New Tool Unboxing The Dremel 4200 W/Quick Release Function

Hey guys just a little video of the new Dremel 4200. I really like the quick release function for the bits. Over all it seems like a very nice unit with lots of upgrade from the past models. You can buy this here on Amazon

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acting like he dont know how to use the Ez lock lmao wen we can all see the wore disc … wanker

T-WRX says:

You’ve reminded me I need to go buy some more cut off wheels. Thank you sir!

Hannes Remo says:

the quick chuck is even better

Cali WRX says:

Spoiler alert: Blake bought this so he can cut his fenders to go wide body

Miguel Angel says:

Thanks for the video but you should read the manual first….

EKCPeacekeepin says:

Nice set.  My dad bought me a set for Christmas, one of the last before he passed away.  I think of him every time I use it.

Laura Leszczynski says:

he doesn’t know what he’s doing times 5!!!!

Susan Martin says:

he doesn’t know what he’s doing!

HogVlog says:

hahaha so true about wailing on those things until they break. I go through bits so much trying to cut fiberglass. It’s actually pretty ridiculous and starting to get expensive lol. oh well.

James Walsh says:

Thanks for the video. I just bought my first ever Dremel, the 4200. Your video helped me make sense of a couple of the features. Dig the Ford in the background. Don’t get your beard caught in the 4200……ouch!

Susan Martin says:

ok at 3.14 you say I don’t know what this is! I have got a new dremel, have absolutely no idea. I don’t really want to watch opening a box, chucking out cardboard and then hearing ” this has got a slanted edge but I don’t know what it’s for!” . I wanted to know how to use it and what each piece is for and how to use them, clearly, succinctly and to the point. three mins in and I hadn’t discovered or learnt anything. if you can do that as a video, I’d be glad to come back and learn. I can unpack it and plug it in! look forward to seeing an improved version. thanks

atlas leaf says:

1:40 aayye thats pretty good

Chase Higgins says:

What kind of truck is that in the back?

James Russell says:

is it still working good for you?

Hannes Remo says:

never mind it already has a chuck

Susan Martin says:

no, I wasn’t looking for a review. there are plenty of reviews on here, telling me why the dremel is good and why I should buy it. I did buy it, NOW I want to know HOW to use it! perhaps someone will do one, or failing that when I’ve found out , I’ll do my first video ever and do an idiots guide on HOW to USE and what all the bits are and how to use them.

Hector Carrillo says:

sweet truck in the back

JahSmokebuds says:

i was so interested in this after wathcing ur vid i went over to dremels website and took a look and the reviews on it are mostly terrible with people claiming all kinds of problems like the stands you show melting at the threads. i was ready to go get one too lol. ive owned the dremel 100 for over a year or so and it works awesome lol its saved my ass multiple times and if i remember right i paid 20 bucks for it at walmart

Ben Dell says:

Both me and my brother use the same tool for everything because we’re too lazy to change them

My WRX Channel says:

That quick release though! I have a cheap one. changing accessories is a PIA. This looks much better and will save time.

Bisholi M says:

Dont buy this . YOU GET RIPPED OFF. The design of the head is BS!! You can not CUT NOTHING WITH IT, as soon as it wares off, You can not and I say one more time YOU can not secure the pice into the head of it, and it turns all the time it is BS and wast of money

Isaac Stimson says:

Do you now like the 4200 more than the 4000?  I have seen concerns over the quick disconnect wearing out.  I have seen an option on amazon for a chuck that you put in there and it twists to adjust to different sizes and tighten to itself.  Do you think that might be a good workaround.  Thanks for your thoughts.

Dustin Williams says:

I hate living at an apartment at school! i wish i had a rad garage to keep all my tools in haha! cant wait to see what you have in store!

Just Drive says:

Probably one of the most important tools to own and the Dremel brand is the way to go. Just a heads up, Mcmaster Carr is a great source for bits. Really digging that quick release, I might have to talk to Santa this year! HaHa.-JB

treb1395 says:

I’m happy with my dremel 4000

LOUI J says:

Bro, you have something missing
the long extension
it should be on the top left side 2:17
you did buy this new right :/

Kim Stoots says:

Here is a suggestion….. Open box read manual and explain what everything is for? Hmmmm interesting concept

Brice says:

max speed and you can just hold it like that my current piece of shit deremel would fall apart if i did that deffenetly getting this as soon as posible

WrxNate says:

Nice quick release function. I might need to find projects to do to “make” me buy one.

TheCityRider says:

I really need to get myself a new dremel…. i used it so much during my 1jz build it isn’t even funny lol. Nice man, love the quick release too, it will definitely be useful! 😛

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