Mod Mold Review. Silicone Molds You Can Use With Your Glue Gun.

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Today I am trying out Mod Molds by the company Plaid. Basically these are flat silicone holds that allow you to use a glue gun to fill them up, giving you a casting made from glue. There are specially designed “Mod Melts” that are made for this purpose. I am going to try the Mod Melts, as well as regular hot glue sticks.


Glitch the robot! says:

where did u get the molds?
can I get them at Michael’s

lafammemalkavian says:

with cool porcelaine?

Nat Games says:

Hi, I’m natgamez, and I like to watch Chris make things.

Debbie Downer says:

great videos Chris ! when I pour resin I drip from about 2 feet above the mold so the bubbles leave before the resin settles ..maybe this works with hot glue too ! best wishes !

Jessica Lizarraga says:

where did you buy those molds? i would love to make those frames

angicréa créa says:

cool le moule on peux le trouver ou stp

MiNombreEsElCamaron says:

Yay! I’m so glad you’re back! I can tell you put a lot of time into these.

foxypolypus says:

tricorn hat !!! can’t wait

Apple Station says:

Great video !

Eiline Junginger says:

can you use plan old mod pogde?

levi larsen says:

keep making steampunk things, try a jetpack or steam gun, or maybe just a big armor type thing

xMintyMoox says:

Can you make a foam bionic arm

Herr Mondlicht says:

Your such a sexy cutie

Kat Kastner says:

number 4: its fun and easy to do.

Red Jack says:

personally, I think bubbles lend a bit of a vintage look. Older (or cheap) cast pieces often do have bubbles here or there that mar the perfection of the piece.

Also, these, the gem molds (with clear resin), a black and white silhouette image, and a bit of lace (and probably a clasp of aome sort..
) could make a really nice, and fairly cheap, cameo choker. 😡

Alexandre Bourdinot says:

Hey Chriss, nice video !
For one other, can you make a steampunk gas mask that cover all the face or all the head please ? It will be awesome !

Iduna Black says:

Can’t wait to see your next vid! Asome work… All of your videos 😉

rob pew pew says:

Could you make steampunk gloves. Love your vids BTW

IRAMM974 says:

I love your videos! Every time you post a new one it makes my day. We used your space helmet pattern for a costume party, everyone tought they were the coolest and were surprised that they were made out of foam! Best wishes from Finland:)

John McKee says:

If it’s a silicon mold it should take 350 degrees in an oven to let level.

Mr Jara says:

good old chris always giving us tips :3 love those silicon molds, very helpfull.
can’t wait to see the next video *0*

Sr. Coruja says:

Great video

Yogee Bear says:

I guess I learned three things

Lilly Dragon says:

Good vid. Not sure about the product. Seems like a waste of time to make a decent looking finished product out of hot melt.

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