Gorilla Hot Glue VS Regular HOT Glue – Which is Better? The Comparison Hot Glue Test – Requested

Hello again Friends, I’ve been asked about using Gorilla Hot Glue. Which is Better, is there really a difference? I made a video gluing materials I use in my DIY Home Decor projects. to best answer your questions. I made a comparison video so you can come up with your own con conclusion of which you think is better. I personally feel Gorilla hot glue is better, that’s just my personal preference. I hope this helps some of your questions.

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John Smith says:

jeez, you sold me on the goriller glue

Darrla Dawkins says:


Cari Gonz says:

Thanks so much for sharing sweetie. This was very helpful. Now I will be trying the Gorilla glue sticks for projects that I feel I need more secure. Thxs for sharing ♡Hugs

Elaine Petrakis says:

Thank you so much for doing this video. Though I didn’t ask, I was always curious.

Clara Bradford says:

Thank you. This is something that I have wondered about.

Brandy Trevino says:

Great info!

Wanda says:

Thank you for this comparison….I have both and have not had the chance to do a glass project I have pending. Now I know to prepare the glass for better adhesion and which glue is better…..THANKS GIRL!

Rosie Martínez says:

Thank you so much for this video I was wondering if gorilla glue was worth the extra money to pay for it..

Oby-1 says:

Gorillla brand it seems to be.
One has to question if there are more toxic chemicals in the Gorilla brand. We are indeed heating some form of plastic and glue to create the bond. We are breathing in the fumes of this process. I use hot glue from time to time to bond something together while a stronger adhesive like epoxy is curing in the union.

Cheryl Smith says:

Thanks for this video

Carolynn Manor says:

Gorilla Glue sticks wins

u2teech says:

What’s the difference between hot glue & bottled glues?

Dauphne McMurry says:

Lol creative living. That would be so great if it worked on car parts.

Kathy Stidham says:

Thank you, Miranda! Makes me happy when I see a new video from you. This was very informative and appreciated.

Toris2Cents says:

great video ! New subscriber would mean so much if you checked out my channel 🙂

Andrea Borne says:

Wow awesome review! Thank you!

JustMeOutHere says:

Thanks for being so thorough.
I’ve often wondered about this very thing.

Carolynn Manor says:

Thank you so much for the expamples. That was a great ideas. For the glass-on-glass “mirror” example, Can you try it on the actual mirror side and not the back to see if it will work? Because you actually put that one on the paper sticker.

Sharetta Walker says:

I am just starting a lot of DIY projects and I was wondering the same thing…thank you for the video…I think I will keep both on hand and see which works better for the project at hand. I DO know that it is hard to glue smooth to smooth…you have to have a more porous surface, some projects will require a little “roughing up” of the surface… so it just depends on your project. Also…the fact the Gorilla glue dries more clear makes a huge difference too….you don’t want to invest your time in a project and then have it ruined because the glue causes it to look tacky. It’s DEF worth the extra $ to have a professional look.

Omar says:

I wanted to see glass on glass

Hunter Westberry says:

Life hack if you sand down the surface then brush it off it will stick better

Dauphne McMurry says:

I bought a Michaels Artminds glue sticks 100 ct. They are strong like glue sticks. I think they were $7.99. The 20 ct is $5.99.

cmoneytheman says:

I dont even have to listen to kno gorilla is better its the best tape and I got that

Joan Hackney says:


TrollFaceTheMan says:

Very good video, extremely useful info. Thank you.

clawsoon says:


Avolun Toldr says:

Gorilla glue sticks hands down for stickability, being clear when dried, and the varity of materials it can be used on, so the extra expense is worth it. Thanks again!

Janet Bowen says:

Thank you for your comparisons.

Work Life Balance says:

Thanks for this, it was much needed!!!

Dawn Bright says:

Thank you so much for making this video. I am constantly showing it to my friends who poo poo my use of Gorilla hot glue and say that hot glue sucks. My reply is this video to show them!

Yolanda Gomez says:

Wow thanks for sharing this 🙂

Frederick Dunn says:

Let me just tell you something! YOU R AWESOME!!!!!! You absolutely went the extra yard to test and compare these glue sticks. I so appreciate YouTube creators like YOU! Thank you and all the best to you in the future!!!! Thumbs UP!

Carlie's Mom says:

Thank you for testing those products and Gorilla Glue it is for me!

Thelma Knowler says:

Great information!

mig189189189 says:

Cool report!

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