Review of Dremel Fortiflex Comparing to a Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool

A review of a new Dremel Fortiflex. Shows the features of the Fortiflex, and compares them to a Dremel 4000 rotary tool.


MrCarter'sRods says:

Great video!
Im looking to use a dremel rotary for a possible application in fishing.
I cannot use my left arm anymore and Im trying to figure out a way to attach a motor to a fishing reel.
How is the torque on the fortifle? And how slow does it go at its minimum. Im looking for  30-60 rpm.
Thank in advance for any answers. Were just trying to figure it out and the guy helping me out lives a few hundred miles away so its something we kind of have to get right the first time.

Dee Jon says:

where did you purchase your foot petal (your old dremel tool w. flex shaft)?

voiceboxglock says:

This video has definitely told me I don’t want to own a Fortiflex. First off, let’s start by saying I don’t think it is a bad tool, but not right for artist that need micro precision. So let’s begin on why I think this. In my opinion, the greatest hand held model Dremel has ever produced, is the old (Model 395 type 5). This model was built strong and built to last a very long time. It also had the variable speed slider on the side, which I don’t believe was a flaw in design. I never had trouble setting the speed I needed, and using it. Now, for those of you that also need the flex shaft for precise work, the best model shaft they ever made was the old (Flex shaft 225 t2). The handle of this shaft was as thin as holding a pencil or pen your hand. Not bulky like the one in video he has hooked up to his old hand held dremel. Ok, so now you need a foot pedal for convenience. Well those can be bought for 10 dollars anywhere. And the cheap ones are better cause they are on if you push down, off if you let up. Variable speed on pedal is too exhausting on your foot. Variable speed is a must have, but it should stay on the dremel itself. Now, I only use a Dremel model 395 type 5, flex 225 t2, and foot pedal. The only problem is, while running hand helds with shafts attached for too many hours, it tends to wear hard on them and they tend to get hot. The shafts being the main issue as they bog the power down in motor. So instead of pushing my dremel to its limits, because they don’t make that elite model anymore nor do they make that model of flex shaft anymore, I have to start looking for a replacement that I can work with that has everything my old one had, but could handle being ran for long periods of time without over working motor. So here I find myself looking at dremels answer in this video. But I don’t like the answer at all. Yes, it is just a hanging motor, which is a plus. But no variable speed on machine itself. A foot pedal to control it which after 3 hours would have me wishing it had cruise control. Not to mention the flexshaft with its over sized massive brick you would be holding in your hand that is coming pretty close to being the size of a hand held dremel itself. I sculpt on many different forms. Clays,wood,bone,antler,hoof,plastic,wax,jet, etc etc. but no matter what I choose to work on, one thing must stay the same. My dremel must have the ability to work precise on a micro scale. It must be strong, but fit in my hand like a pencil. It must be fast, but also accurately work at slow setting so you don’t burn up a project. Powerful, yet gentle to touch. All this being said, this Fortiflex may be ok for the average pieces. But I’m not seeing anything here for detail work. And I would like to add, that monsterous chuck idea they are using on the tip is hideous. The future of dremel seems to be making their tools to be bigger and bigger. They need to stop doing this. I don’t want to be trying to sculpt on a piece that is as small as the width of a fingernail, while trying to use something that looks like it pulls engines out of cars. Dremel needs to start producing stuff more like dental tools. You might ask why I don’t just use dental drills. Well, I have looked into them. but after seeing the prices of what they use, selling my house is not an option.

Lin Kevin says:

Hi ~i was wandering …Dremel flex shaft 225~~compare with Dremel Fortiflex..which one is better to use?

sudilos117 says:

Its like a light saber

Generik Napalm says:

So I just bought a Dremel 3000 , and really want a flex extention part for engraving and detailed work, because the slimmer grip looks like it’ll give excellent control. But is it worth getting, is it as good as it looks?

tattooJ83 says:

is it just for wood or can you use it for engraving metal?

Nathan Garza says:

You can add he Dremel Multi Chuck to your Dremel and my have to worry about using he collets.

Calliboss says:

Not portable however right? 

Enormous Earl says:

5:13 – Is that the 225-01 flex shaft attachment you’re showing next to the fortiflex? If so, does it fit on your 4000? I’m wanting to buy a dremel plus the flex shaft attachment for power carving but the manual doesn’t say it fits the 4000. The models it lists (275, 285, 395, 398, 780) are almost all obsolete, so that would be great if it fits something new like the 4000.

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