Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Hot Glue Gun Review

Ryobi finally released a cordless hot glue gun solution! The P305 glue gun offers a great value for cutting the cord, coming in at $30 bare tool. The gun by itself weighs 13.5 oz.

I couldn’t find much information about this particular tool online, so I went ahead and picked one up to find out the details. Hope this helps.


The Mechanical Philosopher says:

Just the fact that this thing won’t glue itself to the bench makes it worth more than what they’re asking. Thanks.

Michael Espinosa says:

Which dewalt made one

WhatWas ThatNoise? says:

Awesome review. Which should i get this or Black and Decker’s 20V one?

Stan Juan says:

I nearly went right out and bought one of these, till I heard it does not have a temp setting. Different glues have different temp ratings. And I certainly don’t want it to be at 400 degrees all the time during use. This is pretty disappointing. How much harder could it have been to add temp control? Actually, I don’t care how much harder it would have been. This thing needs a temp control. So close….. So close to being totally awesome.

Sergey Romanov says:

What I would expect out of instrument like this is motorized feeder. Why not? Like caulking gun. It can dispense glue very evenly and there is a battery already.

Phillip Robinson says:

The 3.5 hrs is calculated using the Lithium+ 4ah battery, not the regular black batteries.

TotallyFakeGooglePlusProfile says:

Great review, you answered my questions completely and I agree the trigger on the ryobi is iffy, and it absolutely will last if you wait until it is hot to use it and/ or don’t crank it when cooler. I have the surebonder pro2-60 also and wanted to see what the exact specs are on the ryobi for comparison but little information is available for it; number one question was how hot does it get. I also have the p108 battery and I’m tracking to see run time, the surebonder gets between 3 and 4 hours with the p108 but I’ve had that one for almost a year now and use it regularly. The ruining also has a check valve in its tip and I had to purchase a check valve tip on the surebonder which ran an extra $20 for 3 specialized tips bringing that price to $63 total (mine is not the $120 hybrid, it was $43 on amazon, so $14 dollars more), however the tips are super handy for corners and run nicer beads so it was totally worth it. Also those tips will fit the ruining also so bonus on the Ryobi. The surebonder has all the same plastic trigger and feed pieces but after almost a year and mild abuse when I’ve lent it out it still works really well. Thank you for your awesome vid!

Vince King says:

12v version?

1701spacecadet says:

My issue with Ryobi cordless tools is the actual tools are (relatively) cheap, but they scalp you on batteries and chargers.

stoneymaine47 says:

very good review. do you still like it? is the trigger metal or plastic? thanks!

Daniel Goodchild says:

Can the tip be unscrewed and replaced? I find I frequently need a longer tube for my glue gun to get into tight corners. Even if Ryobi doesn’t make other tips, the ability to remove the stock tip would make up for the lack of temperature control (for me anyway).

The thin blue line says:

Nice review! Thanks!

Vince King says:

Not for craft.

Do americans get things cheap?

Adrian Ramirez says:

Cool review man I honestly may get one for my mom! She would love it!

sillysausage72 says:

Definitely gotta get one of these!
Great review!
New sub!

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