Dremel Workstation

Picked up a small press for my Dremel tool called a Dremel Worstation. I set it up and started “drilling” holes in some glass I had lying around.


Дмитрий Царёв says:

Very useful information.
Thank you.

GT1Man says:

Went through three of these in a couple days several years ago. When I first got my dremel I thought the workstation would be the ultimate accessory.

No matter what I did the tool was not remotely perpendicular in the mount. It was simply unacceptable even for basic drill press work. There are simply too many support points that are not really supported at all, too many loose tolerances that adds up to ‘way out of whack’. Had nothing to do with pressure during use, never got that far. It was easy to see long before I put a square up to any bit to see.

Anyway, yeah(meaning no).

Paul Bisseker says:

Excellent Review and test. Thanks

psidhu1979 says:

2:46 to 2:47 !!! wooah!!

Jeff Rosenberger says:

how to sharpin mower blade and pocket knife correctly

rappini says:

Thanks for the information.

Beth Katz says:

Wow! Am I glad I found your video – I received a Dremel Workstation for Christmas, and being “direction challenged” I was very leery about putting this thing together. Thanks for the awesome video! It definitely helped!

Jamie Clark says:

7:14 if you want to see how it works.

The rest of the video is good and worth watching if you’re considering one, but if you aren’t sure what it’s even for, jump ahead, then go back to the beginning afterwards 😉

Sandra Montgomery says:

Actually, I bought mine to drill holes in seaglass for crafts, and I don’t have any wrenches. My tools exist of a hammer, a multi head screwdriver, and my Dremel, a tape measure and a level (the level is for hanging shelves or pictures). So, ya….

Mark Cunningham says:

youre funny.. I Like it!! A Lot!!

Lorraine Robertshaw says:

great video – Ive just set mine up and can’t wait to start using it

WickedZen says:

Great video. Have seen mixed reviews on this, and was wondering how it it has worked and held up for you?

Richard Robbins says:

Enjoyed your video. Had a laugh or two. It was interesting. Keep it up.

Shaun Kennedy says:

a lot better than i do it and faster.

pjculbertson55 says:

Great video. I have found that Windex works a little better than water as a cutting oil. I even use it on my regular press when drilling metal and on sandpaper or stones when sharpening tools. I sound like a Windex commercial. Sorry.

Donny Domingo says:

Hey Matt, I was wondering if you’ve ever used a Dremel to cut shapes out of mirror? More specifically; organic shapes, curves not right angles. I know that there are specific hand tools for cutting glass which looks like you kind of score it then have to tap/break off pieces. This to me looks very inexact and prone to breaking. Thanks in advance for any advice on this!

jessie lanzetti says:

This looks great . How well would it go through a Quartz stone? Also I want to take my dremel and make it a mini table saw is there any way I can do that?

Daniel Esposito says:

I love the explanation right up front for the wife.. “I only bought it because it was on sale” –laughing with you 😉

Paul Turner says:

Can I use my battery operated Dremel with this workstation?

D1lyh4n4 says:

how is it for lateral machining. like setting the depth and pusing material against the bit. like for cutting ?

TheGreen Cyborg says:

just got my 1st dremel 200 for $29 and a mixed assortment of bits in a kit. found your channel and subscribed. good info Matt. thanks.

toothpastemusic says:

Quick question: will this work with a Lotus LRT170C? I don’t own a Dremel but I want to have this workstation. Thanks!

Kayinfso Here says:



Like your style. Also very informative as I was looking into getting one of these.

SamBob 63 says:

Seems they should just call it a Dremel Drill Press, instead of “Workstation.” Or can it be adjusted to work like a lathe as well? Then “Workstation” would be a good name for it, IMO. UPDATE – I just answered my own question after I saw this video – short and sweet, and YES! It does adjust to work like a lathe, so WORKSTATION is a great name for it. I’m ordering one now. Check out this video.

TYB439 says:

I bought one of those stands years ago. It worked for the Dremel at the time,..BUT,… not for any Dremel I’ve bought since, and I own several Dremels. Dremel changes the design and shape of the Dremels frequently, and the accessories are built for only certain models. Once that model is no longer available, your accessory becomes obsolete.

Pavneet Soni says:

Just got my new Workstation and you helped me install it. Great Video.

Thank You Matt !!

-Bangalore, India

BrightGarden Entrepreneurial Foundations says:

Great share, and enjoyable to watch. Got one of these cheap off the internet, now to go make dust and shavings.


Thanks for the excellent video.
Yours was the first one where everything was perfect, lighting, camera distance,
most important I could hear and understand every word you said.

William Todd says:

I had one of these work stations for a while, never used it and sold it. Wish I knew about the glass drilling idea a few years ago LOL.

Great video and demonstration.

Greg Anderson says:

It’s a great set-up for arts and crafts stuff, but anything beyond that? Say some serious micro-engineering in hardwood where holding a tolerance is critical? Forget it. It has almost zero rigidity. A plastic lock-nut with a flimsy plastic attach point that has almost no bearing surface for all that motor and drive mass to do a tippy balancing act? Good luck.
This ain’t the first time this old dog’s been burnt purchasing today’s stuff and it won’t be the last.
Nonetheless Matt, your vid’s great and goes a long way in overcoming the owner’s manual which is about as useful as… well, you get the picture.

Sebastian Ortiz says:

Great video, Matt, one question, my dremel work station tends to tilt when I push while working on some hard materials, are all dremel work stations that prone to tilting?

Christian Tredez says:

thanks , it was very interesting.

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