Dremel Right Angle Attachment 575 Demo & Review in HD how to

Dremel 3000 review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIgFjGdl-iU
link to the right angle attachment http://www.eternaltools.com/search/products?query=dremel

Jeweller Dave Wilson of http://www.celticdreams.co.uk/ checks out a great Dremel accessory, the 575 right angle attachment. He also shows how to assemble and install it.Please give me a “like” and subscribe to my channel. Call back soon for lots more great tool videos, reviews and tutorials.Thanks for watching. Dave Wilson.


JCM138 says:

Bird whisperer!

Maria Martinez: Recetas Dukan y más says:

Really helpful, thank you and greetings from northern Spain

robalan57 says:

I have heard the attachment doesn’t work long. I guess it burns out. Does that happen? If so, can it be oiled or something to extend the life?

Kwan Fong says:

I actually had to look around on the web to find out whether this attachment is compatible with my model 100 (base model). Here is a tool/attachment compatibility chart for those who are interested in this Right Angle Attachment:

If you are a computer case modder like myself you are going to love this attachment.

Jim Corderman says:

Very helpful on understanding the right angle attachment & how it attaches to the Dremel. Thanks

Timothy Veldman says:

Does the attachment reverse the direction the bit spins?

alba idol says:

God bless you,,,, with that bird

Jerry says:

Sir, can you tell me the dimension of that accesories, because I saw one in the amazon from different brand said that it just 45mm. So, I wonder if the dremel has a longer length or not. Reference to what I;m talking about : http://www.amazon.com/tool-home-Driver-Attachment-Electric-Grinder/dp/B01DDW0XW6?ie=UTF8&keywords=dremel%20575&qid=1463667052&ref_=sr_1_7&sr=8-7

granadojl says:

Amazing review. Thank you. This review has convinced me to purchased this as I need something like this to get into a tight space. Much appreciated.

Tammy Eubank says:

Another awesome video!! You have clear, concise speech, and are full of great information! The manuals don’t help much, so your videos are a godsend!! Would love to see more things you use the dremel for! Thank you for putting these videos out there, and keep up the awesome work!!!

TG A says:

great teacher!!

Mohamed alnaas says:

thanks for great review

Jake Charleston says:

Dimension from chuck nut to back of unit?

Juan Partida says:

good vibes that bird spotted it

Furia Djs says:

Will this attachment work with a Dremel 200?

Willem Arnhem says:

When storing the attachment you can screw the tiny adapter nut on the business end of the hook attachment for safe-keeping

DreamingCatStudio says:

Thank you for great instructions! I’m sure I’d be completely stumped by the spindle lock without them. Loved the bird moment too!

Nitsan Simantov says:

great vid. subbed.

Mike Penske says:

Informative video.  Thanks.

beanbaguk says:

Wish I had it to cut off my exhaust pipe! It would have made my life so easy!!!!

Eternal Tools says:

I love your new video chum Dave! That sparrow must be wanting to do a bit of DIY to his nest and thought he’d listen in on your latest review. Another super video by the way

iLove eWarships says:

Hi, great tool and video! Just wonder whether this Dremel product works with Proxxon drills (like FBS 240/E)? I have already got Proxxon tool but no attachments for them so far…Please advice.

Sommer Sebastianos says:

Simply brilliant

Mokimanify says:

Dremel instructions do suck. I think the flex tool seems much more useful

Tronex Tools says:

Great video – hilarious!!

Ashleigh Anderson says:

Thank you! my attachment didn’t come with accessories so I was kinda lost lol. This was so helpful!

Tony M says:

Very nice video, well demonstrated and highly informative! Thanks so much! I’m now a subscriber!

Frances Winyard says:

As always. …great tutorial !
Thanks Dave !

bixby9797 says:

Glad I stumbled on your video. The directions that come with the attachment is missing an important part and the right angle will not work if you don’t do it.

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