We Tried It: Dremel Moto-Saw MS20 Review

The Dremel Moto-Saw serves as two tools in one: a scroll saw and a power coping saw. Attached it to a sturdy table and it performs perfectly as a small scroll saw for intricate work such as cutting out handmade holiday ornaments.


sdf234zsre2354awre3raswer3awrswr3awrwerasf3gfghdy says:

hummmm…. Well no shit. Tell me something I don’t know.

kentchr76 says:

You call that a review?

jeejay98 says:

“Because we tried it”. What a joke. Where’s the review?

sskkuuddrraa says:

review?! Tried it? Bullshit!
Dremel: Just hold that in hands, smile and we will pay you 😀

koontzbomb84 says:

a handy

EZRIDER327 says:

What a joke , she should have been in a bikini, at least then the review would have a  possible use for something.

This review is about as helpful as the Handyman Club of America, I know, I have been a life member since they started and what a waste of my time and money

Eric stickmaker says:

Now that is Pretty neat. I will look for ya on Facebook. Thanks

321 AUDIO says:

that looks nice i could use the in some installs

Carlos Rivera says:

can you cut brass with it?

ernest jr sanford says:

i wonder how it would work on Dovetails

Jared English says:

How thick of material will the saw handle, and what about hardwoods. Thank for the review.

Steve Smith says:

nice girl dremel not to bad

Mark R Patterson says:

Another worthless Dremel gimmick.

Lucas G says:

Lol. R E V I E W 😀 Not even an ad 🙂

Pedro Chavez says:

This review had no meat. What did you try? What did you cut? What types of wood? How thick was that wood? What other materials? Which blades did you use? Any tips on using it?

BuckarooCoyote says:

How small can the saw blades be for this saw?  Will it take jewelers saw blades?  

DrFelonious says:

Utterly fuckin’ useless…..

BlueZipher says:

“We tried it”.  And?



yo soy says:

It’s just another paid commercial…

ehafh says:

i bet whoever worked on making those goofy interludes with tons of graphics, spent more time than it took to make this review.   a minute long?  random people uploading videos have more informative stuff to offer on this.

Mashhour Swais says:

كم سعرة 
هل يوجد مثله بالاردن

ITTSB Blog Europe says:

There is a nice Thump down button… Do not nag just use it.

Claudia Mery says:

hola, aquí en Perú no se consigue esa caladora, mi papa compro también una trío y los accesorios nunca hay en ninguna tienda, ojala pueda llegar esta caladora al Perú y no sea demasiado costosa. gracias

Andrew Smith says:

I was going to buy one of these to go with my DREMEL 4000, but the reviews are much the same as the DREMEL WORKSTATION!!! Plastic bodies and not up to the jobs that they are designed for!!!!!! If I would have taken time to research DREMEL rotary tools and attachments I would never have bought the 4000 either, to much vibration and has a separate rotary axis so can’t use small drill bits because they shatter! BRILLIANT WORK DREMEL………………………… NOT.

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