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It’s time for another Cool Tools review, this time we’re taking a look at this cordless 60 watt glue gun by Ryobi. I got this for around $35 on Amazon, and if you want this same one you can use the Amazon link in the description, which helps support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.

After resolving to upgrade my annoying little underpowered glue gun recently, I’ve been buying up a few different options, including this Surebonder Pro-2 which is great and I’ve talked about in a previous video.

But when I heard that Ryobi had a cordless glue gun that could take advantage of the 18v Ryobi battery packs I already had around, I had to check it out.

This thing takes the bigger, ½-inch style glue sticks. Mine came with 3. It has a great molded grip and a satisfying trigger. There’s an on/off switch on the side. And the tip has a silicone cover on it that really cuts down on the chances of getting burned.

The tips are replaceable too, so you can swap out any Surebonder style tip if you want to change how glue flows out of this.

Two things I love about this design. One is that the weight of the battery pack really acts as its own stand. It feels just like using a cordless drill.

But more than anything, I love that hot glue can now go anywhere. Instead of bringing work to the glue gun, I can bring this to the work. So if you’re working on costumes, or upholstery, or just working out of the back of your van — it’s totally liberating.

There are drawbacks, of course. Best case scenario, Ryobi rates a battery pack for 3.5 hours of use — so it’s not an all-day solution. I also find that this glue gun dribbles more than my other ones — which isn’t a big deal, but makes it a little messier.

But the biggest drawback is expense. If you don’t already have a Ryobi battery pack and charger, getting all of this together is around $150 — which for me is a silly amount to pay for a glue gun. But if you already have the battery system, at $35 for just the tool, it’s been crazy convenient to have around.

If you want to get one for yourself, using the Amazon link in the description helps me out. And remember, you can see thousands of reader recommended tools just like this at Cool-Tools.org.

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