Inside a Glue Gun

$2 for 10 PCBs & 24 Hour Production:

Just curious to see what’s inside a mains-powered glue gun. Two main parts – a mechanical pusher and an electrical heater.


andygozzo72 says:

a Bostik TG4 is a very good glue gun , we used loads of them at a packaging firm i used to work for, only real problem was occasional eventual failure of the return spring..

Scribe Line says:

That’s funny your glue gun doesn’t have a fuse what’s funny is there are a bunch of people on YouTube bad-mouthing Weller soldering irons because they didn’t have a fuse one of them was Dave Jones was really upset because he plugged his 120 volt soldering station into 220v mains I just find it really funny that all these people think that they know better than the manufacturer.

uK8cvPAq says:

I had one like that, it went bang. Took it apart to find a flake of solder had somehow lodged itself into the heating element wrap, I can only assume it came from my tool box so I keep the new gun in a plastic bag now.

Damien says:

Is there wire or other type of material that can use it for hand heater with an up resistance when we reach 40 degree?
To create safe and easy 5v hand heater. :p

got yaa says:

Sod the industrial type, Good reason to buy the Ryobi 18v

ElmerFuddGun says:

It’s about time, Julian! 😉

That glue gun was more interesting than I thought it would be. How that one piece heater maintains its temperature really makes a simple and low cost “control loop.” Thanks for show it.

Twotone says:

I do hope you gave Jimmy Wales his £2 when he asked for it?

Ring Neck says:

I have hooked my glue gun with the power meter and have noticed the watt drop. But the heating element is a surprise. I always thought it was nichrome.

Jacob Crosby says:

Silicone is NOT a misnomer… If you had actually looked past the page for Silicone, you would have surely discovered that Siloxane is actually just the polymer of organoSilicon compounds of the Si-O-Si linkage… Then again, ANYBODY can misquote Wikipedia…

Silicone is the name of a product… In fact, MOST products are not referred to by their chemical or laboratory name, they are typically rebranded as something easily said and marketable…

By your reasoning, we should be calling TeFLON, PolyTetraFluoroEthylene… Or Syncolon or Fluon… lol

Or that RADAR should be called RAdio Detection And Ranging, or RAdio Direction And Ranging…

Peter Kay says:

I never saw the resistance go up significantly! It would be nice to know the accuracy of temperature.
Interesting project for someone: Put a thermistor inside the gun and plot power against temperature.

Nikolay Pelov says:

Aluminium is not the only metal that is not attracted to magnet. There are cheaper ones. Could be zink or other metal plated in zink

Sod Almighty says:

All mechanisms are mechanical, Julian.

I’m now thinking of taking my glue gun apart and adding an earth wire. I wonder if it can even be done, given that all the metal parts are massively hot.

Jelle Roggen says:

The two squares symbol means double insulated. But its looks like only once. Maybe the better ground it.

inferno 601 says:

what is the middle thing made up of?

jtreg says:


Adam Bryant says:

When you look at the hotend on a 3d printer, glue guns look so inefficient.

Simon Howroyd says:

Can’t believe that thing isn’t earthed!

Oreste Schaller says:

brave to use the word GUN in a title 😀

Readme .txt says:

Hmm, and what the quantum teleportation has in common with those glue guns? A: China.

Sofa-Lofa says:

More of the Wiki bits please!!
I knew that Kapton tape went above 350°c but I had no idea of the lower limit, 4° above absolute zero is just plain feckin stupid!
I would love to know how it’s exact resistance and mechanical durability at this temperature….or on the other hand, maybe I wouldn’t, brrrrr! (Off to Wiki then! …..please support them with a small donation, £1 or $1 or €1 is fine, that’s how they keep on doing their thing)
The 4 linkage glue stick pusher-outer was interesting too, cheers!

tinkmarshino says:

man this guy can take a 7 minute video and turn it into a documentary.. It was interesting but way to much yabba yabba.. Thanks for the share though..

gamerpaddy says:

there are no hot glue guns of high quality, just high price lol

Lizardo Foz says:

Do you think British tech can come up with an even larger and more awkward mains plug?

Atramentous says:

Is there a good “engineering kit” for about $50 to get into this stuff? By kit I mean something that comes with a few resistors, capacitors, wires and maybe a display or two. If you know any that (preferably) aren’t Arduino could you make a review?


I have had 8 or more glue guns all of them shit. No matter how much i have payed. They all just POP then smoke and take out the power to the house. Though i do use them like there is no tomorrow.

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