unboxing and mini review of Dremel 4000

link to dremel http://www.dremel.com/Pages/default.aspx


Indian Curry says:

I was sanding with it and the paper fell of and know it doest work

keith cleves says:

Hi good review. Like you I’m new to the dremel. Your video made it a lot easier to get around the different  accessories. Mine didn’t come with the holder and hard case  or have the same amount of accessories I guess that’s why I didn’t pay so much, but still looking forward to more videos on the use.

utopiaopera says:

Wow, you used it to add some sparkle back in your marriage… the Dremel really is great for almost any task.

Eryk Freethinker says:

Really useful, thank you!

Thom Mcclinton says:

I’ve had mine for over 20 years and would be lost without it. It did a great job on mold lines and flash from older metal minis, and you what a pain that can be! I couldn’t do most of my conversions that I do without it,  great tool!!!!

Sean Cantu says:

im  new  to it t

Walt Allan says:

tip for dust removal fae detailed work ‘ fold a thin strip of tape on the bit near the chuck ‘as it spins it creates a fan t clear dust ‘ yer welcome 🙂

Rui Satou says:


Small Scale Games says:

Congratulations on the high quality tool. I can testify they hold up for years to come.

joechill1 says:

If the Dremel is good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for me.

Fate Kord says:

Quick and to the point Thanks! I just bought the 4000 Dremel and was intimidated by all the contents, until watching your video! I bought to sand and polish my Lake Michigan Stones.

EmilyLiz BeautyChannel says:

How do u use the dermal disks and can u use them for sanding ???

baggins919 says:

couldn’t watch it the video work is dreadful

TheWalle0o says:

used a dremel for damageing tanks and it helped alot when trying to cutt resin, if you do it on resin, do it inn a well ventilated area and use a fliterd mask, used my mask form M3 i use when airbrushing.

but seems like a realy nice one you have there, i got a cheapo for a hardwarestore, so it wont go down so low in RMP. but it works for non-finedetail.

Yoo Toob says:

Great video. I Love my Dremel. I have the Flex Shaft as well. Wish my kit came with the blue wall mount bracket. Just remember that at high RPM things can get ugly when a cutoff wheel explodes. Always protect the eyeballs.

Nathan Carbo says:

do you use the dremel on your plastic models to sand?

IDICBeer 40k says:

Good share matey

c72784 says:

I just got one to work on a metal computer case but I had no idea how to but differ and buts on it so this was a great help. thanks

rafael diaz says:

Nice vid I am going to buy one. Quick question do all Dremel 4000 come with the flex shaft ?

Big Mek Danskull says:

I have the same kind of tool from Lidl. I think the brand is Parkside, so far I’ve mainly used it for drilling holes for magnets but also a little bit of sanding

unkhter says:

nice vid and unboxing 🙂
i got my dremel for more than 20years allready and i use it for all sorts of things, but mostly for cutting and drilling.

Jungle James says:


SilverSkullGamer says:

Dremels are life savers. Mainly I have used mine for pinning and magnetizing.

Jon Simpson says:

I bought a dremel knock off for about 25 from Lidl, actually looks like decent quality guaranteed for 3 years, on reflection I would have bought a dremel if I had seen your video, anyway I bought one for terrain building , bases and texture effects. Haven’t had chance to use it. Out of interest, where did you buy yours ? 🙂

frageye says:

Hey OPN be carefull with the dremel tools they are really addictive. I have the one with the batteries at home and I startet to convert so much more stuff because of its possibilities xD and now I think to buy the Jigsaw too for my Plastikcard builds. Cheers

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