Review of Dremel Rotary Tool EZ407SA Sanding Attachment
A new attachment put out by Dremel, the EZ407SA looks to be an impressive tool. Come see the review of this rotary tool attachment and find out if you should buy this.


Irwin D says:

Hmmmm who really sands with that much pressure on dremel?

KEN McCRORIE The Dixie Dawg House says:

I need to get this. Thanks karl

Malcolm James says:

Thanks for the review , But I’m convinced, It’s crap ,I wouldn’t buy it,

Yadziga says:

Good information thank you for sharing

ddavel5441 says:

Well the 90% negative Walmart Reviews were right! Won’t be buying it!!

Gwynford Dafydd says:

sound is to low

Dan O'Connell says:

A big thank you for this video.  I just bought one today at Menard’s but they changed the packaging and they put ads on it instead and no more directions…ugh!  I’m using it for dog nails and will never be putting anywhere near the pressure you applied (I’m living proof I’ve never done that to her:).  Glad you did show the limits of it’s application to a work piece…now that they removed the directions your site will make you an internet rock star!!  For $6 I didn’t wanna wreck it by experimenting how to get the %$(*&@ thing off.

Ian Meadows says:

I’ve had a dremel it wasn’t for shit but I love my rural king rotary only paid twenty

Bob Bolin says:

How does the old style compare at the same speed and pressure?

paulsmessyworkshop says:

Karl, you gotta admit if it worked it would be neat. I doubt that Dremel thought anyone would use it for what you would buy it for…LOL.

Rick Spagnuolo says:

Not a fair review.  The attachment was never intended to take that much pressure.

W C says:

Yea but only in 1/2 none for the 1/4” drums and all the sites have more neg then pos review and you just showed us why

Ramez Abadir says:

Thanks for your review of this piece of junk, I will not buy it. Thank you and great demo!

Rhona Thomson says:

Isn’t there a recommended maximum speed for sanding drums?

wood 4 nothing says:

I have the same problem with the standard one that come with Dremel.Today I watched a good video showing a guy making his own he just glued sand paper around a dowel let it dry then he cut the dowel into pieces same size as the sanding barrels that you used then put a thin bolt threw the dowel and then slotted it into his Dremel then it never comes off then when it’s worn out he just put bolt threw another barrel.It was a awesome idea may be you could do similar idea by gluing your sandpaper barrels to a thin bit of dowel and drill hole threw it till you’ve used up your sandpaper barrels then make your own after.
Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

Ernest Lie says:

i think you push over it. my sanding drum have same trouble just like u did. but if i go slowly move and nothing happening. the points of my thought is do slowly and not give pressure to deep…

Westernsharpie's RC says:

good review, i was about to buy this thing

mark lewis says:

..maybe that slippage is absorbing stress that would otherwise be on the dremel, worked that thing!

Kelley says:

My dad taught me that you have to use each tool according to it purpose. Sometimes I see individuals who want a tool to do what it was not originally designed for, and then feel disappointed when the tool does not function the way the individual wants. Like Paulsmessyworkshop said: “I doubt that Dremel thought anyone would use it for what you would buy it for…LOL.”

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