How To Use A Hot Glue Gun (Full Tutorial)

In this video, I show you how to use a hot glue gun. It is a full tutorial that demonstrates myself using the glue gun, and also reloading it with a new glue stick. It is a very useful tool that can glue things together quickly; it also doesn’t create a mess!


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Manish Chauhan says:

pls advice my glue gun leaking continually

rajiv gupta says:


Nina Stef says:

very helpful!thanks!

Overdue gamer Chavez says:

1 Plug in 2 Press trigger

Shivaan Gandhi says:

He sounds so stupid

desi town says:

He make me lovely

edit your name says:

Saul Goodman?

Rachel Spencer says:

He makes me feel like a kindergartener XD

Brooklyn Mcpherson says:

thanks boy

Anila Kumari says:

do we need to plug the glue gun till the entire process i.e, sticking the material or can we unplug after the glue gets heated?

Natasha Ortiz says:

what I do is when it is heat up I unplug it because I don’t want to burn my self

srey poav c says:

Thank you for your tip its help me my very first time to used hot glue gun “)

hemalatha S.N says:

can we use this for silk thred bangle making

Shahabkhan Shahabkhan says:

do we have to put glue stick first or fist we have to hot it

hamza shah says:

Hot glue gun is useful

Beni Prasad says:


Alivia Ho says:

do you buy the hot glue tubes

molongjoe94 says:

John Malkovich’s son

EzyCraft says:

Thanks for the tips.

Apip says:

I am a kid like 9 or 10 years old i really like to watch Hot glue gun So my dad let me use it to make something and i dont know how to use it and the steel got me on the hand it burns my hand to black just like 1,2 CM and i watch this video and i use it again because i already know how to use it from this video!

Hope you read the comments
Dont get sleepy!
Reading this Comment!
That’s all i have to say 🙂

syed wequar says:

the glue sticks r getting cool n blocking way of glue to come out

DOUBLE R says:


param shater says:

thanks man thanku

Darren Enright says:

How did we all search for this and why does this exist. If you don’t know how to use one please where a condom

Richard Booth says:

“It heats up round here by the tip …” Yes as I discovered when I touched it with my finger and burnt myself !

Rishabh Chopde says:

This title should have 1 more thing added – (For extremely stupid noobs)

NickGames says:

im just here beacuase i need to make a school project

Norma Martin says:

I just got mine

Darshan Chotaliya says:

what can i do my glue gun is liking a lot

Dager says:

Hey, TY for the tut’, tho I feel like everytime he says “glue” it’s spelled “glUE”.

Colourful Girl says:

This is awesome now I know how to use a hot glue gun

sona mittal says:

I think that your glue gun is small

Randy Irmen says:

I toched the tip I got burned I thought it was still cool xD I’m stupid

Caesar DeHaro says:

What kind of idiot needs this? I thought there would be some sort of hack or secret.

Nuk3town says:

I got the exact same hot glue gun my dad gave me it

Krypto Analyst says:

That Glue gun is too cheap

Šu Ma says:

seriously, the worst tutorial ever. sorry man, but c’mon

In the life of kaylynn says:

We need to know how to put the glue stick in from the beginning not refilling it

Jessy Zamaripa says:

i am 10 years old and i didnt know how to use it i plugged it in it didnt squirt out this is very helpful

Marvin Tamargo says:

Instructions unclear,10 year old got penis stuck to the glue gun.

Harry Medina says:

thanks for the info,,,

TopVines TV says:

thnak you

PM Keith says:

Dear me! Patronising in the extreme.

Susain Ali says:


Doris Newacalox says:

Hello, sorry for my disturbing ,i wonder do anybody want to make a review for my free glue gun on my amazon, thank u

terryyouth says:

what is the strength of the glue?

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