What No One Tells You About Buying a Glue Gun

Everyone talks about size and temp. This short video covers cordless vs. corded, Angled vs. Upright, Nozzle sizes, power switches and silicone covers.

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Welcome back fellow Makers, I am Lori and this is Maker High
and today we’re going to talk about what to look for when you’re buying a glue gun.
Next, corded glue gun vs. cordless glue gun. Don’t buy a cordless glue gun
You will save yourself sooooo much time and frustration.
It is NOT even funny.
For your first glue gun, I highly ….HIGHLY….cannot stress it enough….
buy a corded glue gun.
Most of the glue guns you come across are going to be this angled design.
Where you’ve got the tip down, you’ve got the little stand that pops out
Where you’ve got the tip down, you’ve got the little stand that pops out
and, you know, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.
You might also find something similar to this one, which is an upright style.
If you can find something that is corded, but has a weighted bottom,
safety wise, this is a better option but it’s also going to be way more expensive.
Nozzle sizes! Does size matter?
Well, it depends on what you are gluing.
This is a standard nozzle size and this is a fine tip.
If you are buying your first glue gun, unless you work exclusively
in detailed stuff, I’d say buy a standard tip.
And if you’re going to buy a second glue gun
then get a fine tip.
On/Off switches.
Most glue guns aren’t going to have an on/off switch.
It’s a really nice feature. It’s an extra safety step, so if you can afford one, and it’s in your price range, great!
But, it’s not a necessity. Just remember
if you do have an on/off switch, you still need to unplug your glue gun
when you’re done, or you’re walking away from it
So, the last thing to consider is
whether or not you want a silicone sleeve
over the front of your glue gun nozzle. Now, it just kind of depends on
what exactly you want out of your glue gun.
If you want to run the metal back over the glue to smooth it out, the silicone isn’t necessarily
going to be right for you.
But, if you are accident prone, like SOME of us…
You might want to consider it because you have way less of a chance
of burning yourself on the side.
So, really, it just depends on what you can find, what your budget it, and what your personal preference is.
So, silicone sleeve on your nozzle. Not to sleeve or to sleeve. *Dog whining in the background*Or to have a dog whine while you are trying to record. *more dog whining*
(to dog) Yes, I knoooooow. It;s terrible.

*singing* So many cords, SO many cords.

You have ….*hiccup* Excuse me!


wildcharm911 says:

This video is so so so helpful!! Thanks for sharing the tips!

Mradul Agrawal says:

my glue is of 392 degree fahrenheit (200 degree celcius) is it low temp high temp or dual it also have a on off button at handle and look similar to that red one in your hand

Elise Wong says:

Hey Lori, I would like to know your opinion. I recently started on miniature painting and want to add more creativity on the bases. Much like those dioramas; adding grass, sand, and some effects etc. and using homemade stuff (as cheaper alternatives >< ) After watching your videos, I was thinking a low temp glue gun would suffice? I would imagine the high temp to be heavy duty but I am only interested in art crafts. What would you suggest? Btw, thank you for doing these videos 🙂 Always appreciate people on the internet sharing priceless knowledge

Melanie & Harish says:

I’ve found your videos really helpful. Thank you for sharing.

laurie 00000 says:

Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

Ivan G-S says:


Thanks so much for the info, I never knew there was so much to know about glue-guns. You clearly put lots of effort into the video, real shame there are not an many people wanting to research them..  thanks so much !

Francesco Ciabattoni says:

You’re so friendly, made me smile, thanks! 🙂

khornetto says:

Thanks! ^_^

Erin M says:

This was very helpful. I was also looking for additional information such as the different types of glue for bonding different types of materials. Maybe a forth video?!

hersheythebody says:

Nice video, thank you for sharing.

K-FAKE Channel says:

How about brand DEKKO ?
is it from korea or china ?

Aniya Ross says:

I bought a case of glue sticks from a yard sale they are 7/16×10.5 what size glue gun do I need?

Anmol's teck says:

should I buy NASA brand glue gun

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