BOLTR: Bosch Hot Glue Pen | USB Lithium

Cordless USB charging glue gun! Is this the Bosch hot snot gun to rule them all? It’s sadly meh. Thank you for helping me make vids! Early access


TheOneWhoMightBe says:

I only come here for the unboxings.

IraqCTR says:

Violent MF aren’t u?

derrick felix says:

Give us the test first Bumble fuc, Then crab on with packing! Test. You damage the product, again respect your viewers. Do that again I’m off. Cheers

NameNaameNameeNaamee says:

I was wondering when you would manage to break a tool before even unboxing it 😀

Janik M. Dietz says:

I think you might have broken something when assembling it back together .. maybe something with that capacitor. I had the GluePen for a couple years now and apart from the fact that I broke it, it heated up in around 15-20s before that. Oh and I hated it as well that the flow is more globby than continuous but some practice goes a long way 🙂

Big Dog says:

This could be so cool!

F Pve says:

Whens the teardown of the fumunda cheese grader?

Lydia Twina says:

Your holding it on its side gotta hold it like a pen. Might not work after that bang. You gave it. Should if 1st tried it b4 all that.

George Tsiros says:

that’s it? a single 18650? for shaaaaame…

Joshua cook says:

yeah shipping damage. not mallet damage.

ian says:

unboxes with mallet : seems to be some shipping damage LMAO

Lydia Twina says:

U damaged your own product. Lol

Ali Abdallah says:

Oi, it ain’t the size of the hot end. But rather how you use it.

Love_ Your_Pitty says:

best unboxings on youtube!

barry goldwater says:

Will you work for beer? How many an hour?

David Daivdson says:

Nominating AvE for Canada’s worst (educated) Handyman.

npgoalkeeper _ says:

Oooh attiny

David Daivdson says:

“Shipping damage”
I’ll have to remember that one next time I break my phone.
“Yeah it must have got damaged during shipping and I was too polite to say anything until a month before the warranty ran out”

Paul Cioc says:

You guys over there know about Romania? Even i wouldn’t want to know, being a romanian…

Michael Wizouski says:

Lol “damaged in shipping”…

Jason A says:

I’ll take the Ryobi, too fiddly this one

Mohamed Gaafar says:

I bet that can be used as a vape

Cyborg sheep says:

Boi its panasuckit and samasung

Dewex Dewex says:

The white graphics will be block/tampo printed, as there’s a ridge in the moulding between different bits, which would preclude a direct screen application of inkitude.

Butterball says:

What happened to the awesome little electric chainsaw?

godofm3tal1 says:

Shipping damage. Had absolutely nothing to do with the dead blow unboxing whatsoever.

Milan Mazić says:

Smashes it few times with a big hammer
“it seems we do have a little bit of shipping damage here”

helmet098 says:

Lol. Shipping damage.

Siganus Vulpinus says:

That “1” or “0” on off thing used to confuse me all the time. For the longest time I though the “0” was supposed to represent a closed circuit and was therefore on, and the “1” was an open circuit. Took me far too many years of confusion before someone explained it too me…

esqueue says:

I literally laughed for a few minutes. The unpacking with that big ass hammer then he says that it was shipping damage. LOLOL!!!!!! My face hurts!!!!! Yeah, this video made my day.

Gareth Dirlam says:

Pretty cool that you get the bosch green (euro consumer) stuff for the reviews. True story, I am watching a BOLTR and the wife comes in, sits down and watches a full couple of episodes, laughing her ass off. I don’t know if she learned anything, but she was amused.

TJ Ellis says:

i once tried to fix a glue gun with a glue gun made of glue….glued gun wild

Thanos The Titan says:

Wen he hit his fingers with the screwdriver near the start i fucking lost it holyfuck ahaahahahahah

archiearchie666 says:

Love you Ave & watch all your vids, & I don’t even want a glue pen but what’s the point of a review where it could be fattoria or it could be you? Also, the battery & circuit board were wobbling but seemed to stop wobbling as soon as you put the glue holder & trigger assembly back in, but your criticism of that part of the tool stood nonetheless.

Nolan Shettle says:

My favorite part is when he opens the box

Tyler Juul says:

You should take apart a battery powered brad nailer milwaukee, dewalt, ridgid I car care I just want to see how one works

Sultan Singh says:

Did somebody noticed what he was working on 12:27 ? What’s that ?

ZocXer says:

When soldering use flux as helll

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