Shop Tips: Know Your Hot Glue Guns

Every time Frank comes up to San Francisco to work on a project, he criticizes our hot glue guns. So we had to visit his shop to learn about Frank’s favorite hot glue guns. For this week’s Shop Tip, Frank explains the difference between high and low temperature hot glue, and how he uses each.

Find the glue guns here:

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Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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Tested is:
Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli
Adam Isaak
Kishore Hari
Patrick Norton
Frank Ippolito
Sean Charlesworth
Jeremy Williams

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acorn ' says:

Norm always catches shit for asking questions or acting like he doesn’t know things… He’s doing his job, asking questions that we would ask.

Robertlavigne1 says:

Nice I’m actually in the market for a new gun for scratch building foam board planes (Flite Test!!!). I really like the look of the thumb push as on long seams its a pain to pump that trigger over and over and get inconsistent flow. However I do think having the higher capacity that comes with the larger sticks is also nice for doing big wings when you need to lay down a ton of glue fast. Decisions decisions…

Indian inspiration says:

I bought a 40watt glue gun but it has lower strength from my expectation…… I want a new which should I buy for strength(for metal and glasses etc.)

John Matthias says:

How much stronger is a hot glue gun glue?

Tommy Ohlrich says:

They should make a quick dry attachment where u can stick a can of air duster or something upside down to cool the glue right away. That all works on a second trigger.

Ryan Carr says:

I have a Stanley one what you can change from high to low using special duel temp sticks

Ryan Symons says:

These are the kind of videos everyone should make. ALL THE TIME!!!

Sean O'Neill says:

Define low and Hot temperature i.e. values range?

steve1978ger says:

I used to think I am a klutz because I can’t use my hot glue gun without making a mess and getting hot, molten glue on my f*ing hands. But hey, there’s hope, maybe it’s just a shitty glue gun.

sebastian g says:

200 dollars for that thing doesn’t seem right. they must be the only few in the market to care manufacture them.

BLU Medic says:

I spent €3 on my glue gun…

Owen Davey says:

I have this 3 of this glue gun with the palm trigger, it is the best glue gun I have ever used. I use it every day as an art packer and having proper control is paramount when not destroying literally millions of dollars worth of Art.

I loved it so much at work I couldn’t be without one at home.

its worth the palm trigger if you need to apply long lines of glue but it also gives finer control then just the thumb feeder, but you do have to use special notched glue sticks.

also if you buy a few boxes direct from 3M they will often give you a gun for free.

Space City Props says:

don’t work with EVA&BELTSANDER while mad at FedEx

Michal Horváth says:

I was expecting some tips for using hot glue gun, not an ad.

mynameisray says:

Fuck off, your fuckin name isn’t Norm.

B E says:

Wish I could have seen these in action a little more.
Thanks for the tip!

SuffuFFaffiss says:

Why’s Norm on the show?

Jose Mendez says:

hot glue gun

Robert Shaver says:

Glue gun in this video: *_3M Scotch Weld Polygon LT_* $130 on Amazon, $160 on McMaster-Carr

(I wish they’d make better show notes.)

J Fr55man says:

by “shop tip” what you mean is commercial for over priced glue guns….

John Drachenberg says:

Was really expecting Adam…

Man Dan says:

i just use a blow torch and whatever hot glue i have laying around my shop

Owen C says:

A disappointing video. It was a waste of my time. Title is misleading, this is more like an infomercial than a tool tip. Besides, there are very high quality and durable glue guns, still at 1/4th the price and they are not using proprietary sticks.

Eb Emerson says:

High temp is 100 or 160 or 190 or something else?

Frederick Baumgartner says:

It’s amazing your timing, I was just thinking I needed to go get more glue for my glue gun, and I wondered what the difference was between high and low temp.

Daryl Van Humbeck says:

What about a dual-temp stick in a dual-temp gun? Granted, it is a hobby-level gun, but it is available.

Josh Hayward says:

Shop tips is a great idea for a video series, but all this video showed tells us is “you should buy the expensive one because reasons and thumb control.” Jimmy Diresta did a vid on exactly this topic, and showed HEAPS of great glue gun applications and skills with what i’m pretty sure are the cheap tools you are recommending us off here. A lot to learn there, nothing really to learn here. If you’re gonna do shop tips, make it about the skill – not about having the fancy toy.

Chip Mcdonald says:

ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE? The comments on this thread make me feel like I’m taking crazy pills, STOP!

Lily The Creator says:

do you know how many times you’d have to refill the gun with the tiny glue sticks

TimesScorpion7 says:

A five minute video on glue guns. What am I doing with my life.

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