Mod Melter Versus Hot Glue Gun

Since yesterday I reviewed the Mod Melter, I thought it would be helpful for you to see a comparison of my favorite hot glue gun, the AdTech Hybrid, and the Mod Melter- in action!


AwsomeCrasher says:

she was using the mod melter very weirdly (is that even a word lol) but it was still a good comparison video

Bonnie King says:

I think you might have been holding the mod melt gun upside down I think the cushy part goes in the palm of your hand with the trigger on the bottom

Michelle Mumphrey says:

BTW when I use the mod melts in my regular heat gun it smokes as well.

Fancylooks says:

Excellent comparison , that is a great comparison, if the ModMelter heats up more the modmelts get into the details of the molds easily that is an interesting point to take into account because it implies you will get lovely shapes with not missing details. I wish you showed the result of that string of flowers you filled up to compare results, going to see if you posted a photo in the blog

Tammy Mohr says:

Hi CTD, I really appreciate the safety information and ease of use is important. But what’s easy for one person may not be easy for another. I would have liked to have seen what came out of the molds for both guns as that seems to be how they are positioning the mod melter as a tool. Your earlier video made it look like the mod melter did a very poor job on molds with its leaking and you didnt really give a good shot of the finished molded piece there either. I’m not trying to be harsh because I like your reviews. If the only reason to buy this is to fill the molds, then I would have liked to have seen what the pieces looked like when they came out of the mold. Sorry, I’m just being honest.

paprluvr says:

I didn’t know there was a special hot gun for Mod Melts. I’ll have to look for it. The hot gun is longer so maybe there’s a longer heating chamber to melt the sticks. Tfs. Tere

ThePaperCastle says:

Thanks for the review!  I’ve only ever used my glue gun and the Mod Melts do seem to take a long time to come out of the gun.  If the Mod Melt gun is quicker, I might have to consider it, especially if the final results are a little more detailed.  TFS, Heather

Jamie Jagla says:

I appreciate the comparison, but, the title is misleading in the fact not all glue guns are the same. Mine has an on/off button & a smaller tip, so it should be called “whatever brand glue gun” that you’re using vs the mod podge melter.

silverdawnintx says:


Michele Engel says:

Great review and comparison. You do an awesome job! Thank you!

Chelsey Vorosmarty says:

This was such a helpful review! Thank you!

Malu says:

+CraftTestDummies thank you for share this video! For me, was very helpful! Sorry if I don’t write in the right way, because I’am Brazilian and I don’t know hot to write in English ☺️ Hope you understand what I’am trying to say!

Davey Hi says:

You’re comparing apples to oranges, or maybe more accurately, wrenches to pliers. They’re not really comparable products as their names imply. The features that make the glue gun good for gluing are detriments when it’s used for filling. Likewise, the features that make the melter good for melting make it bad for gluing.

The hot glue gun is for gluing so it works at a lower temperature so the glue isn’t too runny and cools quicker. It has a finer nozzle to better control the glue. It’s designed to be picked up and put down easily as that’s what you do when you glue.

The Mod Melter is for melting, not gluing. It gets hotter so the ‘glue’ flows better. It has a larger nozzle to fill faster. Since the nozzle is larger, there’s more of a tendency for glue to drip out. It’s designed to lay flat because the glue would run out if it were angled like a regular glue gun. It’s more stable so it’s less likely to get knocked off where the glue would run out over your floor. It doesn’t need to be so easy to pick up and put down as that’s not how it’s used. You pick it up once, fill your trays then put it back down and there it sits safely while you turn it off or take some time preparing another set of trays.

So…if you want to glue, get a glue gun. If you want to do molding get a melter. Getting one for both jobs is just going to have to be a compromise and neither tool is going to be great at a job that it’s not designed to do.

Patricia Poudrier says:

Great comparison! TFS ~ Pat 🙂

BusyMom says:

Thanks for the info! I do just fine with my hot glue gun. I don’t like the finished look even after I add some shimmer or color. Sorry, I’m not buying more of those mod podge melts 🙁

Dana Desmond says:

The leaking of the material seems unsafe and wasteful, 

Beth Wade says:

Thank you! I wasn’t all that impressed with the looks of the Mod Melt-I have not tried it though. It just looks cheaply made IMHO. However, watching it drip I actually thought about creating a Mod-Art piece with the drippings on a canvas! Then spraying with Dylusions spray ink over the top of the drippings…hmmmm, would the product that is in the Mod Melt sticks, adhere to canvas or would it be too hot and damage the canvas? Would love to know of this would work! I keep seeing art pieces with those drippings! 🙂

prettypaperthings says:

Hi. I have the hybrid and I have found that it is hotter and easier to squeeze out when it is plugged in. It takes so much power with the batteries. Maybe that is why in the video the mod melt is hotter.

Maureen Hayes says:

I appreciated your review, it just confirmed my original suspicion that there is really no reason to spend money on this new mod melter. I have used the mod melts sticks in my glue gun and been perfectly happy with the results, I see no reason to waste good money on another tool to do the same thing, especially one that gets so hot and leaks the product out.

Khris Marlin says:

It seems that the design and the materials used to make the mod melter were not tested very well prior to it be sold on the market.  The design has obvious flaws and the materials used seem to be on the cheap side. To say I am disappointed would be accurate as I would expect Mod Podge  and Plaid to be more on spot with a new tool for crafters. Sadly this comes off as more of an attempt to make money than anything else and I won’t be wasting my money on this.  Hopefully they will come out with a better designed and built model in the future that will be worth adding to my crafting supplies. Thank you for the review!

bcgrote says:

Does the stuff still come out when you turn the Mod Melter off?  For how long?  Maybe if you’re doing something with a bit of a wait time, turning it off will save a little product, as long as it heats up quickly, as it seems to do.
Can other sticks be used in the MM?

Naticris Tellavi says:

Can the Mod sticks be used in a regular glue gun? Like other viewers I will like to see and compare final molded pieces to see the details. Thanks again for another comparison.

Jacque Kelley says:

I was very excited to get this product. “WAS” being the key word. I guess if you do a lot of molds and use only for that its okay. But I bought it for a glue gun as it states it can be used. I was tired of my glue guns falling over and leaking glue and not having an on/off switch. Before released I watched the video and its not suppose to run. So I thought my problems would be solved. I have very small hands but severe issues with arthritis so wanted something that didn’t use so much pressure. That part I love and have no issues holding it. But it leaks glue and leaks it bad. If I set it down for 15 minutes I’ve used up most of the glue/melts. And the smoking, I’m sorry but that scares the heck out of me. I don’t want a product that smokes. So really bummed because I need to find something that works for me and tired of throwing away money. No stores carry this except I found mine in our local scrapbook store that was going out of business. Unfortunately I can not return it. Actually very disappointed in this particular product that they put out.

Michelle Mumphrey says:

I thought the switch on the side of the adtech glue gun was for switching the use from HI temp to LOW temp or am I thinking of a different glue gun? Also depending on how much space there is between the table and the mod melt nozzle, could you slide a mold under the nozzle to catch the drips to avoid waste?

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