AvE Said it sucks, but does it really?…Bosch Hot Glue Gun Pen Review

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furyvids 365 says:

I’m going to buy that

Hunter Bundy says:

Have a great morning from East usa

Jamie Palmer says:

Looks good smashing something usually means it will not work great. No hate but biased a bit

olivia style says:


Robert Green says:

Bosch green is garbage compared to bosch blue. In a lot of their power tools. I had a palm sander from their green range and it failed in less than 12 months. Good to see the glue pen works

The Algorithm says:

Nice video kev!!

Jack Pulley says:

I only use a hot glue gun never heard of a glue pen

blayn Hosie says:

Love your videos Kev keep it up

Jumpstart rc says:

I love Ave

Tony B says:

I’ve look at getting one seem to do a good job

Mydoddy69 RC says:

Not like you to do reviews must have really got your back up lol

KrispyRC says:

hey kev where’s the video with the cds as wheels?

Jeremy RC says:

I would use one but i dont do many project that often

Kevin Talbot says:

AvE makes some really interesting videos but on this occasion I think he didn’t do this awesome little tool enough justice!

Elyot Leworthy says:

No it doesn’t suck it’s a glue pen not a hoover!
Keep up the great work kev!

lelelel cya BRO says:

Thing I find with AVE is he’s more geared for heafty mechanical top notch equipment, like proper high end hydraulics or prosumer power tools that are literally built like brick shit houses and will last a hundred years. Depends on what you require, but as a portable glue gun that you can take anywhere it’s going to do the trick well enough, and Bosch is a fairly good brand if you ask me so it’s not going to be total garbage.

However I do support his channel but he can be a bit heavy handed lol

hyster16t says:

The correct terminology is
“Does it chooch?

Tony B says:

Can you change the size of the the glue stick or is it one size only

Kyle Burnett says:

AvE just proved that it can’t handle a 200lb gorilla.

Jackson Kirk says:

Nice videos Kev keep it up

Callum Watson says:

Great video

Joseph’s Rc Studio and Vlogs and More says:

Awesome video Kevin Talbot

furyvids 365 says:

Can you

Jack Pulley says:

Nice I think haven’t watched yet

Job91 says:

should have had 2 18650s

Mark Hope says:


Gian Gemperle says:

You are my favorit YouTuber

X&C RC says:

I need one

Twinfire says:

Who is AvE?….that tongue tangulated 200lb kanuckistani!!!

Youtube crossover, love this

Tis a good idea that lil pocket snot gun lols (will this comment be demonetized now?)

Newfane Relic Hunters G & R says:

Interesting product Kevin. In addition, a very useful tool for RC work. I currently use a plug-in type, but the rechargeable would be very useful in the field. About the battery life, how long does a charge usually last? Thank mate, God Bless, Greg

furyvids 365 says:

First like first view and first comment can you shout me out

ma nema jefff says:

you should buy rc things from wish

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