Dremel Versatip Gas Soldering Torch Demo & Review in HD

Dave Wilson of www.CelticDreams.co.uk demonstrates the many uses of the Dremel Versatip Butane torch.Please subscribe and give us a thumbs up for lots more great tool reviews and jewellery how to’s.


Keith Shreve says:

Great Demo video ! Thank you !

adir abelhack says:

great explain!

M.H. Steiger says:

Dremel website doesn’t such a comprehensive video, congrats! Bought mine today after watching it.

Celtic Dreams says:

From Facebook…
Hi Dave. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic review and we really appreciate the hard work that must have gone into it. We would love for you to post it on our main Facebook page, as we bet many of our other users would find this extremely useful and interesting too! Kind Regards Dremel UK. https://www.facebook.com/UKDremel/

bergsoley says:

Fantastic explanation, thank you very much!! 🙂

∵§ain†♣∀₦₲ξℜ∴ says:

Nice presentation thank you

G Y says:

Woah I just learnt of many uses for a soldering iron, I had no idea what any of the other tips did. Excellent job! Very constructive video!

Celtic Dreams says:

In the UK you can buy the Versatip at Eternal tools…  https://www.eternaltools.com/dremel-versatip-2000-6-soldering-6-accessories      Dave,

pizzaROX says:

does the solder have flux in it?

Gökcan Eray says:

Great explanation. Thank you!

maurice lavery says:

Great video.excellent tutorial.Plain English with a touch of Lancashire accent.Well done sir.

Luthien Thye says:

thank you for this. I bought this tool last year but still have difficulty using it. Most of the time I revert back to my creme brulee torch *blush*. Also I have been trying to solder jewelry with the tip on like you would with a soldering tip, but it seems with the tip on, it doesn’t get hot enough to melt the lead free solder, say around glass that I want to create a soldered edge. Am I correct in thinking so? Think now I will have more confidence using it after watching your video.

Robert Weatherall says:

Excellent video!

Lezlie Russell says:

What a great little torch. I was not even aware that Dremel made a torch. Would be great for expo classes. Thanks Dave. As always your videos are great sources of information.

June Mae says:

Hi Dave, I want to make garden ornaments Owls etc from recycle tin cans. Would the Dremel versatip gas solderer be right for the job? Cheers June.

imathayne says:

I was envisioning having to get out my Dad’s gas torch from his overcrowded basement straight from 1968 to solder, but I guess I don’t have any excuse now.

pijnto says:

I used the Weller brand 40 years ago, used to repair tv’ and vcr”s great for out of worskhop use
Linda Day I am not a doctor but I do have a ICD this will not affect it no gas soldering torch will affect it

Manolis Manoutis says:

This is the greatest review I have ever seen. Thanks a lot. Your video is a top quality and simplicity thing with very nice examples and comments

Aroha Mahoney says:

Another lucid video – top-notch!

Jed slammer says:

How much did the torch cost

Andrew K says:

I bought this tool based on your video. Well done and thank you.

chesar martinez says:

I just bought it for “just in case”. I didn’t even knew what are the different tips for. Now I need to use it. Thanks for you’re video.

Wanderson Machado says:

Não entendi nada do que foi dito porem gostei muito do vídeo.

shandita34 says:

Thank You Dave! I just got one of these for crafting, and had no clue on how to use it, or the tips!
Thanks again for this very educational video!

Linda Day says:

Looks like a great tool. I have a couple drill items and they are great. One I’ve had for about 20 yrs and it still works perfect. Wish I had this item but I have a pace maker and I can’t be around any welding or soldering product. It will short circuit my pace maker. ?? I have no idea why. Maybe u would know.

ziikzaaak says:

Thanks for the video! Is there a way to adjust the temperature?

Davin Mickelson says:

This video was incredibly helpful – thank you!

Carlie Cowdery says:

Hi Dave, I love all your videos, so informative. I am struggling to find the right silver solder to use with it. Any suggestion please?

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