some use

Mountain Man says:

Can you do a comparison with a Ryobi drill please ?!

Just for Fun says:

The AEG is a professional tool it’s not a toy, while the green Bosch is for home users.

Bostish2 says:

see now you will have to make a show dedicated to using reclaimed tools 🙁

Chevy513 says:

Damn that AEG is pricey, across the pond “AEG” is branded as Ridgid and Bosch is actually a more expensive brand and considered by most to be better than Ridgid. We don’t have a Ridgid with the removable chuck like that though. But on a special sale I got a similar drill of basically the same size that’s a 18-volt brushless 1/2″ compact hammer drill and a 18-volt brushless full size 7-1/4″ circular saw with a 2amp and a 4amp battery and charger for only $150 so apparently Ridgid “AEG” is sold for much less over here however I would not say that detracts from the quality I have looked on the AEG website and most the tools there are exactly like their Ridgid counterparts save for a few minor differences, one thing in particular I have noticed is the rear chip ejector on the AEG circular saws where Ridgid has the side chip ejector which is the standard in the US. I have been running Ridgid 18-volt cordless tools for 5 years and now have 20 of them and have never had a single one break, I also have a Ridgid 7″ wet tile saw and a Ridgid 10″ jobsite table saw and they have been great as well. Over here Ridgid is backed by the LSA or lifetime service agreement, free parts, free service and free batteries, yes free batteries, for life you just have to register your tools on their website within 90 days of when you purchased them to get the LSA and while you do get free batteries for life it only covers batteries that came in a tool kit, if you buy a battery by itself they consider it an “accessory” and only give you a 3 year warranty on it. But basically with the LSA if the tool ever fails and it wasn’t from abuse they will fix or replace it and if you get batteries in a kit and register them when they die you can get replacements for free!

Ed music says:

hmm so for a lot less money I could buy this : ITA DLX2020SW 18V 3.0AH LI-ION LXT CORDLESS COMBI DRILL & IMPACT DRIVER TWIN PACK and im willing to bet the makita drill would be a better match comparison wise… at that price as others have said I would want all the attachments at least…

UK Tony says:

What a very nice bit of kit. I reckon if you were using it day in, day out that it would repay the investment very quickly.

tecnico says:

small hands.. I didn’t noticed until you commented

Turning Good says:

Very good drills. It will serve you well. Great video as usual.

St Pariah says:

I have a Rigid set that I’ve used extensively (4+hours a day, 6 days a week) for over 20 months and they’ve treated me very well. Never knew they went by a different name though. Hope you enjoy it.

Mike S says:

The AEG is obviously aimed at the professional user while the Bosch at the DIY market and I would expect a lot more for what seems to be a very expensive unit. I kitted myself out with 18V Dewalt for a salon fit for my son (I’m a retired engineer), by purchasing a twin battery drill unit I then bought body only units at a fraction of the price – Drill, Impact Driver, SDS Drill and LED light. I’ve added a 3rd Dewalt battery from eBay and have more than enough juice for working all day. Possibly for the same price as the AEG is being advertised for on Amazon (2Ah battery not the 4Ah). I’ve had a 12V Festool drill for about 18 years and can still get batteries albeit old technology but its an amazing piece of kit even after all these years is the first drill I go to in the workshop. Kitchen fitters use a lot of the Bosch pro range as they are compact, light and seem durable.

Thanks for the review you’ve just convinced me that I made the right purchases.



Stephen's 8x6 Workshop says:

Thanks for a great and balanced review ‘Kieth’ (he he). That is one serious piece of kit which is out of my budget range I am afraid but if AEG want to send ME one I will not complain!

BUK says:

Thanks for the review !

Joe Gekko says:

Oh, I know Kieth Brown. Send the drill to me, I’ll get it to him.


lion gill says:

You could get an AEG Tool for about the same price as the Bosch if you search for the Ridgid branded drill. I believe that they are extremely similar and would work with the AEG charger for Ridgid is just the American branded drill company owned by Home depot so if you were to look up Ridgid tools they are the same as the AEG but would be much cheaper for they are to be sold in the American tool market, where cordless tools are cheaper in general.

Ady Unixmoment says:

ok keith maybe it is my turn to try it haha

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