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the glue gun struggle has been REALL. Can’t believe it took us this long to figure out which glue gun is our fav.

the underdog: http://bit.ly/2opwMgl
the showoff: http://bit.ly/2BIMviQ
the hometown hero: CANADA
the nemesis: http://bit.ly/2op0L88 – lol but no

*not all are from amazon

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Savannah Jimenez says:

Om goodness you girls are very Beautiful!!! You guys should be Models

Yesenia Vizcarra says:

The Ryobi Glue Gun is great its cordless however it is a big but its amazing.

Kathryn McCarthy says:

Also, I have a really cute small floral glue gun and I LOVE IT!!!

Kate Parris says:

doesn’t the stick have a lot to do with it too?

Sharanya Dharmarajan says:

For the Amazon one, did you guys use the same glue stick as you used in the other? I feel that matters in the dry time and flow…
Just a thought

Aubre Hartsock says:

I have a stanly glue gun from our local hardware store

CM dR says:

I’ve had the same glue gun from Lewiscraft (RIP) for 17 years with no issues

Christina Papadopoulos says:

i loooved this, you guys should do more of these videos with different supplies, etc! my favorite part was the lil nicknames (ie. hometown hero, underdog, etc)

Mary Arnold Nelsen says:

You should check out the ryobi 18+ glue gun. I have a bunch of ryobi tools and love them and while if your just going to use only the glue gun it’s expensive to buy the battery and charger just for it but it’s a great gun.

sbeckas says:

why don’t you add a comment to the 153 likes re ​if they leaked? let us know!

Ellie’s Corner says:

In England I get glue guns from hobbycraft and they do all different designs I have a pink dotty one and a pastel blue one

Aaron Porter says:

you should really try the ryobi one plus glue gun since you already have ryobi tools and batteries

Sam H says:

I really like my Martha Stewart glue gun

chrysalisrose says:

Which one would have strongest heat?

QueenLadz says:

the one that won is literally the one we have at home lol they’re really good (not sure but i think we have like 2 of them XD)

Fajar Gardezi says:

You guys should do testing scissors, yarn, transfer paper and permanent markers. I am a diyer and I would love to see that. Love you guys SO much and hope you continue your channel. p.s. Does anyone else want more pet videos?!?

April Oakshott says:

This video but for spray paint would be very helpful x

Talise Snyder says:

lol love all the innuendos

Luna & Bellatrix Gaming and more says:

I’m sorry girls but I love your channel.

that bitch says:

the dry time depends on the brand of glue you’re using

j.c sb says:

Ariel costume dress blue diy

stargzr says:

What about the Bosch Hot Glue Pen?

Mia O says:

OMG I USE THE GLUE GUN THAT CAME IN LAST!!! Thank you for doing this… I’ve been looking into getting a new glue gun. Also Kelsy I love your hair!

Johanna Reinholz says:

I like my Pattex glue gun from germany I got it 6 years ago and had several others before and beside because I wanted a Mini and a cordless but the Pattex is still the Best. Also it has the by far best glue I think. And it has up to Zero leaking

heythisistiana says:

you should compare glue sticks next like maybe some are more stringy than others and also which ones are shorter so you go through them faster and like compare if they have any bubbles or are cloudy instead of clear

Jennifer Marie says:

Yesss!! Glue gun line!

Kathryn McCarthy says:

You don’t want your hot glue to dry immediately all the time.

Melissa Gaumer says:

That’s awesome.

Maria Duffy says:

You should most definitely start a line of glue guns! And you don’t even have to stop there. Washi tape, glitter, scissors, hammers, etc

Sheryl S says:

I have that cheap one from Michael’s and it’s fine but from what I can see, I’ve been pushing the glue stick in further than you guys did. I’m probably doing it wrong but it works so idc

Twiggy ZigZag says:

Lol I own the Michaels cheapo glue gun. It leaks everywhere when you’re not using it

Steffanie Mangila says:

I just want say thank you for the inspiration…made something that you guys did a few years back…just dont know how ill add a pic of the mason jar light chandelier….hehehhee

Half-Blood Princes says:

I have a hot glue gun for 5 pounds and it takes 15 secs to heat up

Diana Gavel says:

If you put your glue sticks in the freezer you won’t have glue strings

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