Milwaukee M12 Rotary Tool / Cordless Rotary Tool Review

In this video we review the cordless Milwaukee M12 Rotary Tool.
Rotary tools are one of the handiest little tools in the workshop, with so many options for bits and blades and this Milwaukee rotary tool is not only cordless, it uses the same batteries as my other 12 volt tools.

The Rotary tool was originally developed my Mr. A.J. Dremel and brought to the market in 1932. I could arguably be the tool with the most accessories. There are a plethora of cutting discs in different sizes and designed for cutting different types of materials, there are all sorts of different grinding wheels, cones and long narrow shaped stones, all sorts of little diamond, carbide and steel cutters and adjusters, not to mention all the sanding sleeves and all the rest of the accessories.

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w0mbles says:

BTW, I didn’t realise you could get a routing collar for rotary tools, for milling work. Very interesting!

Al Smith says:

good stuff.

Jeff Harmed says:

Hi Colin. Thanks for your excellent video again. Have you tried the round-over router bit for your rotary tool? I’m rather keen to use it for this purpose as palm routers are very expensive and this rotary tool might be perfect for the job. The question is has it got sufficient power?

I found it surprisingly useful for things like grinding in small holes or curves, and sharpening saw blades and serrated kitchen knifes with the diamond-cutter wheel. I tried polishing with my corded rotary tool (140W) and burnt out the motor. I don’t think the low-powered corded version is really capable of polishing because of this. I think your cordless tool will not suffer from this problem – hopefully

Ron C says:

Yes lots of potential with that little rotary tool. Look forward to see some more use of the tool if future videos. I always wondered what all those little bits could do when visiting HD etc.

wolfmanjacksaid says:

This was the most helpful review of this tool as there are many others. Thanks! I’m wondering if the gyp rock bit could be used to cut through thin wood almost like a portable router. It’s probably not recommended, but it’s not always convenient to use the round cutting blades when you’re working in tight spaces.


Thanks for the review, seems like a good little tool.

Richard Cowtails says:

how about this compared to the dremmel?


great review, I really like that it’s battery powered! I think you need one more charger though…

RvI2106 says:

this tool has more power than the B&d corded tool. I was surprised to see that while cutting 1/8″ steel.

yuhHornerman says:

your eye glasses are not safety glasses

johnathan legrant says:

i got a 120v rotary tool with a 100 piece kit for 15$ at amazon just type in dremel there will be a blue rotary tool there

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Congratulations Colin, on the new tool and happy woodworking. :)…JP

JP MMA says:

Does dremel attachments can be used in Milwaukee rotary tool?

w0mbles says:

Thanks for the review Colin. I’ve just ordered a Milwaukee 12v drill/driver kit, and I’m quite interested in this rotary tool. I have cheapo, corded rotary tool right now but its cord annoys me.

Two things about this tool do grate though. Like you, I find the position of the switch to be a poor design. Like you said, it needs to have a pulse switch operation, positioned up near the front, so you can wield the tool more like a pencil.

Secondly, the requirement to use the spanner to change bits. This is really tedious, and it’s easy to lose the spanner and it’s fairly nasty and fiddly to use. Is there a place on the tool to clip the spanner? I’d much prefer a keyless chuck mechanism that didn’t require such a crappy little spanner.

The Russian Woodworker says:

Great video and a nice little rotary tool. What kinds of Milwaukee tools do you have that use those types of batteries? I have the driver made by Milwaukee that uses the same battery as yours and I absolutely love it. It’s so handy. Great video and thank you for sharing.

Jacob Hendrickson says:

the chuck wrench is for removing the tool,when putting in a new tool your only supposed to go finger tight as the tool self tightens during use anyways..many people strip there chuck quickly using this chuck wrench when installing a new bit…not necessary

Trevanion says:

Could always sell the batteries and chargers. Granted, you won’t make your money back on them

ale8oneboy says:

Nice review! I have a quick question or two. Do you have any idea what the average run-time per battery is for this unit? Also when it runs down does it stop working all together or does performance fade off? Enjoying your channel! Thanks for sharing!

Brian Noah says:

It’s important to wear these: safety glasses.

Leung Lee says:



I had a very good tool, very easy to use, can be recommended to you,

Robert Matter says:

Very good advise in wearing eyes protection (and also ear) because those cross-cut disk are fragile.

KamisoriX says:

Mark Hamilton does youtube reviews now, ey? XD

Kuv Li Adventures says:

Northern tool sells the kit for $100, but with $20 coupon it’s $80, which is the same price as the bare tool alone.

John Gibson says:

Along with your thoughts on the power button , I would like to see a place to hold the wrench and maybe a reverse direction button. I did learn a few things from your video, I have this tool and like it made sense for me. To get the Milwaulkee it was only 40 buck more than the other cordless units I saw, I have an old Sears corded Dremel but I like the portability of cordless

Scott Fox says:

Do you need to wear safety glasses with other tools that spin and cut material?

J.R. Productions says:

Dremel 8200 is much better.

Michael Anderson says:

Colin, I noticed a few days ago that Veritas has a plunge router base with fence for rotary tools to turn them into tiny routers for inlay and such. Will it fit that Milwaukee, and how do you feel about demonstrating some inlaying for us? It’s something I’ve been thinking about but have not yet tried…seems challenging 🙂

Just Make It says:

I’ve been eye balling this tool for some time now. I already have a corded rotary tool, but this is what I’m going to buy when mine dies.

Ed Waggoner Sr. says:

Battery operated rotary tool?  I want one.  The cord is so limiting.  Thanks Colin, I didn’t know these things existed.

Ronald Martens says:

Good video. I would like to know the diversity if these tools and the applications they can be used for. I guess arts and crafts or small hard to reach places.

ThePoolboy789 says:

send your extra batterys and chargers to me plz thx.

De Sheng Li says:

Sir! you could have been a dentist!

Thanks for the review.

ZACCARO Custom Things says:

Hi Colin, great explanation.
I have one Dremel rotary tool. This tools is very useful for small jobs.

Douglas Alan says:

It’s a tie as the biggest piece of shit Milwaukee ever made…….tied with the M12 angle drill 3/8. Absolute junk

Clint Moberly says:

This guy’s funny, I feel the same way about my 10 m12 chargers


hi there, i am very new to the rotary tool. i never layed my hands one one until a few days ago and have no idea what all the accessories are for and how they would be use in genaral. i know a drill is for drilling and a disc is used for sanding or cutting. is there a channel that will show me step by step how to use the bits and on what it can be used. i seem not to fine anything on youtube that takes me through the indevidual bits step by step, it would be nice to know that this item is use for that and not this. especially the diamond bits and the ceramic bits. thanks
Duane, South Africa

david galeski says:

i need to no ilay thank you let me find out

SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine says:

I got the same looking tool in 12V by Bosch. I had to order the Bosch one from overseas because all my tools are Bosch. It looks almost identical and I love it.

Riceking10 says:

love the vids

louis scott says:

It is nice being able to lock the arbor

P0tat07 says:

I’d like to see a brushless one from Milwaukee. That’s would be pretty cool!

Natarajan Sugumar says:

Very good demonstration. Thanks

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