Rotary Tool Review – Gyros Power Pro Model 470 – Dremel Type Variable Speed Rotary Tool

Gyros Power Pro Model 470 variable speed rotary tool. Unboxing and review of a high quality alternative to the Dremel variable speed rotary tool.


Run N' Fly Fish says:

A straight forward review. thanks to you I can buy this model with an ease of mind. Thank you Sir.


I bought the gyros 40-470 kit and it’s a great buy on sale for around 48.00,and it came with around 85 pieces and a nice flex shaft, tool clamp to hang the tool on, to keep it out the way , of you when, you are not using the tool, and they put piece’s in the kit that that are very useful, other words you can go to work with out running to the too store. I went on and bought a 100 piece set of extras to save money fo 20.00 ,go to ear web  and the set come in a wood box, you will see it, I can’t remember the name ,it’s some thing call Tool works. I’m set now I work and build tattoo machines with mind and it’s perfect I TOOK ONE CUT OFF THIN BLADE, AND CUT A PENNY AND A THICK STAINLLESS STEEL SPARK PUG GAUGE IN HALF, AND STILL HAD BLADE LEFT.. BUY THE KIT IT’S WORTH IT AND ON SALE AT SEARS.. COM HALF PRICE. LOL

Russ Davis says:

Warranty? What warranty……LOL. Very good review. Thanks.

German Adolfo Bahr says:

Excellent plus EXCELLENT! with facts and no blah blah. Thanks!

marknoir says:

Excellent review! If I had my doubts they have disappeared. I still prefer Dremel 395 Mk 6, for it’s smaller size and better chulk, but the cost is higher and they are not available any more.

Lukas Rickard says:

Looks skookum. Great Review.

bradz staxx says:

Do him can to drill….whAt,,,,? Btw…. Great video.~ A voice that could narrate a wild life show !

Dulliver says:

does he can to drill a metal?

Mister Moo says:

Great review, straight to the point

BluegrassBoy says:

It is really refreshing to watch a review made not by some hack, but by someone who clearly knows what they’re talking about. Nice work and very helpful. I’m about to buy my first rotary tool and came across this one at my local hardware store. Only familiar with Dremel, I was curious. This review has convinced me I can safely invest my money into a Gyros. Thanks!

rwmcmullin says:

Outstanding review!

PAINFOOL13 says:

, I just purchased the kit, Heck Dremel wants $29 for the flex shaft alone and this now has a 5 year warranty , I paid $47 which included shipping .. Thanks bentsnake.Nicely done vid !!!

Phillip Morgan says:

putting it on my Christmas list. thanks for the review

The Buddha says:

I like your reviewing style its strait and to the point like watching an old school documentary.

John TheAtheistIlluminati says:

Best, honest, just perfect review all around.  Love it.  Wish you would review everything.  KUDOS.

Carl Johnson says:

Best tutorial voice on youtube kinda like the honest movie trailers guy haha

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