Bestest Cheap GLUEGUN of All TIME! (DM’s Craft #148)

DM Scotty shows you his favorite gluegun and how you can purchase it.

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Hunter Riley says:

Hey Scotty I’m a recent subscriber, as I only recently found your channel, I just wanted to say, I think this channel, and the projects you do are some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

Andy Yang says:

I just stumbled here by accident, I love your channel!

Stronghold Crafter Kev says:

When I am in the need for a new one, I will check it out. It looks very versatile for the price. Thanks for sharing.

Michael Dempsey says:

I purchased one after the Facebook post and I love it!

WageTube says:

This is a great glue gun, and while tempted (because as the YouTuber points out it has a LOT of features not found on cheap guns – on/off switch, power on light), for about $8 more I can get the highly rated 100 watt BSTpower glue gun.

I saw this one for as low as $12 on eBay, but on eBay also the BSTPower sells for as little as $20, shipping included. So for $8 more I get adjustable power, up to 100 watts, and what many call a professional glue gun.

P.S. Thanks for the video, had I not seen the BSTPower I would have bought this on your recommendation. It is a sweet glue gun for the price (in Feb 2017 can be had on Amazon and eBay for $11, shipped).

Bonus Tip: Do NOT buy this glue gun or the BSTPower from China-based sellers. I don’t trust China sellers, many things, even something as simple as a glue gun are counterfeit. And generally the more popular an item, the more likely if it is from a China-based seller it is fake.

You have to be especially careful when buying anything electrical or electric from China, if is is fake, even is something as simple as a glue gun or cell phone charger, those things pose a dangerous fire hazard. (Recall those hover boards from China sellers. Many of those have burned down houses.

C Garvin says:

I was looking for a link to buy this glue gun, did I overlook? If you don’t have a link you should so you can get some credit from Amazon 🙂 Also did I miss the name of it. I don’t know what to search for.

TheFreakeSh0w says:

Tried searching for that glue gun and couldn’t find it. I am Canadian so maybe at the ” .ca ” site I get different listings…
Here’s a link to the closest one I could find, doesn’t come with the glue sticks though.

Papallion Sunspell says:

Will Roderick be able to get out of this sticky situation? Tune in next week – Same Craft Time, Same Craft Channel!

SpaceMonkeyGaming says:

That is a nice glue gun!

DnD Basement says:

Nice glue gun.
i found one that is like DMG and i really like it.
as you said, small hole, precision glueing. but best of all, the nozzle was flat and not curved or anything.

one thing i noticed is the how much watts changes everything.
i had a cheap 10 watt gun and the glue just freeze over, before you have time to do anything.
my biggest is two settins… 20 watts and 40 watts. awesome gun… but too big shots of glue… bad for detailing.
the flat and small nozzle gun is on 20 watt temp and just perfect.

so i figured anything below 20 watts glue guns aren’t worth it.

Mike Pittek says:

Great glue gun Scotty thanks again for the tip.

hyqhyp says:

I found something very similar looking randomly in a dollar store. Right away I noticed how well made it was compared to common branded box store models. And it was CHEAP. All others in my box have died, this one lives on.

mandasity says:

new subscriber bout to buy my first glue gun wish me luck

X.david Williams says:

Huzzah! thank you thank you for all your advice and knowledge that you share.

Umberto De Martino says:

HI Scott, after few months how is it working now? is it lasting or would be better buying something “heavier”?

For The XP Official says:

Hey Scotty! My name is Brent Earnest. Just came across this vid, don’t know how I missed it xD Glad I could point you in the direction of the best cheap glue gun around or at least I am pretty sure I did. Few months back I posted my picture of that glue gun when I got it in the mail and you had asked about it in the FB group! Thank you so much fore all the crafting videos you make! Still using the 2.5D system to this day 😀

Question Everything says:

Thank you! that huge tip is the seller for me!

D J says:

thanks for sharing… i bought this glue gun ( it came with 50 small sticks) but i found that it just stick paper but i wanted to use with different materiels and stones for small fairy home ….. please advise or will wait for the video how to use or what type of sticks ….

Kingjemmy says:

I dont know how i arrived here but this was helpful. Im guessing the glue sticks to buy as refills hv to be a certain size. Do u hv a link for those?

Lunar Veil says:

Where’s the link to buy


can you give the link to buy the gun??

realitybytes16 says:

My glue gun just died on me, and I knew you used them a lot so I thought I’d see if I could find out which one you used – this was basically the perfect video to find ^^ I’ve ordered one of these now, sadly it’ll be a while before it arrives, but I might finally be able to finish my first terrain scratch-build once it does! 😀

Question Everything says:

website or name of gun please 😉

Take It Make It says:

price plz

Terry Saunders says:

The link for any UK guys… Finally something that is cheaper here than the rest of the world!

Halloweenville says:

Thanks Scotty! I already have 2 but I see some detailing work happening with this one!

b0mccue says:

I purchased two after the review. Very inexpensive. Hands down the best glue gun I’ve ever used. Thanks for the review!

By_Rauf says:

There are differences in others

Addramyr Palinor says:

Nooo! Don’t deliver to Canada 🙁

Fanindra Patil says:

How to purchase it????

Anthony Hargis says:

Thanks for the tip. The gun looks great.

GalaxyStranger01 says:

Anybody know what the bead size is? I currently have a larger glue gun that takes larger glue sticks – I’d purchase this gun if the bead size is smaller than what I have. Do larger glue sticks mean larger beads?

FedralBI says:

Must have missed this video… thanks Scotty!

D&D with DMC says:

You’re such a geek! Love your stuff man.

Sheik Rishan says:

Hi . I’m confused with this specification of product . one which is 40W and other 60W . Which is better. And which is good for outdoor purpose. Please explain.

D J says:

i love your videos…

VuthavadooVikshay says:

Just ordered the gun, thanks for the review.

Jeffrey Gruntz says:

I love that glue gun I got one a couple of years ago.
PS is this your first review video?

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