The idea of a cordless hot glue gun is brilliant, but does it work? Yes; surprisingly well in fact. I’ll tear down the Riobi 18v Lithium and test it.
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Nico Lucia says:

This guy is a straight savage! Love the sex and gender puns he makes! Definately subbing to this guy!

Ray Ford says:

I’ve wanted to get some of the ryobi one+ tools. You sound like you are not a fan. Any reason why?

Gh0s7 says:

I have a butane powered gun. One of the best tools I’ve bought. Hard to get these days but when you’re out on a boat on a mooring and trying to tidy up some cabling or hold a part while the epoxy chooches it’s so handy

Terry Morris says:

What? You bonefied riobie. That testicle and pooch doesn’t break my bone stash. Rushing out yap up this portable glue toy. Thanks for all your reviews. Dick is always in a vise.

Swan Donovan says:

gay frogs alien abducted

Kris Maples says:

I love these Ryobi reviews!!

Ok Dude says:

Wtf did he just say hahahahaha

Ashley Neumann says:

I found it excellent, no extension cords running out to the jobs. but I too did not like the pistol action and my hand hurt as well after the protracted job.

htomerif says:

yeeaaahh.. maybe in retrospect you should have seen how low that PTC heater got in wattage as it approached standby before assuming it was only gonna run for 15 minutes.
I’m gonna start putting what I learned in comments so its not just a bunch of assholes telling you every mistake you made.

In this video I learned that kapton tape isn’t reflective in the thermal infrared. I’ve been using electrical tape for most vicarious temperature measurements.

Dead Eyed Demon says:

Millennial mig welder.

Benjamin GENENDER JR. says:

Every time I need a laugh I watch one of your videos FUNNY

yeasonwhat says:

According to the math it should run for roughly 3 hours

billy mccabe says:

That thing is pretty cool. I’d imagine it gets fairly speedy with the battery and charger though but I might look into it. I got a “cordless” one from hobby lobby a while back but by cordless they mean it heats up on a base then you pull it off to use it. It works good for my occasional usage but it isn’t a true cordless. It does have an on off switch which is nice. I bought a dewalt one before that and it was pretty shitty, nice design but doesn’t push the stick through, it slips.

Cooljob6 says:

good joke about the wife’s new pleasure servant 90 degree tilt mega vibrator 3000

RCwalrus says:

for those looking for a corded gun, I just bought the Bosch pkp18E and it’s pretty nice, pbt gf15% plastic, similar setup heating core wise and nosel, the cord is real nice, it’s a natural rubber and is really flexible and soft, handle looks to be smaller than the cryobi as well

Lonnie Moore says:

The real question is how long did the wife’s “gizmo” from Amazon, chooch? Enquiring minds wanna know!
If her, ah, item should break due to insufficient skookumness, maybe you can repair it using the new hot glue gun! 😉

taeraeyttaejae says:

i fucking love your videos 😀

david leabeater says:

Love that tool have just about everything thay make

David Steinhour says:

Gimme a 12v 50w version for smaller sticks and I’m sold!

jayrock4ya says:

i hope you do more cryobi 1+ products. there good 4 small blue moon projects. where de-walt would be a waste of cash. thx keep your dick in the vice lol!!

Cry Ban says:

you always said PCT in the Vidoe but its called a PTC
positive temperature coefficient..

SkylersRants says:

I’ve already got two ryobi One+ tools.  Buying a glue gun without buying the battery is a great idea for me.

DangerousAndAwesome says:

Why are there measures to prevent inductive flyback if the load is purely resistive?


Seems like it hurt a little bit to give Cryobi a nod. LOL

erica says:

as a lady with big hands, thanks for not assuming any genders, always knew ya’d be great

PopularAggression says:

Gay frogs alien abducted……….mind blown I’m so damned confused. I had to watch it 3 times just to make sure I heard it right, all while laughing my ass off.

hcnuptoir 27 says:

Never knew this thing existed. Now I’m going to buy because fuck it. Hot glue man.

Azrael Redeemed says:

i recently had a “cordless” glue gun, its a scam has the cord is removable but once unplugged its no longer live and just relying on insulation to keep it hot for a few minutes. but yea when the roof collapssed recently i had many a many and far too many tools and various other electronics suffer the worst, the next being my brainhousing group… meh. so i popper her open and like your ryobi gun, this had basically the same insides. the alimuimun cast piee with the wires running in that was wrapped in some yellow heat resist film. on mine it was two 1.5in half circle aluminim one with the “hot” and the other with the “not” wire. and inbetween that was a sadly crumbled broken ceramic looking piece with what looked like metal dust printing on it .. can somebody explain please?

there245 says:

what box cutter is that? just wondering been looking for a nice one to replace my old one?

Cur M says:

I’ma git me one!

Daniel Foster says:

Is no-one going to mention the fact that he didn’t just rip this one to shreds? I feel like that’s a first.

Project 740 says:

Paintless dent removers favorite new tool??

Aaron Starnes says:

Lol @ decepicon reference. Always thought the same thing about Ryobi’s color scheme.

Martin Kellinghusen says:

Curious to know what the equilibrium power consumption was once operating temperature was reached?

Alex NES says:

AvE and Big Clive need to do a collab

Donald Sayers says:

I’ve seen a butane powered one before.

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