TOOL REVIEW – Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel & Cutting Discs

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J Dimeo says:

Nice tip! Got to get me one of those.

Bruce Pender says:

Thanks Don.

Nick McCullough says:

Got one of these a few weeks back and I agree, they’re phenomenal. The larger diameter is also useful at times

rcochran46 says:

Great tool. I will be getting one. Thanks!!

ChargerMiles007 says:

Looks like it works very well, thanks for the intro vid.

asdfjkdjsalkfj says:

Thanks D boy for the review I was actually going to buy one. Now I have no doubts.

Alameda Repair Shop says:

Those work great!


Thumbs up, ninice demonstration

TheReacTT says:

The locking part looks like Batman!

squid boy says:

Dony are you using an AC powered rotory tool? I have the battery powered Dremel and while it works fine for hobby stuff it’s not enough power for screw cutting like you demonstrated.

Joe Luke says:

how long does each disc last on average?

siphonsnob says:

What is the maximum RPM to use with that size disk.

Raymond Campbell says:

Good tool review Don. And as another viewer said looks like a Batman emblem. I will be adding it to my toolbox. Is that a new (black) toolbox in the background at the end of your video ?

TheSalsy1 says:

If cutting a screw/nail overhead, make sure the hot end cut off does not fall down your shirt as it cuts and flies away!

360Prairie says:

A tool review on monday? Is it christmas? 🙂

josh33025 says:

I got a set about 3 years ago and work good for cutting. the thin disks tend to walk around on you so for fine cutting I still use the small screw ones.

Chum joe says:

I’m forever breaking those disks. Not anymore. Thanks for sharing this.

jim landers says:

Do you have any blown engines or snowblower

PhxtoNash says:

I have one

Goomer says:

I have the older/cheaper setup, this looks far superior, thanks for the heads up.

Guy Bradbury says:

Thanks for the video. I recently purchased the Dremel 4200 it has a new, and very improved collet system, and it also came with this new, EZ Lock Mandrel. Both are great improvements!

john smith says:

I have used these since they first became available and agree they are far superior to the old setup AND the discs are much stronger and less libel to shatter making them safer to use also.

pedro rodriguez says:

can this disks cut a bearing race let me know thanks

99carnot says:

Thanks for this information!

tertessa says:

looks like a good tool

MidwestMotoRider says:

Yup I could not agree more its on my list of tools to get next its a wonderful thing!

Ronald Wichman says:

The metal piece in the middle breaks loose easily. It has a very short useful life. I DON”T RECOMMEND IT BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE.

peacockealot says:

Is that a new tool box you have acquired behind you Don?

Fireship1 says:

I use one. Excellent tool. The dremel is a great tool in general. It gets into tight spots and let’s you do precise cutting and grinding. One of my top used tools in my shop!

pei broker says:

lots of uses for this…

BrenticusMaximus1 says:

PS, do you have any other accessories that fit this mandrel?

James Mullins says:

good video and good tool review. Thanks

Zach's Garage says:

can you get one for a 3″ pneumatic dremel?

Don's Garage says:

i dont know how i live with out if ,know my life will be completed

Gerald Thomas says:

This is the only Dremel attachment that I’ve yet to get around to purchasing yet. Thanks Don!

zx8401ztv says:

Smashing idea, shame that all dont use the same design.

Dave Carlson says:

Great tool used mine for a few years. The EZ lock system really makes it easy to change disks. The have other sanding and finishing attachments that use this same system.

59chevt says:

looks great nice review.

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