Glue Gun Review

For my blog post on all the different glue guns:
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mogbaba says:

This one is good but this one is hard. This one has interchangeable nozzle, this one does not. This one bla-…… Do you call it a product review. The camera is zoomed on your face exclusively and you never mention a brand name or model. Ok, I confess, you are a very beautiful lady but, that’s not why i have come here. I tried your link. It was death also. Thanks, I learned at least that you like this one before you used this one.

Leonidas_Cutrose says:

This really helped me choosing my new hot glue gun. I originally had a cheap one from the dollar store but one day I was using it and the heating element died… It shot sparks everywhere and my workspace was covered in soot… 0_0″

taylaIsSunnie says:

Is it weird that I don’t really care about glue guns but I still enjoyed the video?XD

RafiRaffee says:

Thank you for this review! I’m looking to purchase a glue gun and this video came out at the perfect time hahaha! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Zamzam Zamzam says:


Nicholas Aarons says:

Awesome Video & Very Helpful. Keep up the great work. Nick. <3

Azzy M says:

Girl got glue gun.

Genesis Rodriguez says:

You’re awesome!! Can’t wait for your Taurus video

Gio says:

can you do porn?

Xxplazmo gamerxX says:


Irenka says:

It is VERY helpful video, but when I saw name of the video in my sub box I laughed a lot. Didn’t have to check who is the author really 🙂
Waiting for a rhinestone review 😀

Ringelotta says:

Thank you for this review! It will help me a lot, cause I don’t have a glue gun yet and want to buy one soon

BekkiBicci says:

Thank you, I’ve been looking to get a glue gun for ages but really had no clue what I was looking at, this helps a lot! 😀

Ruslan Yarovoy says:

Natalia Oreiro:)

Guillaume Combot says:

quick and complete review, super ! Thank you!

Mel says:

Hi, i hope you can help me recently was in debate with the Bosch PKP 18 and the tec i ended up buying the Bosch and returned it straight back as i really just didn’t like it, it took about 5 minutes to heat up, it had no kind of switch or indication that it’s on, so you kind of have to put your finger near the point to see if its hot lol anyway i wern’t to bothered about that it was the handle that was a bother to me! im a female trying to push that glue out was a mission, the handle was just way to stiff for me and everytime i pushed it not much glue would come out. Would you recommend the tec? like to be able to push the glue out would you consider the handle light? and how much glue comes out because im planning on making something that shouldnt be used with a fine nozzle

NatterMax Education says:

Her face was reflecting so much light that I was about to become blind. But anyway nice information 🙂

The DIY Forest says:

This was very useful! thanks!

Travis Pratt says:

I like your face

Daniela Galaviz says:

Thank you! this is really helpful! you have an awesome mind and hands to do all the beautiful things that you do! 🙂


Is it sad that I genuinely got excited when I saw you had done a glue gun review?! The one I have is rubbish and I’ve been looking for a new one for ages, just didn’t know what to go for! Thanks very helpful x


giá mấy đó

MojaSzerokosc says:

Wider lenses would be welcome here as one can only see your face with the current settings.

IndieM VEVO says:

Hi, I need a good glue gun for putting swarovski flat back rhinestones on shoe… price doesn’t matter…can u refer me a glue gun?

IfingerblastGranny's says:

ffs bitch get your shit together edit junky!

Jess Russo says:

you’re literally my asmr trigger

DASH says:

i have to admit that u r damn beautiful but that doesnt mean i came here to watch ur face all time. in next video kindly put all glu gun on table and put camera on top of table, so that i can see all glu guns in one glance

Jefe DelosBouviers says:

Klaire! You look so good with wavy short hair, a red lip and, winged eyeliner! You’re so classy ^.^

Nidhin David says:

Doesn’t she look like Rose of Titanic??

Duco Maritiem says:

Thanks for the info, needed that cause all my cheap glueguns broke down on me . Do you know the Proxxon glueguns?
You also look very cute, but that’s another thing and had Nothing to do with glueguns.

BeccaGames says:

Wow. And I was thinking glue guns were glue guns and that was that xD

Raji Jojo says:


rukhmani Kumar says:

Dear lady the glue gun you said you best likes with pointy nose land also changeable can you please tell me where I can purchase them.plz do tell.

migold phone says:

nice dear

Chandan Kishore Chutia says:

you have a pretty face and a nice voice + accent………………not sure about the guns but do like to know more about u……………….so do you have any facebook account…………….if so, then let me know.

bcgrote says:

Check out the new Mod Podge glue gun.  It’s a bit different!

lesmoor kelly says:

i have Stanley sthto-70416 which is a cordless

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