Review: Gorilla Glue Hot Glue Sticks : Meh?

In this video, I review the Gorilla brands new glue… hot glue sticks for your glue guns…. does it work? You be the judge!

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HappyWifeCrafts Suzie says:

thats so weird!! i was just looking at those glue sticks today!!!! CRAZY!!

Nancy Vastine says:

great review guess I won’t waste my money on glue sticks… I will just use the ones i have already. thank for doing this. I think it will help a lot of crafters that are on a limited budget to not rush out and buy just from what it says on the package.

Joy Sikes says:

Great review….TFS !!!

Suzette Fam Espinosa Piña says:

when I saw these, not ” when I seen these”.

Gloria Munoz says:

omg, hard to tell anymore exactly what you’re paying for! i hate my adtech glue gun too. I’m throwing it away. i have a little, battered gun like yours and it works great after many years! tfs

Donna McCain says:

I wonder if the durable part is how long the glue will last? A lot of people complain about hot glue not lasting the test of time. I know on some projects I’ve had to come back and glue something back, a month or year( but if it last that long I think that’s wonderful) I guess it might be a problem for people who sell their craft projects. I don’t know, I’m not that smart. But I have seen them at Walmart. Thanks for the review!!

Lwest says:

I think to get much stronger in a heated glue you start to have issues with fumes and toxicity. All glues say use in ventilated room anyway. I will stick to my cheap glue, as I only use hot glue for the fact it sets fast. I even use a tad of hot glue on something with E6000, in order to give the wet glue time to set up without me having to sit and hold it.
I would like to see if gorilla glue makes better little shiney embellishments or maybe can be painted better?

Kiki Dodson says:

I saw a vid on maintenence for glue guns…they said to keep your gun standing upright on a stand beecaauusse the melting glue can leak out of the heating chamber into the body or inside of the glue gun, thus ruining it over time. And I just got a Surebonder Detail glue gun, and I am in love! If ya can, getcha one!

Linda Lessard says:

I have a glue gun and I rarely ever use it. I guess whenever I am working on a mixed media project I either grab my tacky glue, E6000, or even a dab of glossy accents. I think that both of my glue guns ‘leak’ so that may big the biggest reason I don’t use it.

oliveoyl64 says:

thanks for the tute. I will stick to my cheapo glue sticks from Dollar Tree.

Maggie Lockley says:

Was there a price difference, tfs Stacy

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

great glue, I will purchase some.

She Said says:

great review. the best thing to find out is that the dearer (gorilla) isn’t necessarily better. thanks for that stacy. oh by the way, loved the rock painting and your place. looks awesome. :)Melody

Scrapn Life Away says:

thanks for the heads up!! I really need to get a better hot glue gun though, I just have a $3 gun I got at walmart and it drips everywhere!! Maybe it’s time to buy myself a big girl glue gun now!! Which brand is the new one you just got?? Always, Leslie

cheerbear7 says:

That poor pink glue gun, it has been through hell and back! I bought that hi tech one as well for the little tip, it sucks indeed!

Chris Olson says:

gorilla glue is actually better. It’s made for regular use and is not made for crafting. It’s basically a form of super glue. If you use them the right way they are better. sadly to say this but you use these for crafting which most glue is not made for.

Karen Biggs says:

I am so glad I saw this. I almost bought this glue last night at Walmart. glad I didn’t. doesn’t seem to be much stronger. thank you for testing them.

Sososick 1 says:

Who pete? Lol!

Kay Bourland says:

Darn. I just bought that glue gun.

princessoffire1107 says:

I got a pack of the Gorilla Glue Sticks from WM two weeks ago. The very first thing I did with it was put glass gems I got from the DT on a DT smooth glass candle holder. I have tried, repeatedly, and again just a moment ago while watching this video. I can not, under any circumstances, remove by hand or trying to slip something under the gem, to pry it off. Unless I break the glass or the glue degrades over a vast expanse of time, I don’t really see this stuff giving up it’s hold any time soon. Just wanted yall to know that it CAN and WILL and HAS glued glass to glass and can’t be pried off ! Edit : Oh and BTW, I have an el cheapo hi temp gun from WM that has serious feeding issues.

Barbara Alexander says:

pete is my love…   I think if you are working with wood , metals or tiles and like you said maybe smooth glass  the grulleru grue  !! might be best .. I would be worried about yellowing if the showed on your project THANKS for the info I may try it  for a couple small metal pieces I was looking at earlier wondering how I could repair then easy it did glue the pennies together good ….. to bad they don’t sell samples of this stuff like you can get paint samples…  OK coffee is gone and I have to get this drawing for my challenge done today..  thanks again will have coffee again some time

Nasir Kamal says:

maam can u please provide the link of tht gorilla glue sticks…

John Flurkey says:

Still can’t fix my cheaters, damn plastic crap

Jesse Hughes says:

gorirra grue

Nicole Audette says:

I found them online

bananashaveice says:

Thanks for this great review! I just saw a bag of Gorilla hot glue sticks in Joanns but I wanted to check out the reviews before buying them. I think I’ll stick to my regular glue sticks.

PrettyGirlsCreations says:

yes I would love for E6000 to come out with a hot glue as well

Surya Sankar says:

Wow, I guess I’ll stick to my dual temperature small red glue gun for now xD Well, according to the vid and the comments.

poetspice says:

Cool! Who knew!? Woot! I’m impressed by the metal to metal!

John Doe says:

I bought a bag of the long ones. I just cut them to normal length with a clean garden shear (bypass) and it cuts them clean. doing that you don’t have an 8 inch rod of glue hanging out of the glue gun. You can always insert the next one when it is time. Only cut them down when I need them rather than having a bunch of easy to lose pieces.

terri4336 says:

what kind of glue gun are you using and where can you buy gorilla glue sticks?

DemonFerret15 says:

I will say, I’ve tested gorilla glue on foam and leather, both very difficult things to keep adhered together, and once solidified, what with regular gluesticks I could easily separate, the gorilla glue could not be removed without severe damage to the materials, they were on THAT well. In addition, in its solid form, it has far less give and bend than regular sticks, which I think is really what it means by being more durable. It handles more abuse, not that it necessarily adheres better. For what I do, this glue is absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything this strong come out of a glue gun, but, I work with foam and fabrics, substances the glue can really seep into. The leather was the exception, and was absolutely shocking. Usually hot glue peels right off of leather, but this stuff stays on, and can’t really be removed without damaging the leather, as long as it cures fully and undisturbed.

Almost all gorilla products say that they can adhere to metal, glass, etc. It’s more of a tag line for the brand than what the product will actually be capable of. Hot glue is molecularly unable to do certain things. It’s the very nature of how hot glue works. Gorilla sticks will be subject to these same molecular limitations.

Kiki Dodson says:

I hope the self appointed grammar cop doesn’t get me, though it might try. I don’t tolerate that behavior or language or attacks on other viewers.

Victorian Dreams by Leigh says:

thank you Stacy, i was hoping for something better, but you really did make me lol, and say hello to Pete, xoxo

ZeeCee Creations says:

Stacy! I would have picked those up to buy the advertisement on the bag. Thank you so much for testing them out I appreciate it immensely!
Hugs Marsha

Staci Gurr says:

Thanks for testing, won’t purchase.

Suzy Q says:

Not impressed enough to pay more – never seen them but I want to know what the song was.  Hugs

Arlyne Lauro says:

The only thing you could do different is let everything sit longer. Thanks for the test!

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