2015 Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Challenge – Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee

http://www.coptool.com/2015-cordless-sds-plus-rotary-hammer-challenge-bosch-dewalt-makita-metabo-milwaukee/ PLEASE READ REVIEW FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS – As battery life improves and brushless motors start to outperform corded motors we are seeing a big move to the Cordless SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer. Looking at the top 5 professional brand’s most powerful 18V tool we really see them separate into 2 categories lightweight and heavy duty. What your needs are will really determine the route you should go. Some brands like makita and milwaukee have several options using 18V batteries. For the other brands to might have to switch to their larger 36V battery platforms.


Andrew Kilner says:

The makita 36v rating shouldn’t have been halved cause there’s 2 batteries. They’re wired in series, so its only the voltage thats higher not the amp hour rating that remains the same as just one battery.

gummy worms says:

climb a 6 rung ladder, drill a few 10 mm holes with one outstretched arm, drop it that that height a dozen times, drown it , throw it at your apprentice chisel a 100mm hole in 32mpa concrete, see how many 12mm holes on a full battery and then tell me which one you would keep, because this review was a waste of time.

Heisen Berg says:

i love the Colour from the Makita Brand… (Fanboy 😉

Luis Bonilla says:

Hey Jay,

Do you know anything about Hilti? They have a great technology for cordless rotary hammers! ( It would have been nice to included it…)

knockmyfeeling says:

where is Hilti?????? .i really really don’t think milwaukee cordless rotary can beat hilti cordless rotary.with 100% sure!

mojo jojo says:

How do you pick a winner? easy..just go with Milwaukee every time..even their small 12V rotary hammer kicks butt

Tony DC says:

All I want to know is WHICH IS THE BEST ONE?? I don’t care about battery life or weight. I only want to know which 1 sds you reviewed handles All the jobs well and overall best??
Thanks in advance.

Brendan Maguire says:

Used the Dewalt drill last year drilling 100mm holes outta light concrete boxes. Hundreds of them and no problem there an excellent drill!!!

RR SS says:

bosch has the shitties customer service, is slow with innovations and is relatively pricey…
regretful purchase.. 🙁
the tools seem to make more noise than work..

jo boy says:

The 18v brushless makita is an excellent drill it can handle any job no problem I’ve used it many times. And it is proper hard-core this fella has been paid off lol

Dan Bridge says:

I think it was a bit pointless trying to see how many big holes you could drill with each drill on a single battery charge. if I am drilling big holes then I’ll use my 110v sds drill. when working up ladders or anywhere cords make life difficult I will use my cordless sds drill. drilling 25mm/1 inch holes with a cordless tool is pushing it. most cordless sds drills have a max capacity of 24mm in concrete. 14mm/0.55 inch holes would be my max with a cordless sds drill. anything more for long periods of time puts too much stress on the tool and the batteries.

WhyBother says:

Where is the 36V Hilti Te30-A36


Thank you guys, well done!! Big UP from me too.
I’m guessing Bosch drill is the oldest one, right?

Hai Phan says:

it’s not right at all. please consider all specification before you do comparison. DON’T COMPARE FULLSIZE SUV TO COMPACT SEDAN PLEASE

Bill says:

What cordless drill will accept to drill 4-1/4 dia. ?

WhyBother says:

Which one is best for chipping bathroom tiles once or twice a week for small bathroom renos? Thanks

Blake robby says:

i prefer the bosch

Ascent007 says:

Nice test !
Thank You !
I have only one question, what battery is on the Milwaukee, 4 Ah ot 5 Ah ? I can’t understand why DeWalt make more holes on one charge 🙂 Is this because it’s better or because is 4 Ah battery on Milwaukee?

Warren Chrastil says:

the Milwaukee is also much larger you can’t do these test with different size tools

FuriousHondaBoy says:

Makita 36V is not brushless, you can see black cap for brush.

Nick Suthers says:

weird results I run the 36v makita but also use 18v makita and 18v milwaukee and the 36v killes them both especially when you hit rebar in the slab. The 36v is clearly more powerful odd that it’s times didn’t show that.

S.Jaffer Al-Mussawi says:

Where metabo khe 36v 4.0 Ah or 2.0 Ah?!

Micah Houghton says:

great info guys andgreat channel, but dang….need to put performance footage

Liksn Snshsjxm says:


Dan says:

I love my Milwaukee, but an apples to oranges comparison. Wheres the bigger bosch? Your comparing a 3/4″ to 1 1/8″ tools. The torque and power is a big difference.

Сергей Фурсов says:

Please compare with hilti te 4-a22 (a18).

Richard Gatewood says:

Great video and comparison. Thank you!!

Anthony Baez says:

The Hilti TE4-A18 was not in the list. Hilti makes the best period. .Bottom Line Germans make the best Concrete Hammers Like Hilti ,Bosh,Metabo ,US MADE Milwaukee makes a good argument But Germans makes the BEST Theres no argument .

Kermit says:

That Dewalt looks the smallest by a long shot !!

slimblues says:

Bosch 36v is all you need

boriel91 says:

where is the hilti

FoodOnCrack says:

Which of these brands has a vacuum for on the drill? AFAIK Dewalt, Milwaukee, Hilti and Makita do.

Ben B Jr says:

Hello Jay and guys, awesome review. You could make another one now, with the latest SDS Plus and add Hilti and Hitachi to see all the brushless models compared.

James Barbosa says:

makita 36v blows them all away. unless u put in bullshit blue Molly’s in all day get the Milwaukee baby drill. I drill like 8 3/4 holes thru cement block walls and put it on hammer to chip it out to make a 2-3 in hole n that shit flies. I go room to room in buildings. thing kicks ass. Milwaukee is I overrated makita batteries are better they last for 10-20 years Milwaukee lasts for 2-3



Edgar Javier Hernandez Rios says:

Model number for DeWalt and milwaukee to see the specs please?

victor feliciano says:

every video u make is always part of a story, it time to make video telling the hole story. come on man!. you know i am sick watching all these video telling people milwaukee and milwaukee being the best, i think every video is beening paid to tell this bs about milwaukee. milwaukee is all BS. i have seen so many repair from repair shop / home depot return a lot of milwaukee shit, i stop with all these video. let the people pick there shit / what ever they want. in life there is no such thing being the best in tools, just pick up a tool that work, we all know every few month new shit always come out. save your money and buy what work for you. there ant no such tool being the best.. after all the money i lost, my pick is the makita that it later guys…

smart man says:

so basically buy the one that matches the batteries you have with your other tools…. coulda figured that

jebaki says:

Any hopes for a 20 – 25 pound demolition hammer challenge?

Sam Tranter says:

“Top professional brands”… no hilti.

maya q says:

You are wasting space on youtube, please leave

justkiddin1980 says:

where’s HITACHI?!? i think it’s one of the best options out there…

Doug Kuechenmeister says:

Nice job Jay,Have you thought about the big screen -movies? Doug-Jess Howard

One Last thing says:

what about the Hilti?

Elia Zografos says:

boring. allways the same results with bosch coming last and Milwaukee coming 1st in all your videos. are u shore your not getting paid of by Milwaukee lol

HogeN1337 says:

it comes down wich brand you use daily ^^ iam a makita guy mainly for the fast chargetime and the fast warrentywork (10days) ^_^

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