High Temp, Low Temp, or Dual – What kind of glue gun should you buy?

Should you buy a high temp glue gun or a low temp glue gun? Maybe a dual temp? Depends on what you’re going to use it for!

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Welcome back fellow Makers.
I am Lori, this is Maker High, and today
we’re going to talk about what to look for when buying a glue gun.
The first thing to keep in mind when you are buying a glue gun
is the temperature you want to buy.
You have a few options, the first of which is a low temp glue gun.
This usually runs between 250 to 300 degrees when it’s heated up for the glue extrusion.
You have your high temp glue gun
which is going to run between about 380-500 degrees
And then you have a dual temp glue gun
which is going to let you swtich
I have it here….there it is!
…switch between high temp and low temp glue.
So, the best time to choose a low temp glue gun
is when you need to glue things that are very delicate or
fragile or have a very low melt point.
Things like Styrofoam or lace,
or ribbon or things of that nature.
It doesn’t bond as may things as the higher temp glue gun does,
but on the plus side, you less of a chance of burning yoruself
because the temperature isn’t nearly as high.
so, pluses to the high temp gun,
If you have carpal tunnel, or problems with the flexibility in your hands,
the higher temp glue tends to come out easier than the lower temp glue does
It bonds a lot more things than the lower temp glue does.
But there is a high probability that you will burn yourself on accident
with the high temp glue gun. When I burn myself,
it’s usually with the high temp. So take that as you like it.
And then we have the dual temp.
Now, this is a good gun to have if you have very limited space and you only
have the ability to house one glue gun.
Just make sure that the switch isn’t able to be popped back and forth very easily.
Just make sure it has at least that, like, click sound to it.
So that you aren’t accidentally thinking that you’re working with low temp glue and then
all of a sudden a giant glob of hot glue comes out at you and that’s not fun…
and I’ve done that a few times.
I actually got rid of the glue gun that had that problem.
There’s also actually a fourth option called the “Cool Shot”.
And this is a branded glue gun …it’s the only one I’ve been able to find
that’s actually an ultra low temp.
It’s a really good option when you have older kids
maybe ten and up. It still melts the glue…
it takes a specialty glue that’s only made for this glue gun.
But, it’s a good starter option for younger people.
I think that’s why I tend to go toward the lower temp glue guns…
this is really annoying.
This glue in the back, here…
I feel like I have a little partridge bird of something…
in my face.
Option A is a low temp google…google…google gun.
Low temp google gun.


Natalie says:

Wow, my mom bought me a high temp glue gun when I was 9! 

PandaLover Vids says:

where could you buy the dual

Bhavye verma says:

Brought it recently sorry it automatically changed

elcykelguiden.se says:

you look AND sound like PAM from The Office =)

Bhavye verma says:


Roana B. says:

Hi Lorrie (sorry if I’ve mispelled it). Thank you very much for your helpful and funny videos. I’m trying to glue together the end of a cat collar which looks like it is made of nylon (the fibers melted together when I held a lighter to the ends to prevent fraying). I’m not sure what type of glue is best. I’d like one that doesn’t make the collar stiff. Would a glue gun be good to use? If yes, then a low temperature glue gun?

Longgummie Long says:

So I have the Cool Shot glue gun, and the stick is stuck. Any tips?

Bhavye verma says:

Bthx I liked your video very much and subscribed also got it very helpful

Bhavye verma says:

Other one pls tell I have buoyed it recently

Anibal says:

You’re a weirdo.

BenSavage says:

that was really good thanks

Bhavye verma says:

I want to know that what to do when a glue stick is going to be finished & when we have to insert it !!!

Indian inspiration says:

I bought a 40watt glue gun but it has lower strength from my expectation……..now I want a new which should I buy for strength(for metal and glasses etc.)

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