How to Use a Dremel Ultra Saw

Leah demonstrates how to use a Dremel Ultra Saw to cut metal and laminate, and to do surface prep. She also shows how to make a flush cut with this saw.

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mcohn16 says:

Great review. Excellent demonstration of what this tool can do which your knowledge. Dremel should cut you into their profits because you just sold me on this thing! Buying it tomorrow AM. Thanks a lot!

eyesonjesus1 says:

Just purchased this saw because you said so. I always check your videos first before I start a project. Your videos are clear, no distractions, and easy to understand. Thank you for taking instruction seriously. You are one of the best on YouTube. Keep up the good work.

orestesdd says:

Thank you again. Can you cut things deeper than or about 2 inches deep? Or do you to buy different circular blades to get deeper cuts?

John McDonald says:

Such a thorough presenter – please keep up the good work! I have intelligently bought power tools because of your demonstrations and NOT wasted money.

Graham Smith says:

Great useful tutorial Leah thank you.

Don Boggs says:

Leah!!! I appreciate your sharing about this tool. I have a job to flush cut some wood but, need to really get close to an edge. It looks like I might be getting one of these for the “job.” That is the excuse I always tell my wife (also a Leah) so, I can get another useful tool for my “to do” list that always gets longer…somehow. Thanks for all you have taught/showed me!!!!

Angel Rivas says:

really enjoyed the video. helped me get a better idea of the versatility of the tool.

biggregg5 says:

seems like a handy tool. I wonder, however, is if they stick you on the price of the blades. the multitool, for instance, can come on so handy, but because you go through blades so quickly, I’m always thinking of alternatives. I wonder if these are similar. circular saw blades and grinder blades, because they are do common, certainly must have better value, due to economies of scale, but of its close, I can see where the tool would be a good buy. I can’t think of another tool that you can flush cut like that….can you? and the small size, if still powerful, seems like it would be s go to tool over a circular saw. shed some light for me. thanks!

artincorona says:

I got this song for Christmas and wasn’t sure what I would use it for but your video gave me a lot of ideas now that I didn’t even know this saw can do. The first on my list is to cut a door out of a wine barrel that I’m going to turn into a bar.

David Louk says:

You are the most awesome teacher…ever!!! Thanks so much for all your videos.

Gail Meyring says:

I love your demonstration, Leah. I’ve been wanting a small skill saw and this is the tool for me!

William Winn says:

The only thing I wish this had was a compartment built into the saw for the Allen wrench im so Clumsy when it comes to losing it

Blake Pennycook says:

Love my ultrasaw, saved my bathroom Reno last year. Thanks for the informative video!!

TheMusicman961 says:

Thanks, I was just at Home depot and almost bought this, then I though it not to be a flush cut saw so I bought a chisel set instead. I am replacing my hardwood floor and at the stairway the flooring is one full peice that goes under it so i need to flush cut the old hardwood back to the wall. Needless to say after watching this I am going to return the chisel set and purchase this tool… Thanks for the video

M Geez says:

I understand see jane drill but why are you leah? ok — this tool looks great — I have a window sill that is 1 big piece and I want to use this drill to take off the top layer where it is rotted — the design of it is that wood from the outside to the inside is 1 piece and the wood on the outside is rotted — I have cut a piece that I want to fit over and so I want to cut away a large chunk — what do you think? will it cut off 1/4 inch thick by 3 in wide by 12 inches long?

NercNerd84 says:

that’s great if you are right handed.

tode vole says:

Great, now I need one! 🙂

Stuart Morse says:

That is an awesome tool. Is there a blade for cutting out grout around floor tile? Then I could remove the thin set with the surface grinder and replace the tiles. I love the surface cutting shoe on the tool. Thanks!

Ranga says:

For a kitchen and bathroom backsplash project (for my home), should I go with wet tile saw or this dremel ? Somehow seems this tool may be useful for more general purpose work around the house as well.

mark marion says:

Hi Leah, I just picked this up for drywall and hardibacker. I am really curious to see the blade longevity on hardibacker.

Dyno Saur says:

What blade would you use for nice clean smooth cuts in MDF and also if you would know the Dremel part number so I’d know I’m getting the right one?

John McDonald says:

You are a terrific instructor! Thanks for sharing your insight.

sicesp says:

Is there a way to configure this as a toe kick saw?

Someet Narang says:

Thanks! How would you recommend using this for a miter cut to make a frame?

Angelina Matthews says:

thanks. I will be purchasing this. it’s everything I want in one

Ferdinando Baggiolini says:


Leslie Cruzado says:

Wow, cool tool… I’ve been looking for a while for a tool that would made flush cuts like that. Now I know what to buy. Thanks, Leah!

Kathryn Holt says:

You’re a wonderful teacher!

Cat G says:

I was using one that was similar to cut and fit in new sills for my upper bedrooms, sawed but it frightened me because it had quit a kick back when it stopped, not sure if it was because I didn’t have the strength.?

davimin3 says:

It looks a lot better than my old dremel. And a lot safer.

First Last says:

plunge cut looks useful. previous owner of house put in a vanity with a shelf that extended all the way across the top of the toilet. any in-tank repairs are impossible.

Pinky Mixology says:

Would this work for cutting plexiglass sheets? I find myself doing that a lot now that summer is here for AC window installs, but when I use a regular Dremel as a router the bit actually gets too hot and starts melting the stuff. For straight cuts this looks like it would be handy.

Ray Sheehan says:

Love Leah!

Julio Gomez says:


Alisa Terry says:

I just bought this tool today, and your video was perfect!

LaurelGlenn Magrini says:

thank you for very good review

Jalynne Fuentes says:

That poor laminate countertop needs a raise! LOL. Excellent demo. Thanks very much!

Joseph says:

is this a attachment or u need the whole tool ?

Ronald Fuertes says:

thank you Leah.

Rob Sanford says:

Just got one for Christmas…thanks for the intro! Great job!

Stacy Harrell says:

I’m so glad I found your video! I’ve been wanting this saw for a long time and now I’m more comfortable making the investment! Thanks!

Lord baal says:

I don’t have any experience using a circular saw. I was looking for something small to do like 1000 square feet of floor. I don’t want something that is too have, big and powerful and wind up hurting myself.
Then once I get experience with it, I can go to a more powerful one.
Just with it was battery operated.

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