Garage Kit Tool Review: Dremel 8050 Micro

My dremel 7700 kicked the bucket, well, the battery did, so I got a new one and I though it was a good idea to do a review in case more people are interested in buying it 🙂

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ArtofScaleModeling says:

Great review! I might just get one to add to the bench.

Josué Paul says:

89 bucks? I guess I’ll wait until Menards (midwest hardware store) offers an 11% rebate :3

cole sutra says:

Nice review, Leona! I got one of these too, and while I don’t use it as often as I’d like to, I love it to death! It probably wouldn’t work with this particular dremel tool, but have you tried the flex handle with a larger dremel tool? It’s ideal for light weight and fine control applications. Plus no worries about dead batteries since you’ve more than likely got the dremel plugged in. Only downside is the price for the tool and accessory <_<

Nicole Clements says:

Ugh jet lag does suck. Had a friend who went through the same thing when he returned from Japan. You sounded a bit tired in this video you poor dear! Rest up and treat yourself to something nice 😀

sonicrockmanx says:

Oh how I need this tool! lol!

kawaiipetal says:

I bought the dremel 3000 model. And I LOVE it, its my first rotary tool, and for a beginner its great. I’m planning to but my first GK kit in the next two months after I finish my current project. I hope that my 3000 will be strong enough for the GK. Your tutorials have been so helpful, and I am looking forward to working on my first one.

jlara96 says:

nice dremel tool, I’ll get one once my current one goes belly-up.

Hana Keijou says:

Great review, but I just don’t know.. I wanna find a decent dremel with the plug already attached to it. Something that has good speeds and I can just plug and go. No batteries. No charging docks. When you have infinite power coming in from a socket, there’s no need for any of those!
I loved my first dremel (which was a cheap knock off) as it had these features, up until I tried to sand a thick piece of resin and it suddenly lost power. The harder I pressed, the more it slowed until it stopped completely. I want another like that, but with some actual torque power! But still gentle and light enough to handle GKs. Tell me, does such a dremel exist?

Adolfo Camara says:

Great review! I love Dremel tools. Hope yours still working fine.

Josué Paul says:

My dad has a Dremel that I use but it’s one that you have to keep plugged in. That LED light would come in handy! But that universal chuck seems the most amazing! I use a tiny power drill for drilling 1/16 holes because I don’t want to pay 10 bucks for the Dremel drill bit set, but it seems with this one you can use any size bit. :3 I’ll keep this in mind when I have to separate from my dad’s dremel!

TheKrempist says:

Hey Leona!! <3

Are you still happy with this Dremel? Just wondering 😀

Patricia DelMercado says:

Very helpful, thanks.

Steve Watts says:

I use those cheap 12v mini drills, coupled to a variable transformer (corded) as I hate the weight of those batteried drills. I have 8, all in a row ’cause I ALSO hate changing bits, lol. (sounds like a lotta hate going on, but actually… I loooove my drills, so much.) weirdo. 

Vivian Hernandez says:

Hi! I would like to know if the 8050 has a circle cutter adapter?

Waylow's Workshop says:

Nice review I have an old corded one that I am looking to replace so thanks for posting this.

IAN DAY says:

Have you thought about a flexi-drive for your Dremel? Makes any unit light because you are only holding the tip of the flexi-drive, not the whole tool.!

Kurt Hill says:

I noticed all my local stores have stopped carring this model.  How is your’s holding up.

Andres JJ says:

holi, primero que nada feliz año! ya han pasado meses, como te ha funcionado la micro? que no se si comprar la normal 3000 o una micro 8100 =)

You'reBrotha Nigga says:

Hi Mam Loena. I am an electronics student I began studying last february. I want to know if this Dremel 8050 can be used to make holes to drill small PCB.

Chris Janquart says:

I bought one of these for modelling work since I don’t want a heavy, beefy corded version. Unfortunately, mine won’t charge; plugged it in overnight and the blue LEDs were still scrolling. Spoke with a rep, told me that it should charge completely in 3 hours 45 minutes. It *does* work but for the price point and seeing as it’s brand spankin’ new, it should work flawlessly (then fall apart after the 2-year warranty).

Home Depot didn’t have another one in stock, so I have to wait for the UPS label, ship it back to them, have them tell me it’s either working as intended or they’ll just send me a replacement/refurbished unit. Overall really disappointed.

Should have read the reviews on Dremel’s website first ::shrugs::

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